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The Goddess and the Moon…

I’m tremendous excited to share some extra insights with you about Goddesses and the Moon this week, as I prep for my speak at I Can Do It in Phoenix, AZ, taking place on the finish of the month.

In the present day, I wished to speak a bit extra about one thing I touched on right here, concerning the wonderful connection between the Triple Goddess—representing the maiden, mom, and crone—and the phases of the Moon.

It’s like a cosmic dance that reveals us the cyclical nature of life and the Divine female in astrology. 🌙 You possibly can consider this Triple Goddess cycle as matching up with the Waxing Cycle, the Full Moon, and the Waning Cycle…

Title: Embracing the Triple Goddess: Exploring Lunar Phases in Astrology

The Triple Goddess is a fantastic idea … it’s additionally an emblem of life’s cycles and the ability of the female.

Image it like this: you have got the maiden, all recent and filled with potential; the mom, radiating with abundance and nurturing power; and the crone, clever and able to information us by means of transformation.

The Maiden: Waxing Cycle

When the Moon is simply beginning Her journey from darkness to brightness, it’s just like the maiden taking her first steps into the world— harmless and candy, fairly and prepared for journey. It’s all about planting seeds of intention and diving into beginnings with an optimistic perspective and a smile . 🌱✨

The Mom: Full Moon

When the Moon is at Her fullest and brightest, it’s like the last word Mama bear—heat, nurturing, and overflowing with abundance! This part is all about reaping the rewards of our onerous work, celebrating our achievements, and feeling that glow of success. 🌕💖

The Crone: Waning Cycle

Because the Moon begins to wane again into darkness, it’s just like the clever outdated crone popping out to share her knowledge with us. This part is about reflection, launch, and letting go of what now not serves us. It’s like clearing out the outdated to make room for the brand new—a needed a part of the cycle. 🍂🔮

Notice that the picture on this web page reveals the cycle from the southern hemisphere’s viewpoint for as soon as!

So, as we journey by means of the Triple Goddess paradigm and the phases of the Moon, we’re mainly dancing to the rhythm of life itself—a fantastic, ever-changing dance of sunshine and shadow, progress and launch. 🌟 It’s all about honoring the Divine female inside us and letting the magic of the Moon information us on our path.

Subsequent time you lookup on the night time sky and see that shimmering magnificence, bear in mind the Triple Goddess who’s dancing up there, and let the lunar phases encourage you by yourself Divine journey. 🌌✨

And should you love this and you’ll be in or close to Phoenix, Arizona this month, please be part of me for my Moonology and the Celestial Realms workshop!



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