Home Horoscopes The Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus on 4/20 — The Hoodwitch

The Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus on 4/20 — The Hoodwitch

The Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction in Taurus on 4/20 — The Hoodwitch


Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

One of many main astrological transits of 2024 is going on this weekend. The Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus might be one of the super results skilled this yr. As a result of it’s a transit that occurs each 14 years with totally different indicators, the subsequent incidence might be 2037. 

The alignment of those planets on April 20 at 7:27 PM Pacific Time and 10:27 PM Jap Time will deliver a major change in our lives. Yesterday, the solar enters Taurus, including loads of bullish power to the combination. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23 will enable us to really feel these energies at their highest vibration since we’re transcending and evolving.

The final time these two planets met up in Taurus was in June 1941, when world powers shifted (throughout World Struggle 2)  so we will anticipate to see the identical. The Treaty of Aigun in 1858 additionally occurred throughout the identical planetary conjunction in Taurus. This marked one other political occasion that set boundaries with Russia and China to assist these two international locations commerce successfully.

Jupiter is a planet targeted on development, and Uranus is an thrilling and rebellious planet. Each are connecting, permitting us to maneuver in the direction of a brand new state of being not simply on a private stage but in addition in relationships and the worldwide stage. We need to be free and make disruptive adjustments that enable us to be our truest selves.

On the worldwide stage, we might even see shifts in politics, the surroundings, and the inventory market. There might be excessive shifts, surprises, and adjustments relating to what we worth in artwork and sweetness. Our perceptions are going to vary, giving us the prospect to examine a brand new life that veers from the trail we’re presently on.

It is time to break away from the previous methods of residing and embrace a brand new perspective. Let’s shake up our on a regular basis routines and begin residing life to the fullest. We are able to additionally discover new and artistic methods of committing to companions and being in relationships. It is time to embrace change and dwell our greatest lives.



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