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The Level, The Which means & The Fact Of Astrology

The Level, The Which means & The Fact Of Astrology


zodiac squareRight here’s a Mars in Sagittarius in eleventh query: How would possibly you deliver all of the multifaceted factors of Astrology down to at least one nice level of Which means/ Fact?

From Canada

Hello, Canada!

After asking to be challenged, I can’t complain about this query, however holy cow! I don’t suppose I’m the (blathering) particular person to reply this however I’ll take a stab at it and put your query out right here for others.

I don’t see a solution to cut back astrology right down to a nice level. I recognize this can be resulting from some deficit on my half. I’ll define my considering.

I’ve been at “astrology” since I used to be eight years previous.  At this level, I’ve a lot firsthand expertise, I depend on it, fully. Astrology resists being diminished as a result of it’s only a “factor”. Anybody can decide it up and use it.

True story – consumer calls and she or he needs to bust a transfer at work. She needs to slaughter the individuals who stand between her and the “prime” and she or he needs to make use of astrology to do that. She has no traces, no limits, no qualms, no nothing.  Astrology for this particular person is a method to an finish.

Examine that to how I take advantage of astrology. I wish to make individuals’s lives simpler; extra fascinating, nice, satisfying and profitable. I additionally wish to assist them remedy their issues as simply and effectively as I can.  Astrology makes this attainable.

You would possibly pluck out the commonality; we’re each utilizing astrology to help us in our endeavors however there are different issues that break up this up.  For instance – talent.  An individual’s potential is a variable so how do you get to “nice level”?

Perspective is one other variable.  Some individuals use astrology to justify their unfavorable, no matter. Different’s use it to exit their unfavorable, no matter.

Some individuals tear themselves or others down with astrology. Others do the precise reverse.

I believe you’ve received one thing akin to a “Rorschach inkblot”.  Astrology is a instrument. You may decide it up, set is apart, use it skillfully, heal or hurt your life and the lives of these round you.

After penning this, I suppose I’d say, the reality is, astrology is POWER.

Anybody else have an thought?



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