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The Momentum Pinball Technique │ Linda Bradford Raschke

The Momentum Pinball will robotically let you know if you ought to be shopping for or shorting the following day. There is no such thing as a long-term directional significance to this indicator. Nonetheless for short-term (one– to two day) flips, it may well’t be beat. Listed here are the foundations:

Purchase Setup

Plot a three-period RSI of a one-period charge of change (the every day web
change). We confer with this as an Linda Bradford Raschke/RSI or

2. Day one is set by an LBR/RSI worth of lower than 30.
3. On day two, place a purchase cease above the HIGH of the first hour’s buying and selling vary.
Upon being stuffed, place a resting promote cease on the low of the primary
hour’s vary to guard your commerce. The market mustn’t come again to
this level.

If the commerce does get stopped out, it may be re-entered on a purchase cease
on the authentic worth. It’s uncommon that this example happens, however when
it does it’s worthwhile to reenter the commerce.

If the commerce closes with a revenue, carry it in a single day. Exit on morning
follow-through the following day (day three). You should definitely exit this commerce by
the shut of the following day.

Promote Setup

guidelines for shorting are the other of the purchase guidelines. Day one is
decided by an LBR/RSI worth higher than 70. Place a promote cease beneath the
LOW of the primary hour’s buying and selling vary. A protecting cease ought to all the time
be positioned AT the intense of the bar of entry after which trailed to guard
any accrued income.

The examples within the following chart ought to assist make clear this technique.


1. Yesterday’s LBR/RSI shut beneath 30 gave us our first purchase sign on the chart. We enter an extended place on a breakout of the primary hour’s vary. The commerce closes with a revenue so we supply it in a single day. The following morning the market gaps up and we glance to take income on the commerce.
2. On the primary promote setup on the chart, we’re pulled into a brief commerce on a penetration of the primary hour’s low. The market closes on the low for the day so we supply the commerce residence in a single day. The following morning the market gaps decrease and we take income on our brief sale.
3. That is one other excellent purchase instance. Discover what number of occasions the market gaps in our favor once we carry a worthwhile commerce residence in a single day.
4. On this purchase instance we’re pulled into an extended commerce that doesn’t shut as strongly as the primary two purchase examples. The market closes flat and we supply the commerce residence in a single day. We exit the following day with a small revenue. As you may see on factors 2 and 4, it’s best to exit this commerce the next day as an alternative of turning it right into a longer-term commerce.
5. On today we had a promote setup from yesterday’s studying above 70. Nonetheless, the market by no means traded beneath its first hour’s vary. Consequently, our promote cease was not hit and no commerce was taken.
6. Factors 6, 8, and 10, are trades taken from the lengthy aspect. All trades had been worthwhile and may have been exited the next day.
7. Here’s a commerce we entered on the brief aspect on a breakout of the primary hour’s vary. The market really rallied again on the finish of the day and our commerce closed flat. Nonetheless, the market nonetheless closed beneath its opening worth and we weren’t stopped out. We maintain the place in a single day and the market gaps in our favor the following day by over two factors.
9. One other promote setup however our brief entry was not hit. The market didn’t make a decrease low off the primary hour’s vary however as an alternative rallied and closed on its excessive. It is a excellent instance of why we enter on a breakout of the primary hour’s buying and selling vary. We should have affirmation that the market is transferring within the course of our sign to enter this commerce.






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