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The Private and Collective Shadows of Eclipse Season

The Private and Collective Shadows of Eclipse Season


In Chani’s words, March 18th, 2024: The personal and collective shadows of eclipse season. A collage of planets, gold stars, and orange swirls.

I’m all the time floored by the Herculean effort it takes to interrupt a half-baked idea that probably the most traumatized a part of me has give you. It’s too tempting to run with it and assemble a story the place I’m the sufferer, the persecuted, the misunderstood. It’s too simple for me to suppose that life is conspiring towards me, to take the emotional particles from the hurt I’ve survived and undertaking it onto every little thing in my life that challenges my ego. The joys of being justifiably indignant is simply too alluring for the small, trampled on, and brought benefit of features of myself. My internal bands of outcasts undoubtedly suppose that they may lastly get justice as soon as the total fury of their rage is unleashed.

As soon as I’ve gone down that deluded path of worst-case eventualities, it takes an Olympic degree of psychological labor to reel myself again in. To determine what’s main me to this torrent of horrible concepts. To ask myself: What am I feeling and why? What was the incident that obtained me right here? Is my feeling a proportionate response to this occasion? And if not, what’s the state of affairs reminding me of? However that’s provided that I can collect the great sense to take action.

It’s an exhausting foray into my very own shadowlands. However the different is a lot worse.

Once I don’t do that parsing out, I find yourself appearing out in conditions which are as humiliating as they’re antithetical to every little thing that I say I’m and wish. Sadly, I’m not alone in needing to constantly do that work. That is the work every of us should do — and there are too few doing this type of psychological mining in any respect.

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung termed this a part of us our “shadow.” He taught that understanding the marginalized, maligned, and socially unacceptable features of ourselves opens us to the very drugs we’d like. In his phrases: “The shadow is the invisible saurian tail that man nonetheless drags behind him. Rigorously amputated, it turns into the therapeutic serpent of the mysteries.”

Enter: Eclipse season.

On March nineteenth, Aries season arrives — and with it, so does the following eclipse cycle. The ancients believed that an eclipse was attributable to a large dragon that both swallowed the luminary obscured or swiped it away with its saurian tail. Because the Solar ventures by way of the initiatory hearth signal of Aries over the course of the following month, we’ll expertise two eclipses: a lunar (Full Moon) eclipse in Libra on March twenty fifth and a photo voltaic (New Moon) eclipse in Aries on April eighth. Eclipses (often) happen in pairs each six months. They’re moments that talk to the private and collective shadow work we’re in want of doing. They mirror instances of nice and swift change — occasions that alter the form of our lives and world, or reveal what’s hidden. In addition they give us a heads-up that our acutely aware, socially celebrated self is (most definitely) about to be swallowed up by our personal internal dragons. The work of eclipse season is deep and sometimes harrowing, but it surely’s additionally transformative and in the end therapeutic.

Simply earlier than the Solar enters Aries, on March 18th, Mercury will make a conjunction to the North Node in the identical signal. The North Node is some extent in house that tells us the place and when eclipses will occur — thus, it’s the purpose the place April eighth’s eclipse in Aries will happen. The North Node was considered the aforementioned rapacious head of the dragon by the ancients. And since Mercury is a micro/megaphone, when it collides with the North Node, it is going to announce among the upcoming themes of that eclipse. Mercury can even be getting into what we name its pre-retrograde shadow — it is going to station retrograde on April 1st and transfer all the way in which again so far.

A lot shadow, so little time.

On March twentieth, the day after the Solar enters Aries, Mercury will go on to make a conjunction with Chiron, the minor planet sometimes called the Wounded Healer. Right here, the micro/megaphone will promote discussions about our deepest wounds, ache factors, and the medication wanted to treatment them. This Mercury–Chiron conjunction is a 3rd foreshadowing of what’s to come back, because the April eighth eclipse will probably be precisely conjunct it.

Aries represents the self: the energetic materialization of recent life, burgeoning creativity, and relentless braveness. At its finest, this hearth signal is daring, brazen, individuated, and confident, perpetually and enthusiastically rising anew. At its worst, it sees everybody as an enemy; it desires solely to win, to overcome, and to dominate; it burns bridges and hope; and it torches all cause and any try at reconciliation.

This eclipse season is right here to show us that all of us have the potential to be each side of this coin.

To cite Carl Jung once more: “To confront an individual together with his shadow is to point out him his personal mild. As soon as one has skilled just a few instances what it’s like to face judgingly between the opposites, one begins to grasp what is supposed by the self. Anybody who perceives his shadow and his mild concurrently sees himself from two sides and thus will get within the center.”

We already know the worst of what occurs once we forgo this work. We live within the full-fledged nightmare of it. A genocide in Gaza is unfolding in entrance of our eyes, funded by our tax {dollars} and supported by among the strongest nations on the earth. Human life, and all its superb potential, is actually being starved, bombed, displaced, and brutally destroyed. All whereas grasping dragons in energy attempt to lure us into their dystopian hellscape of endless violence by othering our neighbors, cousins, and kin.

The final eclipse season was in October of 2023, and this one is tied to it — it’s the following chapter. It’s right here to remind us that nobody can do that internal work for us. That we will’t purchase our manner into self-awareness and positively not liberation. That when we do have interaction with our shadows, as soon as we will acknowledge them and refuse to undertaking them onto imagined persecutors or externalized villains, we will extra simply interrupt how they present up systemically. I hope and pray that sufficient of us have discovered simply how highly effective and devastatingly misdirected unhealed, collective shadows will be and that this information makes us all extra devoted to our private and shared therapeutic.

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