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The Seven Airtight Rules

The Seven Airtight Rules


The seven ideas are the inspiration of Hermeticism, a department of non secular philosophy which comes out of Historical Egypt. They’re outlined in texts just like the Emerald Pill and the Corpus Hermeticum— attributed to the traditional sage Hermes Trismegistus— and are summarized within the nineteenth century textual content often called The Kybalion. These seven ideas state the seven basic info of actuality.

1. Mentalism

“The All is Thoughts; the Universe is Psychological.”

Every thing on this Universe is alive and aware, for it’s all made from clever power. We don’t stay in a bodily world, however inside the Divine Thoughts. As such, our ideas have an effect on the world “outdoors of” us, since that which seems to be outdoors of us is simply an extension of the thoughts which we ourselves are also.

Due to this precept, we’re capable of talk with any creature, plant, object or factor. You could assume the consciousness of anybody or something, and even of elements of your personal physique. This is called channeling, and it’s not a novel present however certainly one thing that everybody is ready to do.

2. Correspondence

“As above, so under; as under, so above.”

Every thing which happens on the bodily degree is a mirrored image of a non secular prevalence at a better degree of actuality. Thus from a detailed examine of your circumstances, you’ll be able to discern the ideas, emotions and beliefs which predominate in your consciousness that are attracting these circumstances.

Conversely, you’ll be able to predict future occasions by learning the non secular influences that are at the moment predominating, and you’ll manifest occasions by focusing upon the frequencies which match your need. Nothing that’s occurring on the bodily degree is with out its vibrational, non secular or psychological precipitator, nor does something occur in a vacuum with out being surrounded by influences which match its important nature.

3. Vibration

“Nothing rests; all the pieces strikes; all the pieces vibrates.”

Trendy science has caught as much as the teachings of historic spirituality in its conclusion that matter just isn’t actually matter in any respect, however power. If we have a look at the microscopic degree of a stable piece of oak wooden, we are going to discover nothing stable, however a whirling, dynamic dance of atoms in fixed movement. The space between a nucleus and its orbiting electrons is proportionate to the gap between the earth and the Solar; the wooden is generally empty house.

That which seems materials is power, and that which seems static is definitely in fixed transformation. Matter—and, certainly, emotion and thought— can solely be mounted by the thoughts; if we deliver pure, open consciousness, we discover that nothing stays the identical, however is continually in a state of flux.

4. Polarity

“Every thing is twin; all the pieces has poles; all the pieces has its pair of opposites; like and in contrast to are the identical; opposites are equivalent in nature however completely different in diploma; extremes meet; all truths are however half-truths; all paradoxes could also be reconciled.”

Every thing on the bodily aircraft exists inside a continuum of optimistic and destructive expenses, as in electromagnetism. Inside all the pieces we will see both an lively, transmissive, projective high quality or a passive, receptive, potentiating high quality, and wherever we discover one, we can even discover the opposite.

Each high quality, thought, individual, attribute, state of affairs, object and creature is in a dynamic relationship always with its reverse, and any extremity will likely be counter-balanced by a compensatory perform. Over time, if we wait lengthy sufficient, we are going to see something remodel into its reverse.

5. Rhythm

“Every thing flows, in and out; all the pieces has its tides; all issues rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in all the pieces; the measure of the swing to the appropriate is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

Now we have discovered that all the pieces is in flux, remodeling into its reverse; rhythm is the precept which regulates this transformation. From the cycle of the seasons, the moon, the technology of cells and the ages of a person’s life, we see there’s a sample of unfolding which belongs to Nature and lives in all beings.

6. Trigger and Impact

“Each trigger has its impact; each impact has its trigger; all the pieces occurs in response to regulation; likelihood is however a reputation for regulation not acknowledged; there are various planes of causation, however nothing escapes the regulation.”

We stay in an ordered Universe, not a chaotic one. Every thing occurs for a purpose, and nothing that occurs is random or meaningless. Synchronicity is the title given to the precept of supra-rational or supernatural causation; this precept places forth the concept that two issues or beings coinciding in place and time accomplish that due to a shared essence, objective or high quality. There may be usually no solution to rationally or virtually account for these “pleased accidents” or serendipitous turns of fortune which appear to have occurred beneath divine steerage— but that is an incidence of causation all the identical.

7. Gender

“Gender is in all the pieces; all the pieces has its masculine and female ideas; gender manifests on all planes.”

Gender just isn’t one thing merely organic; masculine and female are qualities which exist on non secular planes. The intercourse organs, chromosomes and different organic options related to gender are solely manifestations of those ideas, that are important to creation itself and go far past the bodily. Inside any locale we could discover manifestations of the female precept and manifestations of the masculine precept; this consists of a person consciousness, a gaggle, a bodily physique, an eco-system, a metropolis, a authorities, and so forth.



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