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The that means of Venus retrograde in Leo 2023: July 22-September 3

The that means of Venus retrograde in Leo 2023: July 22-September 3


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Venus transits are usually fleeting and we’re barely touched by them. Come and gone in below a day, even the tougher transits will not be that tough besides for his or her propensity for indulgence and lack of self-awareness. When Venus seems to alter route and turns retrograde, although, her motion turns into slower and as a substitute of only a day we would expertise right here whispers for per week or extra, relying on how our personal chart is affected. Venus will probably be in Leo your complete time of the retrograde, a pleasant very long time to benefit from the helpful mild of Venus, planet of affection, within the signal of the Solar! Put together for a extra lively social life and customarily a good quantity of happiness.

Venus is usually considered the planet of relationships, and that’s definitely true. However Venus can be related to the ability of attraction and the buildup of wealth, and retrograde passages of Venus are typically related to main shifts within the international financial sector. This may increasingly additionally lengthen to our personal belongings and values to at least one extent or one other. We could discover ourselves experiencing modifications within the issues and beliefs that we worth, and we could also be tempted to have interaction in extreme indulgences, particularly since Venus is in Leo all through this complete interval. Beneath the affect of Leo we search to develop our affect and our private alternatives, and since Venus is comparatively fortunate we could encounter loads of methods to enhance our circumstances. However typically the comfortable planetary cycles might be extra harmful than the tough ones as a result of we could grow to be complacent and miss hazard indicators.

Whereas Venus is retrograde in Leo it is going to bump up towards each Jupiter and Uranus (see vital dates beneath). These will probably be instances to observe for as Jupiter’s confidence aspecting Venus’s love of consolation must be modulated with some Saturnian self-discipline and sharp eyes, and Uranus might be considerably reckless and encourage Venus in Leo to disregard indicators of warning and go for the gusto. However these robust points may also encourage thrilling new points of life to emerge! Throughout this time harmonious interactions from Venus to Chiron and Ceres may help clean out any bumps and facilitate development, each personally and in our connections with others.

Venus stays retrograde for 40 days, and I’ve at all times been fascinated by the correlation of those 40 days with vital non secular tales. Jesus was tempted within the wilderness for 40 days. Rain fell on Noah for 40 days and 40 nights.  Moses fasted for 40 days and 40 nights earlier than he was given the Commandments. Jesus remained on the earth for 40 days and 40 nights after the crucifixion.  Buddha is alleged to have fasted and meditated for 40 days and 40 nights earlier than reaching Samadhi. Islamic customs name for a memorial service on the fortieth day after loss of life.

Venus makes this retrograde shift roughly each 18 months. Like every retrograde cycle, these are good instances to look again into the previous – to reassess {our relationships}, or reconnect with buddies or family members from the previous, or restore relationships which can have been broken. As a result of our focus tends to be in the direction of the previous it may be tough to get new relationships going but it surely’s vital to not get caught in concepts and ideas about Venus retrograde and draw back from social occasions or assembly new individuals throughout these instances. When Venus is retrograde we are able to study an amazing deal about ourselves by means of our interactions with others due to the introspection that the retrograde gives.

Necessary dates (look ahead to extra particulars in my weekly forecasts):

  • Venus turns retrograde July 22
  • Venus sq. Uranus August 9
  • Venus trine Chiron August 14
  • Venus sextile Ceres August 16
  • Venus sq. Jupiter August 22
  • Venus turns direct September 17
  • Venus sq. Jupiter September 17
  • Venus trine Chiron September 23
  • Venus sq. Uranus September 29



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