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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: Cosmic Regulation of Cycles in Nature and Economic system

Allow us to attempt to discover cycles in nature that may be understood and predicted – and, as well as, which are linked with human habits, particularly the financial system. Planetary tide-generating forces, appearing on the Solar, are a promising candidate. Therefore, we will attempt to discover reliable cycles within the tide-generating forces of the planets which are linked to energetic photo voltaic eruptions and terrestrial results, particularly within the financial system. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Jupiter, the so-called tidal planets, could be anticipated to exert a realizable set off impact.



» The golden part appears to be implanted in man, too. Dürer, the well-known painter, made a radical investigation of proportions within the human physique and located as many as 25 realizations of the “divine proportion,” because the golden part can also be known as, Is that this why there’s additionally psychic response to this proportion? Based on H. Learn, the golden part has, for hundreds of years, been considered a key to the mysteries of artwork. Aesthetically talking, it’s thought of to have essentially the most pleasing proportions. « 





 » There’s a rising physique of circumstantial proof that robust photo voltaic eruptions are linked to the tidal cycle. That energetic photo voltaic flares have a robust impression on vital terrestrial cycles. Therefore, the tidal cycle, with a median length of  118.5 days – equaling 16.9 weeks, or 3.9 months – ought to have left marks within the information. «



» My instance is a cycle in inventory costs which averages 14-3/4 days lengthy, however which proceeds m a hop-skip vogue in waves which are first shorter than the typical after which longer than the typical, alternately. On the typical, the shorter waves run about 13-1/4 days lengthy, the longer waves about 16-1/4 days lengthy… it ought to be apparent that … forecasts made on a 13-1/4-, 16-1/4, 13-1/4, 16-1/4-day foundation can be vastly superior to these made on a inflexible 14-3/4-day foundation, despite the fact that each time intervals would come out to the identical place in the long run. You’ll likely have seen that one lengthy and one quick wave collectively equal 29-1/2 days — the time interval from one new moon to the subsequent. « 



Quoted from:

Theodor Landscheidt (1990) – Cosmic Regulation of Cycles in Nature and Economic system.
In: Proceedings, February 1990, Basis of the Examine of Cycles.



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