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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: Development of Hell within the Fashionable Period

Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: Development of Hell within the Fashionable Period


[…] When did all the pieces go unsuitable? Within the period of the good geographical discoveries. By crossing the forbidden boundary of the Pillars of Hercules, Western Europe dedicated an act of irreversible transgression. This was deadly. The place of Atlantis is on the backside.

 » The West was getting into an Antichrist mode. «

The one generalising clarification that will cowl your entire territory of unsolvable issues is the conclusion that 5 hundred years in the past, Western Europe started to systematically lose its sanity. And it went mad as a result of as soon as having begun to go mad, ultimately you’ll go mad. Thus, 5 anomalies had been shaped.

1. Atheism and materialism within the scientific worldview, primarily based on nominalism and a pathological Protestant ideology, had been prevalent. Even then, it might have been concluded that the West was getting into an Antichrist mode, with all issues Western and fashionable irreversibly marked by it. The British pseudo-Empire marked the start of hypertrophied Atlanticism. The Anglo-Saxons embodied the biblical Leviathan. Within the twentieth century, the baton was handed to the USA, however the dominance of the ocean civilisation is England’s legacy.
2. The Center Ages and its Indo-European tri-functional ideology, Catholicism, and Empire had been rejected and ridiculed, changed by a type of capitalism that was pathological in all respects. Ideologically, it later diverged into liberalism (the principle type of psychological degeneration), nationalism, and an inverted model that acknowledged its foundational rules — socialism. Any ideological motion inside the system of capitalism was doomed to mimicry and collapse. Capitalism is totally totalitarian. As Deleuze confirmed, capitalism culminates in schizophrenia.
3. The philosophy of the fashionable period cut up (with out warning) into an eccentric continuation of the classical custom and into damaging perversions in solidarity with materialism and the externalism of science. This prompted systematic confusion — a semantic shift in interpretations. Thought struggled within the nets like a deer, typically breaking via. However the place there was breakthrough and the place agony, nobody reliably knew; usually all the pieces gave the impression to be strictly the alternative.
4. Tradition started to transition into civilisation (in keeping with Spengler), cooling down however not with out excesses — sometimes, an unpredictable genius discerned the essence of the thickening darkness and pierced it with a shining needle. General, tradition was intentionally sliding into hell.

Russia all of the sudden discovered itself at warfare with all this — with out wishing, understanding, making ready, or anticipating it in any respect. Russia was positioned by an invisible hand within the place it now finds itself. Now, towards all odds, we should — institutionally! — reply to all of the challenges of the civilisation of the Antichrist, together with the problem of expertise. All of the digital units with which the West has geared up humanity turned out to have a catch — via them, it seems, somebody unknown collects details about everybody as a way to then rule unchallenged.

What folks conceal essentially the most are their sins. They’re of curiosity to Huge Brother. He information them and lets them in when wanted. Techno-dependence is essentially the most good software of the satan and his civilisation. We rejoice in digitalisation — we assist the satan rule us. However what are oceans of sins if not a area of insanity? The cycle of hell development is nearly full. In its approach — solely our determined Particular Navy Operation. Effectively, how do you intend we interpret it?



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