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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: Gaza Genocide Prelude to West’s Closing Battle in opposition to Islam

What’s your opinion on Israel’s genocidal marketing campaign in Gaza? How lengthy can Israel proceed this battle?


I consider we at the moment are on the verge of a significant battle in West Asia, a conflict between American hegemony and Islamic civilization. I can not say what’s going to occur sooner or later, however I can say that the Zionists actually need to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque. That is the apocalyptic mission of Zionism to create a Larger Israel. The destruction and genocide of Gaza is a preparation for the creation of a Larger Israel, thus ignoring the two-state resolution, an concept that the Zionists cynically reject.


 » Trump is anti-Islam, pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, anti-Chinese language and anti-Iranian. «


I don’t consider that Israel’s actions may be stopped solely by protesting, boycotting and opposing it. The one technique to cease and destroy the Zionist regime is for the Muslim inhabitants and the Islamic world normally to overtly confront Israel. As a result of if the Islamic civilization doesn’t take note of such genocide and closes its eyes to the destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque, I feel that will imply that the Islamic world is powerless earlier than the remainder of the world. I consider that the tragic occasions and genocide dealing with Gaza is the prelude or the primary stage of a a lot bigger battle between Islam and the West. Such a battle can solely be gained if all Muslims take part in it.

In the event you may say yet one more factor to our viewers, what wouldn’t it be?

All of the occasions of the trendy world are linked with eschatology. It’s clear that the Russian Orthodox world considers trendy Western civilization to be the incarnation of the Antichrist. That is in keeping with Ayatollah Khomeini’s thought in regards to the historic mission of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Moreover, I consider that trendy politics is a type of fossilized theology. Geopolitics is equally necessary. Solely by bringing geopolitics and eschatology collectively can we perceive the true that means of present world occasions and modifications. It’s time to mix geopolitics with faith. That is precisely what up to date Iranian ideology has been doing. I consider that we should stand collectively on this eschatological battle; Russia and Iran, Russian Orthodox Christianity and Islam, share the same geopolitical worldview the place the West is recognized with the Nice Devil or the Dajjal, which represents a very unfavourable type of social and non secular deviation. Placing all these components collectively I consider that Russia and Iran are a part of the identical entrance and belong to the military of sunshine that can battle in opposition to the military of darkness within the closing battle.




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