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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: ICT Silver Bullet Technique

For the ICT 10 AM Silver Bullet technique, give attention to 10-11 AM and Micro Quarters of twenty-two.5 minutes for trades, utilizing truthful worth gaps and Fibonacci ranges for entry/cease changes, aiming for a minimal 3R risk-reward, and exit by 11 AM to maximise income and decrease dangers.

  • Optimum timing: Deal with the 10-11 AM window for coming into trades. This era is essential because of its alignment with market volatility and liquidity, providing the most effective alternatives for the Silver Bullet technique. Anticipate market turns round 10:07:30 AM, 10:30:00 AM, and 10:52:30 AM.
  • Market evaluation: Mix pattern identification with truthful worth gaps for exact commerce setups. Understanding market construction and former highs/lows is crucial for setting correct targets and stops.
  • Entry factors: Implement entry sweeps at 10 AM, analyzing worth motion for optimum entry factors. Keep away from equal highs/lows to reinforce risk-reward ratios.
  • Threat administration: Modify buying and selling methods to attain a minimal 3R (risk-reward ratio) on day buying and selling entries by 10 AM. Use Fibonacci ranges and truthful worth gaps for setting stops and targets, making certain exact threat optimization.


 Search for Silver Bullet trades within the London Session, the New York AM Session, and the New York PM Session.


The ICT Silver Bullet Technique is a time-based algorithmic buying and selling mannequin for all property.


Key parts of the technique:

  • Honest worth gaps: Grasp the identification of truthful worth gaps as they’re a key entry and cease adjustment instrument. They play an important position within the Silver Bullet technique, particularly when concentrating on the 50% stage for entries.
  • Fibonacci retracement: Make the most of Fibonacci retracement for entry in a number of truthful worth gaps, adjusting stops for optimum threat administration. This instrument is significant for figuring out exact entry and exit factors.
  • Time sensitivity: Leverage market timing, like 10 AM, for optimum entry earlier than elevated volatility. This ensures maximized buying and selling effectivity and higher alignment with market actions.


 Within the 10:00 – 11:00 AM window count on highs and lows on the 1 minute chart round 

Micro-Quarter turns at 10:07:30 AM, 10:30:00 AM, and 10:52:30 AM.

Sensible utility

  • Pre-market preparation: Earlier than the ten AM window, analyze the marketplace for potential truthful worth gaps and Fibonacci ranges. This preparation is essential for figuring out the most effective entry factors.
  • Market remark: From 10 AM, intently monitor the marketplace for the recognized entry factors. Take note of worth motion and liquidity sweeps to refine your entry timing.
  • Entry execution: As soon as a possible entry is recognized, execute the commerce, aiming for a 2+:1 threat/reward ratio, concentrating on 10+ factors on the ES one-minute chart.
  • Threat administration: After coming into a commerce, instantly set a cease loss primarily based on the recognized truthful worth hole or Fibonacci stage. Modify the cease to interrupt even after reaching a 1R achieve to reduce potential losses.
  • Exit technique: Intention to exit positions by 11 AM to keep away from late market volatility, securing income and minimizing threat.






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