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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: Mini-Crash in Tune with Cosmic Rhythms

Photo voltaic eruptions and associated geomagnetic storms could be predicted via main and minor instability occasions launched by particular photo voltaic methods configurations. Minor instability occasions happen when the Solar’s Middle of Mass (CS), the Photo voltaic Programs Middle of Mass (CM), and Jupiter (JU) – the weighty middle of the world of planets – arc in line (JUCMCS). Such configurations provoke sturdy impulses of torque within the Solar’s orbital movement in regards to the CM. JUCMCS occasions kind cycles with a imply interval of 9.275 years, however are topic to appreciable variation in wavelength: it may be as brief as two years, or so long as 14 years.



The above chart reveals the connection between the S&P 500’s month-to-month index and Cycles of Minor and Main Photo voltaic System Instability Occasions: The brief fats arrows point out epochs of consecutive JUCMCS occasions that kind cycles exhibiting relatively completely different wavelengths. Broad and slender arrows in addition to small arrows symbolize harmonics of respective cycles specified by indices.Indicators that coincide with maxima of the S&P 500 level upwards, whereas people who coincide with minima level downwards. After the lengthy fats arrow that marks the epoch of a ‘main instability occasion’, the epochs of JUCMCS occasions and the second harmonic (= 1/2) of the respective cycles are correlated with bottoms within the knowledge, and the fourth (= 1/4) and eigth (= 1/8) harmonics with tops. Within the present JUCMCS cycle – operating from October 31, 1982 (= 1982.83), to April 20, 1990 (= 1990.3) – the midpoints between the fourth and eighth harmonics, the sixteenth harmonics, have been, in every case, associated to bottoms within the knowledge. The chart additionally reveals the cosmic background of the well-known 4-12 months Cycle, and – that is essential to predictions – hints to an reason why it’s generally longer or shorter. 

The following chart is an extension of the primary one. The higher curve represents the DJIA, and its turning factors are in section with the arrows marking epochs of respective harmonics of the JUCMCS cycle. The final arrow matches the date of the mini-crash on October 13, 1989 – the largest plunge of the inventory market because the 1987 crash.



Quoted from:
Theodor Landscheidt (1989) – Mini-Crash in Tune with Cosmic Rhythms.
In: Cycles, November/December 1989, Basis of the Research of Cycles.


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