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Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: The Collapse of a Nation takes 13 Years

Time ▾ Value ▴ Analysis: The Collapse of a Nation takes 13 Years


In regulation, it has been a maxim that unhealthy info make unhealthy regulation. Each lawyer is aware of that. That’s the reason the federal government will search the worst case to increase the regulation and apply it to others. This authorized maxim is actually not new. All of those that go to regulation college are by no means taught that this maxim was, based on my analysis, first said by Julius Caesar in 63 BC in the course of the trial of the Catiline Conspiracy. That was the alleged scheme to overthrow the federal government no so completely different from the allegations in opposition to Trump within the January sixth occasion they’ve known as an “INSURRECTION” to desperately attempt to apply the 14th Modification that was written regarding the American Civil Struggle.

 » Historical past repeats as a result of human nature by no means modifications. «

In 63 BC, Julius Caesar delivered a speech to the Roman Senate the place they needed to defend him from corrupt senators like Cicero. This alleged conspiracy was led by the patrician Catiline, whom Cicero got down to prosecute as a result of he was of the opposition. The allegation was that he meant to overthrow the Roman authorities. Cicero did his finest to disclaim Catiline each proper a Roman would have in a authorized constitutional sense. Cicero whipped up the mob, demanding their execution in opposition to the regulation. When the Roman Senate convened, Cicero stood up and requested what must be executed to them, and his co-conspirators shouted out loss of life.

The historian Sallust recorded the incident and tells us that Gaius Julius Caesar stood up and defined that Roman regulation forbids the execution of Roman residents even for heinous crimes. He argued that executing the conspirators would thus require the creation of a radical and harmful precedent in and of itself that will actually overthrow the authorized basis of the federal government. Caesar argued:

» No matter befalls these prisoners will probably be nicely deserved; however you, Fathers of the Senate, are known as upon to contemplate how your motion will have an effect on different criminals. All unhealthy precedents have originated in instances which have been good; however when the management of the federal government falls into the fingers of males who’re incompetent or unhealthy, your new precedent is transferred from those that nicely deserve and advantage such punishment to the undeserving and innocent. «

I’ve defined that now we have entered very harmful instances. Most historians have concluded that Cicero invented all the Catiline Conspiracy for his personal political benefit. The info didn’t add as much as any true plot that will have even been remotely profitable. They have been summarily executed after a fierce senate debate with none constitutional rights on December fifth merely on the pretend proof of Cicero.


What they’ve unleashed in opposition to Trump is EXTREMELY harmful. The allegations and abstract execution of the pretend Catiline Conspiracy by Cicero was a turning level that in the end led to the Civil Struggle and the collapse of the Roman Republic 13 years later. Once we attain 2032, it is going to be additionally about 13 years from all the conspiracy that started in 2019 to overthrow america as now we have identified it. These prosecutions of Trump have executed the identical injury because the Catiline Conspiracy – unhealthy info make unhealthy precedent. […] The Rule of Legislation has collapsed, and with it, our nation, simply because the Catiline Conspiracy, tore the soul out of the rights of Roman residents. This was only one cause why Caesar crossed the Rubicon. It was the Senate that fled as a result of the individuals by no means noticed them as worthwhilesimply corrupt politicians to rig the sport – Rome’s Deep State. Historical past repeats as a result of human nature by no means modifications.




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