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Time-Value-Analysis: Cycles Write World Historical past

Time-Value-Analysis: Cycles Write World Historical past


Analysis embracing many fields of scientific pursuit and all out there historic information proves that the local weather of the earth as a complete goes by means of lengthy cycles. World-climate shifts from chilly to heat intervals and from moist to dry intervals with superb regularity. Dry intervals accompanied by colder climate happen about each 170 years, each third such “chilly drought” being extreme in its results.

The turning factors between previous and new civilizations happen when 

cold-dry occasions attain their most severity.

Professor Raymond H. Wheeler, eminent psychologist of the College of Kansas, heads this examine challenge which finds an essential correlation between world local weather and political historical past. Dr. Wheeler’s evaluation of an immense accumulation of knowledge exhibits that nice worldwide adjustments happen on these shifts from heat to chilly and vice versa. Nations deteriorate on the shift from heat to chilly, the examine reveals. What might be most fascinating among the many findings is that totalitarianism is consultant of world-wide political sentiment throughout heat intervals. Democracy is vivified and wanted by males throughout chilly intervals. Intervals of chilly droughts often coincide with eras of civil wars. Worldwide wars are fought, for essentially the most half, throughout hotter occasions. The Wheeler challenge has recognized fundamental mass-psychological patterns with each climatic situation discovered within the international climate cycle. Public attitudes and fashionable concepts are straight coloured by the final nature of the world-climate prevailing at any time.


Raymond H. Wheeler and his ‘huge guide’.


Astrology affords a logical rationalization for this 170-year rhythm in world actions. It’s hardly a coincidence that each cold-drought is synchronized with one of many photo voltaic system’s main planetary configurations. Known as an excellent mutation in astrological parlance, a conjunction of the planets Uranus and Neptune happens each 171 years, on the typical. These conjunctions are inside efficient orb for 15 years earlier than and after their central date of coming-together within the sky. This Uranus-Neptune cycle leaves a steady impression on the unwinding scroll of world historical past in inciting these circumstances in human and pure affairs described.

Central conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune passed off within the A.D. years of 

110, 281, 453, 624, 796, 967, 1139, 1310, 1481, 1653 and 1824 [1906-10, 1993, 2078-81, 2165]

[The years cited mark the general centers of the 30-year influence at work. They are computed for the conjunctions in mean heliocentric longitude, and not for the apparent (geocentric) times of occurrence. The time-margin allowed for this difference is nearly a whole decade.]

Every of those epochs is at or close to the useless middle of a interval of great chilly drought recorded within the annals of historical past and science. It’s no shock to the astrologer that lowered imply temperature, lack of a lot rainfall, political stress and civil warfare itself must be typical of our earth’s response to those vibrations. Uranian influences alone have lengthy been acknowledged as revolutionary in motion. Neptune is peculiarly related to meteorological issues, and likewise with canons of idealistic thought. Astrologers are usually agreed that Neptune is the planet of “isms” and ideologies which provoke nationwide and worldwide adjustments of perspective. Uranus is disruptive in motion and progressive in the long term. Neptune, however, is alleged to find out world sentiments which have an emotional base. Conjunctions of those divergent forces carry in regards to the years of famine and civil strife which make and break the good financial and political buildings we name nations.

The first precipitation-and-temperature cycle is clearly related with a selected interplanetary periodicity. There are dozens if not tons of of different cycles in man’s social and pure atmosphere which may be traced to related causes. Relations of two or extra planets to one another as seen from the earth are known as facets. The positions of any shifting heavenly physique throughout the good star-sprangled backdrop of the sky are known as transits. In astrology, we make use of the time period transit to imply the situation of a planet by the signal of the zodiac it occupies. Points and sign-transits of the assorted planets are the basic causes of cycles on earth. Though not really zodiacal components, the declinations of sure planets and adjustments within the components of planetary orbits are discovered to be sturdy elements within the astrological concept of world cycles.

Above and past true bodily phenomena is the unusual tendency of world affairs towards cycles which replicate the final connotations of successive zodiacal indicators. That is obvious if one reconsiders the well-known historic analyses of Oswald Spengler within the gentle of astrology. Spengler’s anthropomorphic outlines of non secular, cultural and political “modern epochs” appear to comply with an enchanting zodiac of traits, commencing every broad swing in mankind’s affairs with typical Aries qualities, and culminating it, after ten extra eras, with Piscean attributes. The explanation for this inclination is inexplicable, at present, as no astronomical connection has been found.

Point out of such attention-grabbing issues lays the groundwork for our rapid topic — that of making use of astrology as a calculable gauge of up to date financial circumstances.



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