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Time-Value-Analysis: The Bretton Woods Worldwide Financial System

Time-Value-Analysis: The Bretton Woods Worldwide Financial System


Gold and silver have repeatedly functioned efficiently as cash all by our historical past as a civilization, till fashionable Western civilization emerged with an agenda of building its dominion over the remainder of the world. Within the wake of the primary and second world wars a brand new European financial system was formally established on the Bretton Woods Convention held in 1944. Settlement was reached amongst the Western rulers of the world on a financial system through which just one forex, the US greenback, could be redeemable in gold on the fee of $35 per ounce of gold. All different currencies on this planet would have their worth decided in relation to the US greenback. Secondly, solely governments, by their Central Banks, might redeem {dollars} for gold. Unusual individuals who could be required to make use of paper currencies, couldn’t redeem any forex for gold. An establishment often called the Worldwide Financial Fund (IMF) could be established and every member State of the IMF could be required to deposit with the IMF 25% of all gold reserves that the State possessed.


» Annuit Cœptis. Novus Ordo Seclorum. «
» He has favored our undertakings. New Order of the Ages. «

The Nice Seal of the US, added to the greenback invoice’s design below F.D. Roosevelt in 1935.

The truth is, gold that was deposited with the IMF functioned merely as a way by which States might search loans on curiosity (backed by one thing of worth) from the IMF. Extra importantly, to the extent that member-States faithfully complied with the requirement of depositing that gold, the IMF would know the extent of gold reserves of every member-State. This was additional assured by a requirement that member-States should report back to the Fund all gross sales and purchases of gold. Why would the US-controlled – and therefore Zionist-controlled – IMF be so fascinated about figuring out the quantum of gold reserves within the possession of all international locations on this planet? 


 » The IMF wished the gold of the world and prohibited gold as cash. «


What was not disclosed nevertheless was that the US greenback would stay redeemable in gold solely for so long as it was handy for the US authorities to honor the authorized obligation to take action. And simply as ominous was the opposite chance that if the US authorities might renege on its authorized obligation to redeem US {dollars} for gold below the Articles of Settlement of the IMF, it might additionally refuse to repatriate 25% or extra of the world’s gold saved in USA in accordance with IMF necessities. Allow us to pause for a second to remind those that are unaware, that the US authorities has already deserted its authorized obligation to redeem US {dollars} for gold, and now refuses to even audit gold belonging to the remainder of the world, that’s saved in USA. Surprisingly and mysteriously, the usage of gold as cash was prohibited within the Articles of Settlement of the IMF. Nowhere was a proof supplied for this unusual prohibition. The seemingly causes for the prohibition of the usage of gold as cash are as follows:

  1. To forestall the likelihood that gold used as cash might threaten, and trigger a collapse, of the bogus paper cash financial system.
  2. To make sure that gold belonging to the remainder of the world, however saved in USA, would stay undisturbed in US territory till the time arrived when the financial system of paper cash collapsed and the world returned to gold as cash. At the moment the authorized prohibition of the usage of gold as cash could be eliminated, and gold saved with the Zionist owned and managed Federal Reserve Financial institution in NY, might then be secretly and illegally transferred to Israel (the switch might have already got taken place) in order that Israel’s rule over the world of cash may stay unchallenged and unchallengeable. The gold saved in USA would stay largely undisturbed since there could be no causes for a member State to hunt to repatriate its gold. What would they do with their gold, apart from protecting it as a retailer of worth? It couldn’t be used as cash.
  3. As soon as the member-States of the IMF had deposited 25% of their gold reserves with the IMF (i.e., with USA) and member-States had begun to take IMF loans that have been secured by that gold, it will then be potential to encourage them to retailer an increasing number of of their gold reserves with the IMF. In the event that they held on to their gold, they may not use it in any means that might profit them. And so this provision of the Articles of Settlement opened a means for USA to finally be entrusted with storage of many of the gold reserves of the world.

Is it by chance or by design that decolonization resulted in the remainder of the non-European world changing into a part of a mysterious and ominous new European financial system through which, for the primary time in human historical past, mankind was prohibited by worldwide regulation from utilizing gold as cash, and through which cash with intrinsic worth was changed by cash with no intrinsic worth?


» First plunder the People, then the Mexicans, the Tsars, the Germans and the Ottomans. Then all of mankind. «

Paul Moritz Warburg (1868 – 1932), German-born funding banker; Rothschild agent at Wall Road since 1895; 

brother of Otto Warburg, head of the World Zionist Group in 1911;

architect of the US Federal Reserve system and writer of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913;

1914 unique member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors; Second Vice Chairman of the Fed from 1916 to 1918;  

writer of the ‘Liberty’ battle bonds in 1917; writer and architect of the post-World Conflict I gold reparations scheme for Germany at Versailles in 1919; brother of Felix Warburg, the top of the German delegation on the Versailles peace convention in 1919; 

visionary of the worldwide New Deal – Novus Ordo Seclorum.


Is it by chance or by design that the brand new European financial system supported a European banking system which collectively operated in such ways in which they and their purchasers grew extremely rich whereas the remainder of the world was imprisoned in rising poverty and destitution?

Has that financial impoverishment result in political servitude? Is it true or is it false that fashionable political servitude invariably implies conformity with a Zionist agenda? Is it by chance or by design that European Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians have a agency management over that financial and worldwide banking system and are utilizing it to the benefit of the state of Israel?

Is it by chance or by design that the trendy secular west continued the Jihad (often called the crusades) waged by medieval Christian Europe to liberate the Holy Land from Muslim rule, till success was lastly achieved in 1917? Why did non-European Christians chorus from taking part in an ostensibly Christian Jihad? Why did western European Christians battle their jap Christian brothers-in-faith whereas making their means (in a Christian Jihad) to the Holy Land?

Is it by chance or by design that the West then presided over the beginning of a State of Israel within the Holy Land some 2000 years after Holy Israel was destroyed by divine decree, and the Jews have been then introduced again (by hook and by criminal) to reclaim the Holy Land as their very own some 2000 years after they have been expelled from it by divine decree? 

Did the entire above happen by chance, or was it a part of a grand design that might finally make it potential for Israel to rule the world? Why would Israel need to rule the world?


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