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Time-Value-Analysis: The Home Negro And The Discipline Negro

The ‘home slave’ was topic to the identical oppression because the ‘subject slave’. Each have been with out ‘exterior’ freedom and therefore in ‘exterior’ slavery. However whereas the ‘subject slave’ hated that oppression and slavery, the ‘home slave’ submitted to it, recognized with the slave grasp, and accepted his slavery. He
was so brainwashed and ‘internally’ blind that he grew to become an appendage
of the slave grasp. He was all the time there to serve the slave grasp,
nonetheless required, and every time the slave grasp wanted him. When the
slave grasp was unwell, the ‘home slave’ would really feel his grasp’s ache and
struggling and would declare to his grasp: “we sick!”
‘home slave’ was each ‘internally’ in addition to ‘externally’ a slave. He
grew to become part of the system of slavery. The slave grasp rewarded the ‘home slave’ for his
trustworthy service by ‘buttering’ his bread.


» There have been two forms of slaves, the home negro and the sector negro. «

Malcolm X, 1963

The ‘subject slave’ however was ‘externally’ a slave however ‘internally’ a free man. Due to that ‘inside’ freedom, the ‘subject slave’ had the capability to ‘see’ and to thus acknowledge the slave grasp’s oppression and wickedness, and he hated it with all his coronary heart and soul. The ‘subject slave’ by no means submitted to oppression and wickedness however, slightly, longed to regain his freedom and to dismantle the system of slavery. And so the ‘subject slave’ responded to oppression and slavery in a fashion that was anti-systemic. When the slave grasp’s home was on hearth the ‘subject slave’ prayed to God to ship a robust wind which might burn down the home. 


Muslims who faithfully observe Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are in the present day’s ‘subject slaves’! Discipline slaves who dare to supply armed resistance to Israel’s barbarous oppression within the Holy Land and elsewhere are in the present day demonized as terrorists. Had Malcolm X been nonetheless alive in the present day, it’s sure that he would have been declared a “terrorist” and “a terrific safety threat”.



November 21, 2023 – 1,000 boats left Turkiye for Gaza waters in a brand new ‘Freedom Flotilla’, carrying 4,500 individuals from 40 international locations, “together with anti-Zionist Jews“. Among the many 1,000 vessels are 313 boats full of Russian, and 104 with Spanish activists.


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