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Time-Value-Analysis: The three Day Cycle

Time-Value-Analysis: The three Day Cycle



The three Day Cycle  is a recurring market cycle, that when recognized, might be the groundwork of a commerce setup. It consists of three days, and begins with a false break on the present weeks excessive or low. In his Greatest Commerce Setups Playbook Stacey Burke described the three Day Cycle setups as both pump and dumps, or dump and pumps: “They [the market makers] pump, pump, pump, go sideways and drop a bit, yet another small pump, then a dump. The dump can go straight down, quick. The pump up, might typically be exhausting to commerce on the primary day, the value motion might be uneven, and backwards and forwards, a sluggish grinding public sale. Different occasions, you might be pressured to “chase the transfer.”  


Discovering Day 1:
Search for a false break above or beneath a earlier day’s excessive or low AT THE HIGH OR LOW OF THE WEEK.

Attributes of Day 1:
1. Breaks Beneath/Above Earlier Days Excessive or Low on the excessive of the week, and the day closes again within earlier days vary.
a. Sub Variation: Breaks by earlier days stage and days closes above/beneath that stage. 

The next day, value comes again within the the vary from 2 days in the past and closes.
2. Can turn out to be a First Inexperienced Day or First Crimson Day (Sign for following day).
3. Day 3 typically turns into Day 1 on the shut of the day.


 Attributes of Day 2 of the three Day Cycle:

Day 2 might be both
1. Continuation in course of false break; or:
2. It will probably flip into …
    a.) a First Crimson Day (FGD)
    b.) a First Inexperienced Day (FRD)
    c.) an Inside Day
    d.) a Development Day

Areas of Curiosity:
1. Excessive of the Day/Low of the Day (HOD/LOD)
2. Excessive of the Session/Low of the Session (HOS/LOS)
3. Outdoors Day/Inside Day (Was there a false break?) (Act as Assist/Resistance)
4. Low Bear/Excessive Bull (Assist/Resistance)

Day 2 Commerce Setups:

– Lengthy/Brief Squeeze
– Parabolic Development Commerce
Excessive of the Session/Low of the Session (HOD/LOD) Commerce
Excessive of the Day/Low of the Day (HOD/LOD)
– Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) Continuation (Development Commerce)

1. Assist/Resistance References:
a. Low Bear/Excessive Bull
b. Earlier Days Excessive/Low
2. Measure 3 Ranges of rise/fall from Low/Excessive of day for potential strike zone.
3. Use Assist/Resistance References as further confluence.



Attributes of Day 3 of the three Day Cycle:

1. Day 3 is the final day of the three Day Cycle.
2. A variety of occasions Day 3 can flip into Day 1, both on the present day or the following day 

(Reset of the Day Rely).
3. Day 3 can both turn out to be a blow off pattern continuation day (within the course of the pattern) or a reversal day.

Commerce Setups:
1. Parabolic/Capitulation Development
2. Reversal HOW/LOW
3. LHF Continuation (Development Commerce)

Areas of Curiosity:
1. Low/Excessive of week
2. Earlier Days Excessive/Low (Assist/Resistance/Trapped Quantity)
3. Excessive/Low of Day
4. Excessive Bull/Low Bear (Assist/Resistance)
5. OD/ID (Outdoors Day/Inside Day)



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