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Time-Value-Analysis: UFOs Above Nuremberg | Or A Solar Canine

Time-Value-Analysis: UFOs Above Nuremberg | Or A Solar Canine


A mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects (UFO) occurred in 1561 above Nuremberg (then a Free Imperial Metropolis of the Holy Roman Empire). This view is usually dismissed by skeptics, some referencing Carl Jung’s mid-twentieth century writings concerning the topic whereas others discover that the phenomenon is prone to be a solar canine.


Within the morning of April 14, 1561, at dawn, between 4 and 5 a.m., a dreadful apparition occurred on the solar, after which this was seen in Nuremberg within the metropolis, earlier than the gates and within the nation – by many women and men. At first there appeared in the midst of the solar two blood-red semi-circular arcs, similar to the moon in its final quarter. And within the solar, above and under and on either side, the colour was blood, there stood a spherical ball of partly boring, partly black ferrous colour. Likewise there stood on either side and as a torus concerning the solar such blood-red ones and different balls in giant quantity, about three in a line and 4 in a sq., additionally some alone. In between these globes there have been seen a number of blood-red crosses, between which there have been blood-red strips, turning into thicker to the rear and within the entrance malleable just like the rods of reed-grass, which have been intermingled, amongst them two huge rods, one on the appropriate, the opposite to the left, and inside the small and large rods there have been three, additionally 4 and extra globes. These all began to combat amongst themselves, in order that the globes, which have been first within the solar, flew out to those standing on either side, thereafter, the globes standing outdoors the solar, within the small and huge rods, flew into the solar. Moreover the globes flew backwards and forwards amongst themselves and fought vehemently with one another for over an hour. And when the battle in and once more out of the solar was most intense, they turned fatigued to such an extent that all of them, as mentioned above, fell from the solar down upon the earth ‘as if all of them burned’ and so they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. In any case this there was one thing like a black spear, very lengthy and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the purpose pointed west. No matter such indicators imply, God alone is aware of. Though now we have seen, shortly one after one other, many sorts of indicators on the heaven, that are despatched to us by the almighty God, to convey us to repentance, we nonetheless are, sadly, so ungrateful that we despise such excessive indicators and miracles of God. Or we converse of them with ridicule and discard them to the wind, so that God might ship us a daunting punishment on account of our ungratefulness. In any case, the God-fearing will not at all discard these indicators, however will take it to coronary heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that He might avert His wrath, together with the well-deserved punishment, on us, in order that we might briefly right here and perpetually there, dwell as his kids. 

For it, might God grant us his assist, Amen.

By Hanns Glaser, letter-painter of Nuremberg, 1561.

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