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Time-Worth-Analysis: Something Can Occur | Mark Douglas

Time-Worth-Analysis: Something Can Occur | Mark Douglas


Time-Worth-Analysis: Something Can Occur | Mark Douglas

Something Can Occur | Mark Douglas

The semiretired chairman of the board of the brokerage agency was a longtime dealer with practically 40 years of expertise within the grain pits on the Chicago Board of Commerce. He did not know a lot about technical evaluation, as a result of he by no means wanted it to generate profits on the ground. However he now not traded on the ground and located the transition to buying and selling from a display tough and considerably mysterious. So he requested the agency’s newly acquired star technical analyst to take a seat with him throughout the buying and selling day and train him technical buying and selling. The brand new rent jumped
on the alternative to point out off his talents to such an skilled and
profitable dealer. The analyst was utilizing a technique known as “level and
“,  developed by Charlie Drummond (


Someday, as the 2 of them had been watching the soybean market collectively, the analyst had projected main assist and resistance factors and the market occurred to be buying and selling between these two factors.  Because the technical analyst was explaining to the chairman the importance of those two factors, he said in very emphatic, virtually absolute phrases that if the market goes as much as resistance, it would cease and reverse; and if the market goes all the way down to assist, it would additionally cease and reverse. Then he defined that if the market went all the way down to the worth degree he calculated as assist, his calculations indicated that will even be the low of the day. 


As they sat there, the bean market was slowly trending all the way down to the worth the analyst mentioned can be the assist, or low, of the day. When it lastly bought there, the chairman appeared over to the analyst and mentioned, “That is the place the market is meant to cease and go larger, proper?” The analyst responded, “Completely! That is the low of the day.” “That is bullshit!” the chairman retorted. “Watch this.” He picked up the telephone, known as one of many clerks dealing with orders for the soybean pit, and mentioned, “Promote two million beans bushels on the market.” Inside thirty seconds after he positioned the order, the soybean market dropped ten cents a bushel. The chairman turned to take a look at the horrified expression on the analysts face. Calmly, he requested, “Now, the place did you say the market was going to cease? If I can try this, anybody can.



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