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Time-Worth-Analysis: The Alliance of Islam and Japanese Orthodox Christianity

Time-Worth-Analysis: The Alliance of Islam and Japanese Orthodox Christianity


This lecture was delivered on the [Lomonosov] State College of Moscow in July 2013 – greater than 3 years in the past – on the invitation of Professor Alexander Dugin. We select to convey it again to consideration due to the pressing want of forging Muslim friendship and alliance with the Orthodox Christian world so that we’d collectively resist a standard enemy.
One of many details made on this lecture – certainly it was used to additionally conclude the lecture – is that “Russia’s second in historical past has arrived“. Three years later, Russia stands firmly and fearlessly, with admirable assist from China, and from the plenty of Muslims world wide who despise American oppression, in resisting the best oppressor mankind has ever recognized. The Nice Struggle or Malhamah that Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam)  prophesied, and which can also be current in Christian eschatology, is about to happen.


The USA is a rustic that’s pivotally vital for many who search to impose the political dominion over all of the mankind. And as a consequence they’re now concentrating on Russia, forcing them to undergo their dictate. The USA is crucial nation on the planet for them presently as Britain was as soon as upon a time. It was the time of Pax analyzed. And now mysteriously it has remodeled from Pax Brittanica into Pax Americana. And we see, once more mysteriously, the USA is now within the state of irreversible decline and that one other Pax is coming to switch Pax Americana – Pax Judaica.


However after all, it’s not “Pax”, not peace. It’s only conflict and a mountain of lies. So presently, the USA is crucial nation on the planet for that Judeo-Christian-zionist alliance that desires to impose its rule over the world. One other consequence is that it’s vital for them to intimidate and to silence no matter dissenting voices there could also be inside the USA to begin with, after which outdoors the USA. And naturally, the 2 most vital communities to be focused might be primary – Islam and quantity two – Orthodox Christianity. After which comes quantity three, which ought to be secular scholarship. This is the reason we now have the conflict on Islam, which they name the conflict on terror.

The aim of that is to intimidate and to silence any dissenting voices throughout the world of Islam in the USA of America. Islamic scholarship in the USA of America doesn’t dare to supply any opposite opinion regarding 9/11, for instance, aside from the official model. And for this reason I needed to go away the USA. As a result of I knew I’d not have the liberty to evangelise Islam because it should be preached in the USA. They name themselves the world’s best democracy. They name themselves the free society, the free world. However that’s a lie as a result of there isn’t a freedom in the USA of America, similar to there isn’t a freedom in Britain, and the liberty is declining in France to talk up and to declare any dissenting view from the mainstream view established by the Zionists.

Present occasions within the Center East and all around the world, together with Russia, in our opinion, can’t be utterly and precisely analysed with out eschatology. And our eschatological view is that to ensure that the transition to happen from Pax Americana to what we anticipate to be Pax Judaica or Israel’s alternative of the USA as ruling nation of the world, and I hope that the Russian individuals are listening to me, for Israel’s alternative of the USA of America we’d like large wars. Israel is simply too small to rule the world.

So both Israel has to develop and change into a very large state or the world has to change into smaller. Which of those two will it’s? Reply: the world has to change into smaller, thus, nuclear conflict. Russia doesn’t need nuclear conflict; the armed forces of the USA of America additionally don’t need nuclear conflict as a result of they a lot favor to wage conflict on Libya after which go dwelling and have dinner. However waging a nuclear conflict on Russia signifies that a lot of the mankind goes to perish.

Our eschatology tells us, our Prophet mentioned (Allah blessings be upon him) that 99 out each 100 in that large conflict might be killed. There has by no means been a conflict like this. Solely a conflict that makes use of weapons of mass destruction, not standard warfare, can kill so many individuals. Occasions which at the moment are happening, unfolding within the Center East and in the remainder of the world and, specifically, the relentless concentrating on of Russia, are meant to take the world right into a nuclear conflict that no one desires besides the Zionists. They need that conflict as a result of on the finish of that conflict the 2 main powers on the planet, the NATO block, and the Russian-Chinese language block, would mutually destroy one another. That’s what they’re hoping for.  And the world might be considerably smaller because of this. Moreover, in a post-nuclear conflict world, it could be doable for Israel to impose their rule over the remainder of the world. That is our eschatological view.

However their understanding of what a post-nuclear conflict world could be is unsuitable, as a result of our Prophet has mentioned so (Allah blessings be upon him). Solely a prophet can communicate like this, not political scientists, not even in Russia, no analyst of strategic affairs on the planet may communicate as our Prophet spoke and mentioned that after the massive conflict the Christians will name Armageddon, the Muslims name it the Malhamah and we all know it to be a nuclear conflict.

Assaults on Russia are going to proceed till the Son of Mary returns. And since these assaults are going to proceed, not solely Russia but in addition the world of Islam should come collectively in a better friendship and nearer ties, resulting in an alliance.




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