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Time-Worth-Analysis: The Civilization-State | Alexander Dugin

The primary actor of a multipolar world order is neither a nation-state (as within the realist idea of Worldwide Relations), nor a unified World Authorities (as within the liberalist idea of Worldwide Relations). It’s the Civilization-State. Different names for it are “Nice House“, “Empire“, “Ecumenism“.


Your purpose should be to take All-under-Heaven intact.
Thus your troops aren’t worn out and your good points might be full.
That is the artwork of offensive technique.

Solar Tzu, The Artwork of Warfare, Chapter III, Line 11

The time period “Civilization-State” is most frequently utilized to China. Each historical and fashionable China. As early as historical instances, the Chinese language developed the speculation of “Tianxia” (天下), the “Celestial Empire,” based on which China is the middle of the world, being the assembly place of the unifying Heaven and the dividing Earth. And the “Celestial Empire” could also be a single state, or it could be damaged up into its parts after which reassembled. As well as, Han China itself acts as a culture-forming factor for neighboring nations that aren’t instantly a part of China – primarily Korea, Vietnam, the Indochina nations and even Japan, which is sort of impartial.

The nation-state is a product of the European New Age and, in some instances, a post-colonial assemble. The Civilization-State has historical roots and unsure shifting boundaries. Civilization-State generally pulsates, increasing and contracting, however all the time remaining a relentless phenomenon. Modern China behaves strictly based on the precept of “Tianxia” in worldwide politics. The One Belt, One Street Initiative is a first-rate instance of how this seems to be like in follow. And China’s Web, which cuts off any networks and assets which may weaken the civilizational id on the entrance to China, demonstrates how the protection mechanisms are constructed. The Civilization-State might work together with the skin world, nevertheless it by no means turns into depending on it and all the time maintains self-sufficiency, autonomy and autarchy. Civilization-State is all the time greater than only a state in each spatial and temporal (historic) phrases. The Civilization-State might work together with the skin world, nevertheless it by no means turns into depending on it and all the time maintains self-sufficiency, autonomy and autarchy.

Russia is more and more gravitating towards the identical standing. After the start of the SMO (particular army operation), that is not a mere wishful pondering, however an pressing necessity. As within the case of China, Russia has each motive to say to be a civilization. This idea was most totally developed by the Russian Eurasians, who launched the notion of a “state-world” or — which is identical factor — a “Russian world“. Really, the idea of Russia-Eurasia is a direct indication of the civilizational standing of Russia. Russia is greater than a nation-state (which the Russian Federation is). Russia is a definite world.

[…] A multipolar world consists of states-civilizations. This can be a type of world of worlds, a mega-cosmos that features total galaxies. And right here you will need to decide what number of such States-Civilizations may even theoretically exist? Undoubtedly, this kind consists of India, a typical Civilization-State, which even right now has sufficient potential to develop into a full-fledged actor in worldwide politics. Then there’s the Islamic world, from Indonesia to Morocco. Right here the fragmentation into states and completely different ethno-cultural enclaves doesn’t but enable us to talk of political unity. Islamic civilization exists, however the query of its meeting right into a Civilization-State is quite problematic. Furthermore, the historical past of Islam is aware of a number of kinds of Civilization-States — from the Caliphate (the First, Umayyad, Abbasid, and many others.) to the three parts of Genghis Khan’s Empire transformed to Islam (the Golden Horde, the Ilkhan and Chagatai ulus), the Persian Safavid Empire, the Nice Mogul state, and eventually, the Ottoman Empire. The borders as soon as drawn are nonetheless related right now in lots of respects. However the strategy of gathering them right into a single construction requires appreciable effort and time. The identical state of affairs can also be true for Latin America and Africa, two macro-civilizations that stay quite divided. However a multipolar world will by some means push integration processes in all these zones.

Now crucial factor: what to do with the West? The idea of a multipolar world within the nomenclature of theories of Worldwide Relations within the fashionable West is absent. Right this moment the dominant paradigm there’s liberalism, which denies any sovereignty and autonomy in any respect, abolishes civilizations and religions, ethnicities and cultures, changing them by a pressured liberal ideology, the idea of “human rights“, individualism (within the restrict resulting in gender and transgender politics), materialism and technical progress elevated to the very best worth (Synthetic Intelligence). The purpose of liberalism is to abolish nation-states and set up a World Authorities based mostly on Western norms and guidelines. That is the road pursued by Biden and the trendy Democrat Social gathering within the U.S., in addition to most European rulers. That is what globalism is all about. It categorically rejects the Civilization-State and any trace of multipolarity. That’s the reason the West is prepared for struggle with Russia and China. In a way, this struggle is already happening in Ukraine and within the Pacific (the issue of Taiwan), however to this point with the assist of proxy-actors. 

The Westphalian system of the sovereignty of nation-states has lengthy since develop into out of date and ceased to perform.
Instead might be erected a continental system of “massive areas” (within the Schmittian sense), the place people
are built-in within the social complete based mostly on the insoluble bond of kinship and customary custom (HERE)

Within the West there’s one other influential college – realism in Worldwide Relations. Right here the nation-state is taken into account a essential factor of the world order, however solely those that have achieved a excessive degree of financial, military-strategic and technological improvement — virtually all the time on the expense of others — have sovereignty. Whereas liberals see the long run in a World Authorities, realists see it in an alliance of main Western powers setting world guidelines in their very own pursuits. Once more, in idea and follow, a Civilization-State and a multipolar world are categorically rejected. This creates a elementary battle already on the degree of idea. And the shortage of mutual understanding right here results in probably the most radical penalties on the degree of direct collision.

Within the eyes of multipolarity supporters, the West can also be a Civilization-State and even two – North American and European. However Western intellectuals don’t agree with this: they don’t have any theoretical body for this – they know both liberalism or realism, and no multipolarity. Nonetheless, there are exceptions amongst Western theorists, resembling Samuel Huntington or Fabio Petito. They — not like the overwhelming majority — acknowledge multipolarity and the emergence of latest actors within the type of civilizations. That is gratifying as a result of by such concepts it’s attainable to construct a bridge from supporters of multipolarity (Russia, China, and many others.) to the West. Such a bridge would at the least make negotiations attainable. 


So long as the West categorically rejects multipolarity and the very notion of the Civilization-State, the dialog might be carried out solely on the degree of a conflict of tough energy — from army operations to financial blockade, info and sanction wars, and many others.


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