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Time-Worth-Analysis: The Monetary System Has Reached The Finish

Time-Worth-Analysis: The Monetary System Has Reached The Finish


The world is now witnessing the tip of a forex and monetary system which the Chinese language already forecast in 1971 after Nixon closed the gold window […] Historical past tells us that we’ve now reached the purpose of no return. So denying historical past at this level is not going to simply be very pricey however will result in a complete destruction of traders’ wealth. 


Historical past by no means lies however politicians do with out fail. In a faux system based mostly on false values, mendacity is taken into account to be a vital a part of political survival. Let’s simply have a look at Nixon’s ignorant and irresponsible statements of August 15, 1971 when he took away the gold backing of the greenback and thus all currencies. In a while we are going to present how clear-sighted the Chinese language leaders have been concerning the future of the US and its financial system. So there we’ve difficult Dick’s lies:

  • The suspension of the convertibility of the greenback in 1971 remains to be in impact 52 years later.
  • Because the greenback has declined by nearly 99% since 1971, the “power of the financial system” can also be declining quick though utilizing fiat cash because the measure hides the reality.

And now to the final lie: “Your greenback will likely be value as a lot tomorrow”. Sure, you’re nearly proper Dick!  It’s nonetheless value as we speak a complete 1% of the worth once you closed the gold window. The political system is clearly a farce. It’s a must to deceive be elected and you must lie to remain in energy. That’s what the gullible voters anticipate. The unhappy result’s that they may at all times be cheated. So in 1971 after Nixon closed the gold window, China in its official information media the Folks’s Every day made the statements under: 


Clearly the Chinese language understood the results of the disastrous US choice which might destroy the Western forex system as they stated:

  • Seriousness of the US financial disaster and decay and decline of the capitalist system.
  • Mark the collapse of the financial system with the US greenback as its prop.
  • Nixon’s coverage can’t extricate the US from monetary and financial disaster.

I’m fairly sure that the US administration on the time ridiculed China’s official assertion. As most Western governments, they confirmed their conceitedness and full ignorance of historical past. How proper the Chinese language have been. However the street to perdition is just not speedy and we’ve seen over 50 years the clear “decline of the capitalist system”. The top of the present system is unlikely to be far-off. Curiously it appears that evidently a Communist non-democratic system is way more clairvoyant than a so known as Western democracy. There’s clearly a bonus not at all times having to purchase votes. 


As the entire forex system is about to implode,  it’s in my opinion completely irrelevant the place the US greenback is heading brief time period measured in opposition to different fiat currencies. The dilemma is that almost all “consultants” use the Greenback Index (DXY) because the measure of the greenback’s power or weak point. That is like climbing the ladder of success solely to search out out that the ladder is leaning in opposition to the flawed constructing. To measure the greenback in opposition to its companions in crime (the opposite fiat currencies) misses the purpose as they’re all on the best way to perdition. So the greenback index measures the greenback in opposition to six fiat currencies: Euro, Pound, Yen, Canadian Greenback, Swedish Kroner and Swiss Franc. The Chinese language Yuan shines in its absence regardless that China is the second largest financial system on the earth. However right here is the crux. The greenback is in a race to the underside with 6 different currencies. Since Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 all 7 currencies, together with the US greenback, have declined 97-99% in actual phrases. Actual phrases means fixed buying energy. And the one cash which has maintained fixed buying energy for over 5,000 years is in fact gold. So let’s make it clear – the one cash which has survived in historical past is GOLD!

All different currencies have with out fail gone to ZERO and that with out exception. Voltaire stated it already in 1729: “Paper cash finally returns to its intrinsic worth – zero.” And that has been the future of each forex all through historical past. Each single forex has with out fail gone to ZERO. And that is the place the greenback and its lackeys are heading. To debate if a forex, which has fallen 98.2% within the final 52 years, goes to strengthen or weaken within the subsequent 12 months or two is basically lacking the purpose. It’s nearly 100% sure that the greenback and all fiat cash will full the cycle (which began in 1913 with the creation of the Fed) and fall the remaining 1-3% to ZERO. However we should keep in mind that the ultimate fall entails a 100% lack of worth from as we speak.



[…] The world’s reserve forex has had a tragic efficiency based mostly on lies, poor actual development, all attributable to a mismanaged financial system based mostly on debt and printed cash. So though most currencies have misplaced 97-99% in actual phrases since 1971 there are shining exceptions. When the gold window was closed in 1971 I used to be working in a Swiss financial institution in Geneva. On the time, one greenback price Swiss Franc 4.30. At the moment, 52 years later, one greenback prices Swiss Franc 0.88! Which means that the greenback has declined 80% in opposition to the Swiss Franc since 1971. So a rustic like Switzerland with nearly no deficits and a really low debt to GDP proves {that a} effectively managed financial system with very low inflation doesn’t destroy its forex like most irresponsible governments. The Swiss system of direct democracy and other people energy is completely distinctive and provides the folks the suitable to have a referendum on nearly any difficulty they select. This makes the folks way more accountable of their selections as a successful vote on any difficulty turns into a part of the structure and can’t be modified by authorities or parliament. Solely a brand new referendum can change such a call. Swiss Debt to GDP is round 40%. This was the extent of US debt again in 1971 earlier than the gold window was closed. […] US debt to GDP is now 132%. In 2000 it was 55%. 132% debt to GDP is the extent of a Banana Republic which is frantically attempting to outlive by printing and borrowing ever growing quantities of nugatory fiat cash.



 Agustín Carstens, common supervisor of the Financial institution for Worldwide Settlements (BIS) — the central financial institution of central banks in Basel, Switzerland — admits that Central Financial institution Digital Forex (CBDC) will grant central bankers “absolute management” over how it may be used, and the know-how to have the ability to centrally implement that. Not “updated” together with your injections? Exceeded your weekly carbon allowance? Ventured outdoors of your designated ’15 minute’ district? Oops, no cash for you! 



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