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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 181 | Pluto Backs into Capricorn, Venus enters Leo: Look on the Shiny Aspect! – Massive Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 181 | Pluto Backs into Capricorn, Venus enters Leo: Look on the Shiny Aspect! – Massive Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT – EPISODE 181 (June 5, 2023)

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April: Hey, invisible good friend, April right here. And the date as we speak is June fifth, 2023. Welcome to Episode 181 of The Massive Sky Astrology Podcast.

This week, Venus enters warm-hearted Leo for an prolonged keep and instantly features Pluto, the Lunar Nodes and Jupiter. The Pisces Final Quarter Moon weighs velocity and selection towards heartfelt experiences. Mercury enters Gemini, Pluto enters Capricorn, and I reply a Listener Query about methods to learn a facet between two planets within the chart.

Venus enters Leo (June 5, 2023, 6:46 am PDT)

The week begins with Venus coming into the signal of Leo on June fifth at 6:46 am PDT. It nearly instantly makes an opposition to Pluto at 9:04 am at 0°05’ Leo and Aquarius. So, Venus goes to be in Leo for a very long time. It’ll get nearly to the top of the signal, 28°36’ Leo, after which it would flip retrograde on July twenty second. It’ll then retrograde for some time, go direct on September third, and at last enters Virgo on October eighth. So, we have now a particularly lengthy keep for Venus in an indication, as a result of often it’s just for about three weeks or so, slightly over three weeks.

What can we take from Venus being on this very warm-hearted artistic signal for thus lengthy? Properly, initially, love like a lion. The phrase braveness comes from coronary heart, and the guts in astrology is symbolized by Leo. So, we’re being requested to share our artistic energy and to share our true selves with the world. We’ll discuss extra about what it means for Venus to be retrograde on this signal after we get nearer to that station, when it’s going to be turning retrograde. For now, let’s simply contemplate the character of Venus, about what it’s that we get pleasure from, what brings us pleasure, the those who we care about, and the way we present that affection. And Venus in Leo doesn’t hesitate to point out its emotions.

Venus being in Leo talks in regards to the sorts of issues that we would get pleasure from. This can be a very sociable signal, and specifically, Leo actually likes to entertain. So, in the event you’ve been laying aside having events, having folks round to your own home, it is a nice time to do it. Leo likes a celebration, and specifically, it likes exhibiting hospitality to the those who it loves.

Venus opposed Pluto (June 5, 2023, 9:04 am PDT)

Now, Venus in an opposition to Pluto on June fifth at 9:04 am, tones down that Venus in Leo quite a bit, however it’s a very quick side. The impact of Pluto on something in Leo is to sadly make us really feel slightly bit badly about ourselves for what we’re sharing. Leo is the signal that simply needs to present and provides and to please and entertain and delight the folks round us. And Pluto has this fashion of claiming, “Hmm, you’re actually not doing that proper? What’s so nice about what you must provide? Why do you suppose folks will get pleasure from what you’re giving?” It’s a extremely unfavorable planet generally. So, that’s why I feel, Venus going into Leo’s very thrilling and I feel we’ll have a variety of alternatives to get pleasure from that, clearly, within the coming months. However for now, I feel, because it initially goes in on June fifth, perhaps hold your self to your self slightly bit and with the individuals who know and love you greatest.

Venus sq. the Lunar Nodes (June 8, 2023, 1:37 pm PDT)

On June eighth at 1:37 pm PDT, Venus in Leo will sq. the Lunar Nodes. Venus will probably be at 3°04 Leo, and the North Node of the Moon is at 3°04’ Taurus. Venus and the North Node in Taurus are each symbols of happiness, of contentment, of getting what’s essential to us. However the query actually with this mix is what’s most essential, Venus is in a sq. side of the Nodes, and it’s slightly little bit of a provocative side.

Venus in Leo needs to be observed and it needs to be appreciated, it needs applause, that’s Venus in Leo’s thought of success, of happiness. However the North Node in Taurus actually thinks about wealth and satisfaction otherwise. I feel if I needed to condense this side to 1 query, it will be, “Would you slightly be well-known or wealthy?” I feel Venus in Leo clearly would like to be well-known, however the North Node in Taurus would slightly be wealthy.

The query is, what constitutes wealth for you and riches? However the North Node in Taurus, I feel what we’ve all been making an attempt to realize within the final 18 months with the North Node on this signal is a few stage of safety. And I feel for many individuals whereas the North Node’s been in Taurus, our biggest hope, our biggest ambition has been, “I simply need to be comfy. I need to have a safe supply of revenue. I need to have folks round me that I get pleasure from spending time with, and I simply need to be comfy.”

Venus in Leo, and particularly as a result of Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus the place the North Node is says, “Gee, can’t we ask for slightly bit greater than that?” And it doesn’t need to be being well-known, however it form of takes the thought of wealth or riches or satisfaction and sort of bumps it up slightly bit.

, the Sabian image for the North Node at this sq. is 4 Taurus, The rainbow’s pot of gold. And Venus needs to push us within the course of that pot of gold. And it says, the way in which that we’ll do that’s by sharing extra of ourselves and our skills and people fantastic open-hearted social impulses of Leo.

Pisces Final Quarter Moon (June 10, 2023, 12:31 pm PDT)

And now it’s time for the Moon Report for the week of June fifth. We start with the Pisces Final Quarter Moon on June tenth at 12:31 pm PDT, it’s at 19°40’ Pisces, on the Sabian image, A desk set for a night meal. It’s sq. the Solar at 19°40’ Gemini, on the Sabian image, A cafeteria. So, the battle between these two Sabian symbols at the least, is fairly easy. Will we take our time to get pleasure from a leisurely meal with the folks in our lives because the Pisces Final Quarter Moon want to do, having fantastic dialog in a phenomenal environment, perhaps we have now some candles and a few good music. And we’re simply taking the time to get pleasure from not only a meal, however a complete leisurely night with those who we care about versus that Solar in Gemini, which is likely to be inclined to only seize a chunk at a cafeteria on the run between appointments?

So, we get to ask actually at this Final Quarter Moon, what’s extra essential, having comfort and selection or taking the time to settle in with those who we care about?

The Moon is in a conjunction with Neptune at this Final Quarter, and naturally is sq. the Solar. Neptune’s thought of the fashionable ruler of Pisces. So, it actually emphasizes this high quality, I feel, the Neptune, of taking our time not being so aim pushed, as an alternative, being within the processes of perhaps planning the meal, setting the desk, inviting folks and the thrill of on the brink of have this pretty night meal.

That is the Final Quarter Section in a Lunar Section Household that started with the New Moon on March thirteenth, 2021 that was at 23° Pisces. The First Quarter within the Lunar Section Cycle was on December tenth, 2021, and the Full Moon was on September tenth, 2022, so we’re beginning to end up this Lunar Section Household.

So, the query is, if we return to March 2021, check out the realm of your chart that accommodates 23°03’ Pisces, and suppose, what had been you initiating at the moment? What felt actually essential to you? And that may be a story that’s been unfolding regularly ever since. Now, we’re on the level in that cycle the place we are able to have a look at the place we started at the moment and suppose, “What can I do now to regulate my course in order that I can remember to full the intention that I set at the moment?”

Void-of-Course Moon durations

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week. The primary is on June 6th. The Moon is in Capricorn that day and can sextile Neptune at 9:40 pm PDT, it’s then void in fact for about 4 hours, earlier than it enters Aquarius on June seventh at 1:41 am.  Anytime we have now Saturn or a planet in Capricorn that’s connecting with a planet in Pisces or with Neptune, and right here it’s a sextile, so it’s a chance side, this mix says, “I’ll have a dream, however how do I make it actual?”

And Moon in Capricorn’s actually good at making issues actual. It’s good at taking one thing summary like a dream or expertise and saying, listed here are some potentialities I can consider, of actually doing one thing with that, one thing that can final. So, that’s actually the meditative work for this Void-of-Course Moon interval. How can I take one thing that actually is asking to me, perhaps on a artistic or inventive stage, how can I break this down into actionable steps to assist me go after what it’s that I would like?

On June eighth, the Moon in Aquarius in its Disseminating part, makes a sq. to Mercury at 9:24 pm PDT, it’s void in fact for slightly beneath six hours after which, enters Pisces on June ninth at 3:14 am. The Disseminating Lunar Section is a time to inform your story, and I like that together with the Moon on this very pushed side to Mercury. Throughout this Void-of-Course interval, inform your story, even when it’s slightly bit emotionally charged to take action. This can be a time when instincts are in battle with logic due to the stress between the Moon, very intuitive, and Mercury.

Then, on June eleventh, the Moon in Pisces makes a sextile to Pluto, and that is the shortest Void of Course Moon interval I’ve ever seen. It begins at 6:20:08 am PDT, it’s void in fact for about 16 seconds, earlier than it enters Aries at 6:20:24 am. Now, clearly, that is method too in need of a Void-of-Course Moon interval to essentially actively do a lot with, however I’m imagining it because the Moon welcoming Pluto again to Capricorn.

Pluto enters Capricorn (June 11, 2023, 2:35 am PDT)

And, talking of Pluto being again in Capricorn, Pluto retrograde enters Capricorn on June eleventh at 2:35 am PDT. Now, Pluto entered Aquarius on March twenty third, 2023, and his arrival was heralded by all astrologers as an actual paradigm shift, and, it’s, and it will likely be. However I feel all of us mentioned on the time, keep in mind, Pluto will again into these final levels of Capricorn a few extra occasions earlier than it enters Aquarius for good. So now, it’ll be revisiting these previous couple of levels of Pluto. When it turns direct once more on October tenth, it will likely be at 27°53’ Capricorn. So, it was final at these levels between the primary week of January 2023, after which when it entered Aquarius on March twenty third. So, let’s simply look again on the first few months of this yr and suppose, what’s it that we might be ending up from that point?

It’s nearly as if we took a remaining examination within the first few months of this yr and perhaps didn’t utterly ace it, so now we’re getting a chance to take it once more. How nicely are we doing with the sensible issues of Pluto in Capricorn and the way can we cross some Ts and dot some Is whereas Pluto is right here, retrograde?

Pluto’s retrograde durations are occasions for going deep, for wanting inside about methods to have extra energy and management in our lives. And Pluto in fact, at all times likes to remind us the bounds of that energy and that management and to remind us that although we are able to’t management every part, we are able to do every part attainable to manage the way in which we have a look at the state of affairs.

Mercury trine Pluto (June 11, 2023, 3:26:04 am)

Additionally, on June eleventh, Mercury on the very finish of Taurus 29°59’ minutes, makes a trine side to Pluto at 3:26:04 am PDT, then it enters Gemini 32 seconds later at 3:26:26 am. So, Mercury has been in Taurus for a very long time, since April third. And, because it trines Pluto from Taurus, what we should always ask is, are there any issues that should be mentioned? Are there any essential duties that you just’ve been engaged on since Mercury entered Taurus on April third that should be completed?

However Mercury is trine Pluto, particularly on the final levels of those two Earth indicators, Taurus and Capricorn, the place Pluto will probably be. Our phrases have the flexibility to impress and to have impression, to have energy. We don’t need to go round spilling our secrets and techniques essentially, however the even handed use of data can have a really highly effective impression on the folks round us.

It’s fascinating, the Sabian image for 30 Capricorn the place Pluto is at this trine, is A secret enterprise convention. So, it speaks of those very highly effective and considerably secretive items of data. So, it is a time to make use of the ability of the data that we possess in essentially the most impactful method attainable.

Mercury enters Gemini (June 26, 2023, 3:26:26 am)

Then, in fact, Mercury enters Gemini, and it will likely be in that signal, the signal of its rulership, by means of June twenty sixth. It is going to be there solely two weeks. This may ultimately be a extremely good time to make amends for correspondence and paperwork, perhaps take a fast street journey, take an essential examination, make amends for socializing, all of the issues that we all know Gemini likes to do and has been itching to do actually ever for the reason that Solar entered Gemini. So, Mercury being on this signal sort of lets us make amends for a variety of Gemini issues.

Venus sq. Jupiter (June 11, 2023, 8:39 am PDT)

On June eleventh at 8:39 am PDT, Venus squares Jupiter at 5°37’ Leo and Taurus. That is the primary of three squares that Venus will make with Jupiter. That is the primary, then the second will probably be on August twenty second whereas Venus is retrograde, after which once more on September sixteenth. Venus along with Jupiter is a mixture that reveals great urge for food. We wish an increasing number of of no matter it’s that we like. This can be a mixture, particularly once they’re sq. one another, that may be slightly bit compulsive. It’s about consuming extra of what tastes good, buying greater than our checking account enjoys, getting concerned perhaps in relationships with sort of flashy and thrilling individuals who might finish as much as lack some substance. However this will probably be a sequence of squares that may encourage and encourage us to go after extra of what we like. And, if that’s been sort of an issue for you, if it’s slightly onerous so that you can attain out and seize extra enjoyment from life, that is a facet that’s actually going to open you up.

Venus is on the Sabian image, 6 Leo, Old school lady and updated woman. After which, Jupiter is on 6 Taurus, A bridge being constructed throughout a gorge. So, someplace between the “quaint” a part of us, the half that’s slightly extra restrained, slightly extra cautious, and the extra trendy perhaps uninhibited facet of us, A bridge is being constructed over the course of those three features between Venus and Jupiter.

Listener Query: Very completely different planets in a conjunction

On this week’s Listener Query, Listener Stephanie requested by way of SpeakPipe.

Stephanie: Hey April, it’s Stephanie right here. I used to be questioning in the event you may enlighten me how you’d select to learn a Venus-Mars conjunction in a chart.

April: Stephanie, thanks very a lot for that query. And, I feel there are just a few alternative ways of taking a look at this side in a delivery chart that might really apply to quite a few related features. So, if somebody’s listening proper now and considering, “Oh, this side doesn’t apply to me”, simply hold in there, as a result of I’m going to supply some instruments which may apply to you and your chart.

First, the conjunction. The conjunction is a facet during which two planets are on the similar diploma of the identical signal and, it doesn’t need to be completely precise, they are often as much as in all probability about seven levels aside and nonetheless be thought of in a conjunction. Consider these two planets like prisoners on a series gang who’ve their ankles shackle collectively and so they need to be taught to stroll in step and to work collectively. The extra planets there are which can be collectively in a conjunction, as a result of you may have greater than two, the extra tough it turns into.

Any person as soon as mentioned, it may need been my trainer, that when you will have a variety of planets collectively in a conjunction, it’s like having a nursery filled with crying infants and you are attempting to resolve which one to choose up first. Additionally, planets which can be in a conjunction with one another, I discover are sort of like married {couples} that start to resemble one another with age. They take a variety of their cues from one another and start to simulate one another’s conduct.

Now, the much less alike the 2 planets are which can be in a conjunction, the extra flamable this mix might be, the more difficult, the extra irritating. That is a facet that simply sort of has slightly little bit of the character of Aries. There’s a variety of concentrated energy and potential within the conjunction. And you should utilize these two planets collectively to maneuver you in a selected course.

Now, whatever the side, what occurs when we have now two very completely different planets which can be joined collectively? For instance, the Solar or Moon with Saturn, Mercury with Jupiter or Neptune, and, as you level out Stephanie, Venus with Mars or with Pluto. They need very various things and their natures and temperaments are very completely different, however we have now to be taught to make peace between these two planets so every could make its specific contribution to our lives, to our charts.

I feel, conjunctions, squares and oppositions between two planets which can be very completely different in nature are in all probability essentially the most aggravating, but additionally essentially the most probably motivating.

However sextiles and trines between them are definitely no stroll within the park both, as a result of we’re speaking about planets that need various things and function in a different way, and so they characterize components of your character and your life which can be considerably at odds. If we take for instance, Saturn and Uranus, Saturn is the rule maker and Uranus is the rule breaker. So, you may see, having them collectively in a facet, particularly one thing like a conjunction might be fairly disturbing.

So, to go to your specific query, Stephanie, let’s have a look at Venus in a conjunction with Mars, as a result of we’re speaking on this case about two planets which can be nearly opposites. We’re speaking about Venus, which represents the factor of enjoyment and attraction, the issues and those who please us, after which we sandwich it along with the planet of conflict and battle and impatience. These planets are opposites, and opposites entice, however they will additionally repel. Lots relies on the indicators and home placements of Venus and Mars and the features they make to different planets. As a result of, these assist us consider which of those planets may need slightly bit extra of an higher hand.

When you have Venus and Mars collectively, say in Pisces, it is a signal Venus does very nicely in, it’s the signal of her exaltation, however Mars doesn’t have any specific power in that signal in any respect. So, we might say in that case, Venus goes to do some bit extra in all probability to affect the Mars facet of our nature. Whereas the other is true when you’ve got Venus and Mars collectively in Aries, an indication that Mars is at house in and Venus struggles in.

However let’s have a look at just a few examples of attainable issues that is likely to be true with Venus conjunct Mars in a chart. Let’s imagine this particular person may need relationships, Venus, with very Mars kind of individuals, so people who find themselves bold and fast paced and really passionate, they could additionally of their delivery charts have planets in Aries or Scorpio, or Mars very strongly positioned. This might be an individual who has relationships that start and finish rapidly or that comprise a certain quantity of battle alongside the way in which. Venus guidelines cash, so this generally is a one that spends slightly impulsively, however however, who is likely to be extremely motivated by cash.

Venus with Mars usually is someone who values Mars issues, so, actually respects and appreciates someone who is aware of what they need and goes after it. It may be someone who is a bit more diplomatic in resolving battle. Once more, it relies on which of those planets is likely to be stronger, Venus or Mars.

Stephanie, I hope that was useful along with your specific instance. And for everyone else, I hope it gave you a method to consider planets which can be in a conjunction making an attempt to work collectively on that chain gang and features on the whole between planets which can be very completely different from one another, like Venus and Mars.

Now, in the event you, my invisible good friend, have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, please go away a message of 1 minute or much less at speakpipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast or ship me an e-mail April(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com and make certain you place “Podcast Query” within the topic line.

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