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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 187 | Most cancers New Moon, Venus Retrograde, and the Nodes Shift Indicators! – Massive Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 187 | Most cancers New Moon, Venus Retrograde, and the Nodes Shift Indicators! – Massive Sky Astrology


Transcript – Episode 187 (July 17, 2023)

Hear and skim present notes right here

Good day, invisible buddy, April right here, and the date at present is July seventeenth, 2023. Welcome to Episode 187 of the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. This can be a very full week with a compelling Most cancers New Moon; The lunar Nodes altering signal; the Solar in facet to Neptune and Pluto earlier than coming into Leo; Mercury facets Jupiter and Uranus; Mars facet Saturn; and Venus stations to show retrograde!

For much more particulars about this action-packed week, you may wish to buy the replay of my July sixteenth webinar. Yow will discover the hyperlink to that within the episode description. And since I’ve a lot to cowl this week, there will probably be no listener query, however I’ve gotten a batch of actually nice ones lately, and I can’t wait to get again to that section subsequent week.

Most cancers New Moon (July 17, 2023, 11:32 am PDT)

The week begins with the Moon Report, and a spectacular Most cancers New Moon on July seventeenth at 11:32 AM Pacific Time. It’s at 24º56’ Most cancers on the Sabian image 25 Most cancers, Darkish shadow or mantle thrown immediately over the best shoulder.

That is the final Most cancers New Moon that may oppose Pluto in Capricorn in our lifetimes. The opposition between the Solar and Pluto that’s forming on this chart will probably be actual on July twenty first at 8:52 PM. That is the New Moon within the signal of the good Mom, the good female – Most cancers. And this speaks of the time of 12 months once we’re sitting on the nest, gestating new concepts, conceiving of latest issues.

That’s what we do at every New Moon. However with a Most cancers New Moon, there may be specifically a way of sitting nonetheless and nurturing one thing, on the brink of hatch one thing. In order that’s why it’s very fascinating to have this very female, very maternal Most cancers New Moon on this opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.

Capricorn is a way more worldly signal and this Sabian image so fascinating to me, The darkish shadow or mantle thrown immediately over the best shoulder. The proper aspect of the physique is commonly interpreted as referring to the masculine or externally pushed aspect of our nature. Pluto represents the shadow, and Capricorn would signify the mantle of accountability.

So it’s a really heavy image, and Pluto sitting at 29 levels continues to be a really heavy affect. The query is, what sorts of accountability are we going to tackle and the way are we persevering with to grapple with this heavy Pluto in Capricorn that’s ending up outdated enterprise right here that we maybe didn’t resolve earlier than Pluto initially went into Aquarius on the finish of March.

On the identical time, the New Moon level is trine Neptune. This can be a image of therapeutic and forgiveness. The Solar makes the precise trine to Neptune on July twentieth at 6:06 AM Pacific time. And simply final week on July 14th, the Solar made a sextile to Uranus, and I spoke on my earlier episode about how that at all times represents a chance to alter patterns, particularly patterns surrounding who we’re and who we wish to be.

So I feel additionally within the Sabian image for this New Moon, we now have the darkish shadow of Pluto. We have now the Capricorn mantle. And it’s thrown immediately – Uranus – over the best aspect. So this might communicate of some type of sudden burden or accountability that comes our method. It’s a vital New Moon.

It begins a Lunar Section Household cycle, after all, as all New Moons do. However it’s going to carry very a lot the vitality of this New Moon chart for a three-year interval. The First Quarter within the lunar part household cycle is on April fifteenth, 2024 at 26º18’ Most cancers. Then the Full Moon on this cycle is on January thirteenth, 2025, 23º59’ Most cancers. And at last, the final vital motion level in that cycle, the Final Quarter Moon on October thirteenth, 2025 at 20º39’ Most cancers.

However bear in mind, there’s a full 9 months that this Final Quarter a part of the part is continuous, and it continues for 9 months and ends on the New Moon on July fifteenth, 2026 at 21º59’ Most cancers. And it’s starting an entire different lunar part household that carries on to an awesome diploma from this one, as a result of its diploma is so near the one in all this Most cancers New Moon, which is at 24º56’. Now, it doesn’t have a chart with an opposition from the New Moon level to Pluto. However nonetheless, there are some qualities of this cycle starting with this New Moon that may proceed then for an additional three years.

So you possibly can see why I’m contemplating this a vital New Moon.

What you’ll do is check out your delivery chart. See the home that accommodates 24º56’ Most cancers. That’s the space of life the place this nice juxtaposition of symbols is taking part in out. One thing about empowering your self, but in addition tasks coming your method that you want to determine learn how to deal with.

Lunar Nodes enter Aries/Libra (July 17, 2023, 1:00 pm PDT)

The Moon’s Nodes enter new indicators this week. The North Node enters the signal of Aries and the South node, the signal of Libra on July seventeenth at 1:00 PM Pacific Time, simply a few hours after the New Moon. A fast reminder of what the lunar Nodes are and a bit one thing about their cycle. The lunar Nodes aren’t bodily factors in house. They signify the purpose the place the Earth’s Path across the Solar intersects with the Moon’s path across the earth. They’re very delicate factors. There are two of them which are always touring precisely reverse one another on the identical diploma and the identical minute of reverse indicators.

Nodes have a cycle of about 18 years to undergo all the zodiac. The final time the Nodes modified indicators was again on January 18th, 2022 when the North Node entered Taurus and the South Node Scorpio. They transfer clockwise or naturally retrograde, which is the alternative after all of most transiting planets or factors. Now they’re backing into Aries and Libra. The final time the lunar Nodes handed by the indicators of Libra and Aries was between February 18th, 2014 and November eleventh, 2015. At the moment, the North Node was in Libra and the South Node was in Aries. This time round, it’s the alternative. Aries is the North Node. Libra is the South. The final time the North Node was truly in Aries, so we had this pair within the configuration they’re now was between December twenty fifth, 2004 and June twenty fourth, 2006.

The Nodes will probably be on this pair of indicators, Aries and Libra, by January eleventh, 2025. Properly, let’s discuss what meaning. The importance of the Nodes is that they’re exhibiting the place we’re rising, and the importance of Aries and Libra says that this can be a nodal transit that may ask that we launch the damaging or weakening qualities of Libra, which might be issues like codependence or at all times needing to ask different folks what to do or not with the ability to do something by yourself. And to as a substitute transfer within the path of the constructive qualities of Aries – standing alone, impartial, pioneering, shifting in new and recent instructions.

Virtually instantly, on July 22nd, transiting Pluto will sq. this nodal axis at 9:37 PM at 29º06’ Capricorn and Aries. This occurs on the identical diploma of the April thirtieth, 2023 photo voltaic eclipse at 29º50’ Aries. That Pluto Sq. occurs on the identical day Venus turns retrograde, in order that’s a reasonably fascinating day. However what it says to me is Pluto goes to catalyze us into the path of this new nodal axis. And Pluto, as we all know, just isn’t terribly refined, and it usually asks us to confront tough feelings.

So Pluto sq., the South Node, newly in Libra, may carry some type of jolt round an essential relationship that you just rely on. Getting shaken up at that time can then transfer you within the path of the independence that Aries desires for us on the North Node in the course of the subsequent 18 months.

Because the Nodes transfer by this signal polarity, that is the place we could have eclipses within the months that the Solar is at one of many Nodes, the South or North Node.

So it’s going be a really fascinating nodal cycle with a number of influence on relationships, and never essentially in a nasty method. To the extent that we could be our personal particular person and have our personal independence, we are able to have higher, more healthy, and extra fulfilling relationships. That’s how I’m seeing this nodal transit – as a chance to get out of the dependence on relationships and as a substitute be our personal particular person, robust and impartial, and so due to this fact capable of benefit from the folks in our lives as a substitute of simply feeling that we now have to depend on them.

Void-of-Course Moon Durations

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week. On July 17th, the Moon in Most cancers opposes Pluto at 8:06 PM Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for about an hour and a half earlier than it enters Leo at 9:39 PM. This can be a Void-of-Course Moon the place we are going to in all probability be sitting in among the heaviness of that New Moon that occurred within the morning.

This can be a polarity that’s about caring for what’s near dwelling versus assuming accountability and energy out on the earth. It’s a time for revisiting emotional patterns associated to security and management.

On July twentieth, the Moon in Leo makes a conjunction with Venus at 7:08 AM Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for nearly three hours earlier than it enters Virgo at 10:13 AM Pacific time. We’d take these few hours whereas the Moon is Void-of-Course in Leo to consider how we are able to get the appreciation and affection that Leo wishes. What’s it that we actually need? That’s a Venus query, and one will actually be enthusiastic about as Venus turns retrograde in a few days. The query is, what lights us up inside? And these are good inquiries to ponder throughout this Void-of-Course Moon interval.

Lastly, on July twenty second, the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto at 9:06 PM Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for just below two hours, after which enters Libra at 10:54 PM. For the 2 and a half days every month that the Moon is in Virgo, we discover ourselves questioning whether or not we’re ok, can we do issues effectively sufficient? Are we inherently lovable? Now, the Moon being in Virgo says that in all probability there are issues that we do very effectively and really rigorously, however they don’t at all times carry recognition or rewards. However whereas the Moon in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn, we’re truly a bit extra doubtless than common to see some sorts of rewards. As a result of Pluto in Capricorn is in an earth signal, the Moon and Virgo is in an earth signal, and Pluto in Capricorn is that government type of determine who appears at and actually appreciates the craftsmanship, consideration to element and work ethic of the Moon in Virgo.

Mars opposes Saturn (July 20, 2023, 1:39 pm PDT)

On July twentieth at 1:39 PM Pacific Time, Mars opposes Saturn at 6º20’ Virgo and Pisces. Mars in Virgo is a diligent employee. It desires to do its easiest work always, and when it comes into opposition with Saturn, we are able to usually really feel blocked or stymied in one thing that we’re making an attempt to perform.

Saturn in Pisces may have a tendency to look as a blockage that has to do with working, perhaps, in an surroundings the place the opposite folks round you aren’t a lot sure by a schedule or work in a bit bit extra of a Piscean method, which is to say inventive, intuitive, not terribly sequential or sure by a selected timetable. And that may be irritating for Mars in Virgo, which actually likes to have a selected method of doing issues, and a guidelines in a sequence of occasions. So in the event you really feel a bit bit blocked, particularly within the couple of days main as much as this opposition, simply know that the lesson at all times with an opposition facet is to get the planets to hear to 1 one other and to attempt to meet within the center. When you’re making an attempt to work in a really, very fastidious method, and actually have strict deadlines and really top quality requirements in all issues, You may discover that you just’re going to need to compromise a bit bit. It’s summer time, as we have been speaking about.

That is simply because the Solar is preparing to enter Leo, and it’s a time of 12 months lots of people are taking trip. Folks aren’t round, schedules go awry. So I feel Mars in Virgo has to perform a little little bit of compromising right here.

Solar enters Leo (July 22, 2023, 6:50 pm PDT)

On July twenty second at 6:50 PM Pacific Time, the Solar enters Leo. The Solar completed up its Most cancers season with a trio of essential facets – final week’s sextile to Uranus, and this week’s trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto. And now it’s the daybreak of the Solar’s Leo season.

That is the season of the 12 months when the Solar shines its brightest astrologically talking. And relying on the place you might be, actually as effectively! Leo is the signal the place the Solar has its dwelling courtroom benefit, as a result of the Solar guidelines Leo, and due to this fact it’s very blissful and cozy and powerful on this signal. Leo is an indication of creation in addition to re-creation or recreation.

That is the time of 12 months when most of Europe shuts down as folks take trip. Even in America, August is a giant trip season. It’s truly the one month of the 12 months that the US doesn’t have a good time a nationwide vacation. And as all we Leos say, hey, that simply signifies that folks have extra money and time to dedicate to celebrating our birthdays!

Throughout the subsequent month whereas the Solar is in Leo, it’s going to make squares to Jupiter and Uranus, and in addition make a wonderful conjunction to Venus on August 13. It’s a season that accentuates the Solar’s need for extra enjoyable and pleasure -Jupiter and Uranus – extra consideration and extra of all of the issues that we discover interesting and pleasant.

Make the most of the Leo season in the event you can, as a result of the extra we play and loosen up throughout this month, the extra artistic and bodily vitality will take with us as we return to work or faculty within the fall.

Mercury sq. Jupiter (July 17, 2023, 5:49 am PDT)
Mercury sq. Uranus (July 23, 2023, 2:39 pm PDT)

So what’s the thoughts as much as on this busy week?

Mercury makes a few facets. It squares Jupiter on July seventeenth at 5:49 AM Pacific time at 11º53’ Leo and Taurus. And Mercury is on a pleasant Sabian image, A night garden get together. Ofcourse in that context, overconsumption may intervene with, say, the standard of the dialog.

And on July twenty third at 2:39 PM Pacific Time, Mercury makes a sq. to Uranus at 22º32’ Leo and Taurus. That is a facet that may carry some very fascinating and progressive ideas and concepts, however it may make it a bit bit difficult to calm down and focus and do very a lot with any one in all them. When you do handle to calm down a bit bit, one of many concepts that involves you on at the present time or perhaps the day earlier than the day after could possibly be made into one thing actually helpful.

Venus stations retrograde (July 22, 2023, 6:33 pm PDT)

Venus turns retrograde this week on July twenty second at 6:33 PM Pacific Time. It’s at 28º36’ Leo. This may in all probability be probably the most talked about and written about transit of this week.

When planets are transiting retrograde, it’s a sign to go inside for steerage in issues associated to that planet. The entire planets apart from the Solar and Moon have their retrograde durations, and I feel all of them have this high quality of introspection. When Venus is retrograde, that is the time to look to our personal instincts and counsel. In Venus issues, so issues of affection, relationship typically, and cash. If somebody ought to give you recommendation in these issues, even somebody you respect and belief, nonetheless take it a bit bit with a grain of salt. Give probably the most credence to your personal expertise and your personal instincts. Venus will probably be retrograde by September third. It was final retrograde on the finish of 2021 by the start of 2022. And at the moment it’s stationed retrograde in a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. I do not forget that being a bit little bit of a tough interval in phrases particularly of relationship.

Venus was final retrograde within the signal of Leo between July twenty fifth and September sixth, 2015. Venus has an eight-year retrograde cycle, so you possibly can mainly step again at eight 12 months increments and discover when Venus was retrograde typically on this identical a part of the Zodiac, and so due to this fact, on this identical space of your chart. And as , I’m a giant fan of going again in time and looking out when cycles that we’re experiencing now beforehand occurred as a result of normally there may be some connection. It nearly needs to be, it’s taking place in the identical space of your delivery chart. So suppose again to the state of your relationships at the moment, and never simply anyone you’re married to or anyone you’re relationship, however your very closest mates. Perhaps your work relationships underwent adjustments at these occasions.

The home of your chart can provide you a bit little bit of a clue right here as a result of nearly each home of the chart describes a sure type of relationship in your life. Within the seventh home, it may be a mate or very shut buddy. Within the ninth home, perhaps it’s a professor or a writer. If it was within the third home, it could possibly be your siblings. So suppose again.

Venus is retrograde about each 18 months for 40 days, and there’s a lot to say about it. I lined it in some element in my webinar, so once more, you could find notes about learn how to get your fingers on that in the event you’re within the episode description.

Listener Questions

As I discussed firstly of the podcast, there will probably be no listener query this week just because there have been so many issues that I needed to cowl. However I will probably be again to taking listener questions subsequent week.

So in the event you, invisible buddy, have a query you prefer to me to reply on a future episode. Please depart a message of 1 minute or much less at speakpipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast. Or you possibly can electronic mail me at April(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com and simply make sure you put “podcast query” within the topic line.

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