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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 199 | Virgo New Moon: The Energy of Self-Sufficiency! – Large Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 199 | Virgo New Moon: The Energy of Self-Sufficiency! – Large Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Episode 199

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Howdy, invisible pal, April right here, and the date immediately is September eleventh, 2023. Welcome to Episode 199 of the Large Sky Astrology Podcast.

This week: The Virgo New Moon tastes so much like Neptune. Mercury goes direct, the Solar makes a kindly side to Uranus, and Venus makes a last sq. to Jupiter. And I reply a listener query about what the indicators need.

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Virgo New Moon (Sep. 14, 2023, 6:40 pm PDT)

The week begins with the Moon report and the Virgo New Moon on September 14th at 6:40 PM Pacific Time. It’s at 21º 58’ Virgo on the Sabian image 22 Virgo, A royal coat of arms. James Burgess, whose tackle the Sabian symbols I all the time actually get pleasure from, mentioned that this image actually talks about management, authority and accountability.

We don’t all the time consider Virgo as being a royal signal – We consider royalty after we consider coats of arms – and we don’t actually consider it a lot as a management signal both. However contemplate Elizabeth I, considered one of England’s biggest monarchs. She was born with the Solar in Virgo, and opposed Neptune, sextile Saturn and Uranus, and trine Pluto.

Now this New Moon can also be opposed Neptune and likewise in side to Uranus and Pluto. Virgo is an indication of caretaking in its manner. It’s about how we assist make the world run just a little bit higher for the individuals round us. It’s a signal that’s typically related to well being and the issues that we do to contribute to our good well being. Seeing it together with Neptune on this New Moon chart says that we’re starting a cycle that’s about entering into our personal management and our sense of authority and accountability, and particularly for different individuals. That is taking into consideration the individuals round us who’re weak or ailing or simply in want.

As a result of the New Moon is in side with Uranus, it’s in a pleasant trine, that is about management that’s outdoors the field, arising with new options for on a regular basis issues. And due to the side of Pluto from the New Moon, I get a sense that the issues we do to attempt to assist others might make an actual significant transformation of their lives.

I do know typically on the New Moon, we wish to set objectives or intentions, type of make guarantees to ourselves. And you’ll see by placing 21º 58’ Virgo right into a home of your chart, we see that the issues associated to that home are those that you’ve got a chance to make some headway with at this New Moon.

Not solely the 29-day New Moon cycle, however during the lunar part household cycle that begins at every New Moon. So the intentions that you just set at this New Moon can have far reaching penalties and you may have a number of years to make one thing of them. It’s type of a pleasant New Moon. It has loads of good flowing vitality between the Solar and Moon with Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto. It’s a pleasant time to set into movement issues which can be sensible in nature as a result of the flowing elements contain planets in Earth indicators. Earth indicators like to really full one thing, do one thing, have one thing to point out for his or her efforts. For those who’ve been fascinated about taking a giant leap of religion and beginning some type of new challenge, one thing that you just’ve by no means performed earlier than, then this truly can be a extremely good New Moon for it.

The First Quarter part on this Lunar Part Household cycle is precise on June thirteenth, 2024, and that will probably be in regards to the time that some type of motion will be taken on the factor that you just’re conceiving of at this New Moon. The Full Moon within the cycle is on March thirteenth, 2025, which sounds so far-off, however I do know it’ll be right here earlier than we all know it. That’s if you’ll start to actually see what’s growing, what has come from the little seeds that you just’re planting now. After which the Final Quarter within the cycle is December eleventh, 2025, after we typically make our last push to finish the factor that we started manner again at this New Moon. Then that final quarter part continues for about 9 months, after which we start one other one.

Void-of-Course Moon intervals

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon intervals for this week. The primary is on September twelfth when the Moon in Leo squares Uranus at 8:06 AM Pacific Time at 22º 59’ Leo and Taurus. It’s Void-of-Course for just a bit over two hours, after which enters Virgo at 10:18 PM. It is a mixture that speaks to me of actual willfulness. Leo is a really willful signal. It’s reluctant to alter. It’s reluctant to surrender its benefit. When the Moon is in Leo, it faucets into that a part of us that doesn’t wish to be considered one of many. It desires to really feel particular. However the sq. Uranus is an efficient reminder that being particular isn’t the whole lot. It might additionally really feel superb to belong to a gaggle.

On September fifteenth, the Moon in Virgo Trines Pluto at 6:49 AM Pacific Time is Void-of-Course for about 4 hours, after which enters Libra at 10:44 AM. Virgo is the signal of self-containment, of self-sufficiency. Suppose again once more to Elizabeth I, she was referred to as the Virgin Queen, and virgin within the sense of being full unto herself, of not having to provide away a few of her sovereign energy to a partner. So Virgo’s self-sufficiency and the Moon on this signal because it trines Pluto is a second to ponder how being impartial and self-contained truly contributes to our private energy.

On September seventeenth, the Moon in Libra Squares Pluto at 6:06 PM Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for just a bit beneath two hours earlier than it enters Scorpio at 9:58 PM. So Libra, in distinction to Virgo, discovers itself most totally by means of interactions with others by means of vital relationships. The Libran urge towards diplomacy and its aversion to battle is put to the take a look at beneath a sq. from Moon in Libra to Pluto.

Pluto’s very robust, and Pluto represents these moments the place you must take a stand a technique or one other. So in the event you are typically just a little too apt to be conciliatory in interactions with others as a substitute of exerting your personal energy, here’s a Void-of-Course Moon interval to consider that and take into consideration methods in which you’ll take a step or make a promise to your self to reclaim that energy by asserting what you imagine is truthful and simply.

Mercury stations Direct (Sep. 15, 2023, 1:21 pm PDT)

Mercury turns direct on September fifteenth at 1:21 PM Pacific Time, at 8º Virgo on the Sabian image 8 Virgo, First dancing instruction. Mercury turned retrograde on August twenty third, and it’s been, I feel, just a little little bit of a tough Mercury retrograde interval. I feel as a result of it’s been together with Venus retrograde for a lot of the time.

This Sabian image hints on the awkwardness that we are able to generally really feel as soon as Mercury begins to maneuver ahead once more, that it’s not all instantly flowing. Mercury returning direct is beginning to break up a block of six retrograde planets that was in place final week as of the time that Jupiter turned retrograde.

For a second there we had six planets that have been retrograde, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. So when that’s the case and now we have so many planets which can be retrograde, it simply typically is a time for slowing down just a little bit, stress-free and never making an attempt to push issues. That as a substitute, we type of drift. However now as Mercury’s turning direct, after which about as soon as a month we can have a few of the outer planets turning direct as effectively, it begins to really feel just a little extra of an advantageous time to start to maneuver ahead and to take motion on a few of the issues we’ve been fascinated about whereas Mercury’s retrograde.

Solar trine Uranus (Sep. 15, 2023, 6:24 pm PDT)

Additionally on September fifteenth at 6:24 PM Pacific Time, the Solar makes a trine side to Uranus on 22º 56’ Virgo and Taurus. The Sabian image for the Solar is 23 Virgo, An animal coach, and the image for Uranus is 23 Taurus, A jewellery store. I do know after we had Mars trine Uranus on these levels a few weeks in the past, I feel I talked about how Mars being on this image is about restraining these Mars urges towards battle, towards anger, towards standing up for ourselves, however generally in a considerably aggressive manner.

And I feel because the Solar is on this diploma, it’s reminding us to restrain the ego in an effort to get finally what we would like. Virgo is an earth signal. We frequently neglect that we dwell a lot on Virgos fame for being mental, and it’s dominated by Mercury. It’s a wise signal, nevertheless it’s additionally an earth signal. It has this type of animalistic facet that needs to be tamed. It’s just a little little bit of a diamond within the tough loads of the time. And so it’s trine Uranus on the jewellery store diploma, and I feel that there’s a connection there.

I all the time assume that the Solar in any type of side to Uranus, and I’ve mentioned this gorgeous typically on the podcast, I feel is about releasing ourselves from the concepts that we maintain about who we’re and who now we have to be. So let’s have a look at this side this week as a chance to get out of our personal manner just a little bit, to surrender that concept of who now we have to be and to free ourselves as much as discover different alternate options.

Venus sq. Jupiter (Sep. 17, 2023, 12:18 pm PDT)

On September seventeenth at 12:18 PM Pacific Time, Venus makes the final of three sq. elements to Jupiter. The opposite two squares on this collection have been on June eleventh and August twenty second. And so they’ve been very fascinating elements for inspecting battle between what we would like – Venus – and both getting an excessive amount of of it or not dealing with it rather well after we get it.

I feel this final of the sq. elements with Venus being direct is about how we are able to bounce again and regain our optimism even after we don’t get fairly what we would like or issues don’t go in precisely the best way we had hoped. So this could possibly be ending up one thing that began in June. It’s like just a little story that began then.

It might have been about one thing pretty small, nevertheless it might have been one thing about an expenditure or a relationship or one thing with cash typically. As a result of Venus is related to issues like funds and relationship. It might have been one thing that wasn’t tremendous main that began then, however that it’s been just a little little bit of a technique of studying about deal with disappointment or deal with getting an excessive amount of of an excellent factor, which can also be one thing we might see with Venus and Jupiter in side collectively.

Listener Query: What Do the Indicators Need?

On this week’s listener query, Listener Elliott asks, “As Venus goes direct, I’ve been fascinated about all varieties of relationships and what every signal most desires when making an attempt to place collectively a group or make a sale or current the best pitch or if you’re already caught on a group and simply need issues to go extra easily.

What are a few of the issues every Zodiac signal finds most interesting? Most attractive? For instance, I do know Sag will wanna be offered on an journey component and never wish to be tied down, however what on earth does the cussed Taurus in my life need when working with every zodiac signal? What sells finest, not making an attempt to govern others, simply making an attempt to assist my life breeze greater than it grinds for everybody’s sake.”

Thanks, Elliott. What a sensible query. What does every Zodiac signal need? On one hand, it’s easy, however after all it may be fairly difficult. In observe, a Sagittarian can have its ruling planet Jupiter in an indication like Capricorn, which is best at following by means of on issues. An individual with a Solar and Taurus might need a handful of planets in Gemini and be so much much less set in its methods.

However the easy strategy to the query relies within the Solar’s placement within the signal, this takes us into the realm of stereotypes. However like a Solar signal column, it may work just a little bit as a result of the Solar is a strong image of the motor that runs our lives and what we see as our true function.

So I’m going to reply your query from a really rudimentary Solar signal perspective and remind everybody that that is actually simply a place to begin and that there’s not only one type of Taurus, one type of Sagittarius, one type of something. But when we communicate to the Solar in an individual, we communicate to their sense of significance and pleasure, and that’s a great way to begin to make a reference to somebody.

With that caveat, what does the cussed Taurus in your life need? You talked about the thought of working with individuals on a group, and naturally this may be work associated or a group of relations or pals, regardless of the scenario.

What Taurus desires is security, safety, and luxury, and the will to maintain issues steady can generally present up as stubbornness. As a set signal, Taurus is commonly an outstanding supervisor and organizer. Present sincere appreciation for these qualities and be pleased about their skill to supply safety for others in addition to for themselves.

I feel you nailed Sagittarius fairly effectively, Elliott. It is a signal that finds itself by means of journey and studying, and this requires them to be as free as doable. Respect Sagittarius’ visionary concepts. Simply know that it’s finest to look to mounted or cardinal indicators to show these concepts right into a actuality.

Nicely, shall I’m going by means of every signal? Okay. Let’s do it in reverse order although, as a result of Pisces all the time needs to be affected person and wait until the tip. Pisces likes to be a part of the gang. It’s not an indication that loves taking good care of particulars typically, however they do have a tendency to like individuals. For those who want somebody who can enhance the esprit de corps, the temper of the scenario, Pisces is an excellent guess as a result of they’ve a manner of creating the whole lot extra enjoyable and uplifting.

What involves thoughts with Aquarius is that they don’t wish to be cooped up or advised what to do, and so they hate standing in line for issues. Take conferences open air within the recent, take conferences open air within the recent air in the event you can. Allow them to give their opinions, it’s essential to Aquarius. And don’t anticipate them to do the identical factor in the identical manner day after day. It’s actually not what they have been constructed for.

Capricorn likes to have guidelines and an agenda. It desires to know, what are we right here for and the way can we get it performed as effectively as doable? Capricorn is constructed for attaining objectives and it tends to be impatient with haziness or time losing. They are typically good leaders if just a little bit robust as a result of they push themselves onerous and so they anticipate others to do their finest as effectively.

Scorpio will probably be most intrigued by both a multitude or a thriller. Give them an opportunity to unravel issues. It is a pure researcher and drawback solver, and so they actually are at their finest when issues are an unholy mess. Scorpio thrives in organizing chaos and bringing order to issues.

Libra likes collaboration, it’s true, however they really feel it’s their job to current opposing viewpoints as effectively. They recognize the psychological problem of taking part in satan’s advocate. Libra excels at determining how issues work, so give them a problem. This is likely one of the indicators that actually wants psychological stimulation.

Virgo, above all, desires to be useful. It’s a signal that loves designing programs for effectivity, enjoys troubleshooting issues and repairing issues. Virgo detests waste, in order that they’re naturally suited to designing programs for monitoring the usage of sources. They’re personally offended when issues are performed poorly or when their useful natures are taken benefit of.

Our pal Leo must really feel vital, must be seen, wants you to snort at their jokes, however by no means at them. Do this stuff and Leo will transfer heaven and earth for you. Like its fellow mounted indicators, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius, Leo is extraordinarily loyal. Put Leo in cost and also you’ll discover they’re typically good managers. They’re probably not constructed to be one of many gang. They actually need to really feel indispensable and in cost.

Most cancers is at its finest when it’s making a scenario the place individuals can thrive. They’re very delicate, together with to their environment and might really feel fairly cranky in the event that they’re not comfy, or if their environment are smelly, noisy, or in any other case, to not their liking. They get their emotions damage simply, and so they don’t like to point out it. If they start to shut down and cease speaking, it’s time to get in there and supply some sympathy.

Gemini is made to speak and to facilitate connections They should be in movement and they don’t reply effectively to boredom. Like Libra and Aquarius, they should be mentally engaged and intellectually challenged. They’re typically good writers, so put them to work sending out the corporate e-newsletter or writing copy for social media.

Aries is impatient and likes to maintain issues quick and to the purpose. The standing assembly was in all probability created for or by an Aries. It is a pioneering signal that doesn’t love to do issues they’ve performed earlier than. If there’s one thing new that must be began or developed, Aries will love that problem.

I hope that helps, Elliott. Once more, these are primarily based on the pure archetypes of every signal, and persons are not indicators. However these will not be a foul place to begin if you’re working in a group or have teamwork foist upon you as a option to start to know and join with others.

And in the event you, invisible pal, have a query that you just’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at speakpipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast or electronic mail me at April(at)bigskyastrology(dot).com and put “Podcast query” within the topic line.

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