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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 204 | Capricorn First Quarter Moon: Now with Puppies! – Huge Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 204 | Capricorn First Quarter Moon: Now with Puppies! – Huge Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Episode 204 | Capricorn First Quarter Moon: Now with Puppies!

Good day Invisible Pal, April right here, and the date immediately is October sixteenth, 2023. Welcome to Episode 204 of the Huge Sky Astrology Podcast. This week, the Solar meets Mercury, and collectively they oppose the North Node and sq. Pluto. Venus trines Jupiter. Mercury enters Scorpio and trines Saturn, and the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn takes a take a look at the longer term. Plus, I reply a listener query about transits by way of the twelfth home.

Solar opposes North Node (Oct. 18, 2023, 5:45 am PDT)
Mercury opposes North Node (Oct. 18, 2023, 10:34 pm PDT)

The Solar and Mercury are working as a gaggle this week, and on October 18th, they each oppose the North Node of the Moon. The Solar opposes the North Node at 5:45 am Pacific Time, and Mercury opposes the North Node at 10:34 pm Pacific Time. Each facets happen at 24º 52’ Libra and Aries. The Solar and Mercury are on a Sabian image that’s about image studying; it’s 25 Libra, Info within the image of an autumn leaf. Take note of the indicators which are round you. And inform new tales about your relationships. New tales about who’s the dangerous man or who’s the great man, and why there even needs to be a foul man or a very good man.

In the meantime, the North Node is on image 25 Aries, A double promise. Belief what comes your approach as being best for you, so long as you don’t cling to these outdated tales.

Solar conjoins Mercury (Oct. 19, 2023, 10:38 pm PDT)

And the following day, on October 19, at 10:38 pm Pacific Time, the Solar and Mercury come collectively in a conjunction at 26º34’ Libra, on the Sabian image, 27 Libra, An aeroplane hovering overhead. When the Solar and Mercury come collectively, Mercury is in a situation referred to as cazimi. It’s the second when it’s within the coronary heart of the Solar. Because it’s developing on this conjunction with the Solar, it’s not fairly as sturdy as a result of it will get misplaced within the rays of the Solar. However at this very second, it’s excellent for clarifying pondering and for vital insights.

This specific Mercury and Solar mixture is effectively suited to determining how issues work and what’s true and what’s truthful. The Sabian image suggests taking a wider view of issues, as if we had been up within the sky, in a aircraft, wanting down, and in a position to get extra perspective and to see all of the totally different sides of the matter.

I usually consider that Joni Mitchell music after I’m up in an airplane: “I’ve checked out clouds from each side now.” And that could be a music that we are able to keep in mind for this conjunction.

Mercury squares Pluto (Oct. 20, 2023, 5:50 pm PDT)
Solar squares Pluto (Oct. 21, 2023, 7:09 am PDT)

Mercury and the Solar work collectively once more on October twentieth and twenty first as every of them squares Pluto. Mercury squares Pluto on October twentieth at 5:50 pm Pacific Time at 27º 54’ Libra and Capricorn. And the Solar squares Pluto on the following morning, October 21, at 8:09 am It’s at 27º 55’ Libra and Capricorn.

So the Solar and Mercury are making the precise squares to Pluto that had been forming within the chart of that Photo voltaic Eclipse final week, on October 14. These squares spotlight any residual pressure, energy struggles, fights for management, specifically utilizing language to attempt to overpower or to control others.

Anytime planets make facets to Pluto, it’s about our capacity to simply accept change and to acknowledge the bounds of our energy.  Mercury and the Solar, as they arrive along with Pluto, are on the Sabian image 28 Libra, Man within the midst of brightening influences. And, Pluto is on the Sabian image 28 Capricorn, A big aviary. And the way in which I’ve been studying that image these days when it’s come up, as a result of Pluto has been sitting on this image for a very long time, I’ve been specializing in a constructive interpretation: Birds in an aviary are all in there collectively. And it appears to be an emblem that has been telling us to acknowledge the truth that what impacts one among us impacts all of us.

However on this occasion, as a result of the Solar and Mercury are on this troublesome sq. to Pluto, which symbolizes battle, I’m assuming that this image, a big aviary, is extra emblematic of bondage, of being held in a cage. And as Mercury and the Solar are on that constructive image, Man within the midst of brightening influences, I’ve the sensation we’re working to beat that limiting Pluto affect. If you’re surrounded by negativity across the days of those squares, attempt your greatest to be the constructive affect, the person within the midst of brightening influences.

Venus trines Jupiter (Oct. 21, 2023, 9:32 pm PDT)

On October 21 at 9:32pm Pacific Time, Venus trines Jupiter at 12º06’ Virgo and Taurus. It is a good day to take pleasure in your self. Venus trine Jupiter can generally point out just a little an excessive amount of of a very good factor, however Venus in Virgo is a little more restrained and may maintain the Jupiter in Taurus aspect of us from spending an excessive amount of, consuming an excessive amount of, ingesting an excessive amount of, and simply usually overdoing issues.

What this side is sweet for is having some enjoyable along with your associate or with a good friend. It has been a troublesome couple of weeks for relationships. We had that eclipse in Libra, the connection signal. Even this week, we’ve had the Solar and Mercury in Libra coming into troublesome side with Pluto. So on today, see what you are able to do to have some enjoyable.

Now, as a rule, Venus in Virgo generally is a little bit extra of a hermit, and Jupiter and Taurus moderately simply perhaps hang around at dwelling being comfy. However as a substitute, I believe it could be good immediately to take any alternatives that come up to interrupt your traditional behavior and routine, and perhaps get out and do one thing just a little bit totally different. Jupiter does like a change of surroundings and get out hopefully in nature. Venus in Virgo, specifically, likes to get out, hike, see some bushes and a few grass, and breathes some contemporary air. This is likely one of the nicest mixture of planets in one of the vital flowing and harmonious facets. So, let’s go forward and reap the benefits of it.

Capricorn First Quarter Moon (Oct. 21, 2023, 8:29 pm PDT)

And now for the Moon Report for the week of October sixteenth. It begins with a First Quarter Moon at 28º 28’ Capricorn, on October 21 at 8:29 PM Pacific Time. Now, the First Quarter Moon is, after all, the motion level of the lunar cycle that started on the earlier New Moon, and that was the Photo voltaic Eclipse on October 14th.

The First Quarter Moon takes motion based mostly on intuition, and the Sabian symbols for this specific first quarter are each actually intuitive. The Moon is on the image 29 Capricorn, Lady studying tea leaves. And the Solar is on 29 Libra, Humanity in search of to bridge information. So though Capricorn is usually very pragmatic, this specific First Quarter Moon in Capricorn reaches towards a future that’s solely dimly perceived.

Capricorn all the time likes to go ahead with a really particular plan, however that isn’t actually doable at this primary quarter. I believe what is feasible, although, is to look again at any resolutions that we made again in January. It is a continuation of the Lunar Part household that started on the New Moon on January twenty first, 2023. That was at 1º32’ Aquarius, however it was very near Pluto in late Capricorn.

So that is the First Quarter in that cycle. And a New Moon in Aquarius all the time asks us, not simply what will we need to do immediately, or on this fiscal yr, or this fiscal quarter, however what do we wish for our future? Aquarius is the signal of the five-year plan, no less than. And never solely, how will we need to obtain success, however how will we need to develop a legacy that can go on after us and that can serve the numerous. So that is the primary quarter in that individual cycle. And though the New Moon was at 1º32’ Aquarius, this First Quarter is in late Capricorn. And so additionally would be the Full Moon on this cycle on July 21, 2024. That’s at 29º08’ Capricorn. After which the Final Quarter returns to Aquarius on April twentieth, 2025. So it’s actually attention-grabbing Lunar Part Household Cycle.

And it’s additionally the First Quarter in a one-month cycle that started with an vital Photo voltaic Eclipse. So that is an attention-grabbing turning level, and all the time the dictate with a First Quarter Moon is, act. Take some form of motion.

Void-of-Course Moon durations

Let’s take a look at the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week. On October seventeenth, the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto at 8:43 am Pacific Time, is Void of Course for nearly 4 hours, after which enters Sagittarius at 12:36 pm. It is a mixture that we’ve been for weeks now, as a result of Pluto is sitting very near the tip of its signal, we are sometimes seeing that the Moon in her indicators makes her last side to Pluto. Not all the time, however that is one we’ve been seeing loads. And I really feel that it’s about mastering our emotions. Emotions are very sturdy and near the floor when the Moon is in Scorpio. However because it’s sextile Pluto within the a lot cooler signal of Capricorn, there is a chance to find out about holding our emotions in test with a view to obtain extra energy, and probably not essentially energy over others, however energy over ourselves.

On October nineteenth, the Moon in Sagittarius sextiles the Solar at 12:02 pm Pacific Time. It’s Void of Course for nearly seven hours and enters Capricorn at 655 pm So, ask your self throughout this Void interval, are you maintaining your relationships contemporary by doing new issues, by having adventures collectively? I believe that’s the message of this Void-of-Course Moon interval. Say sure. Select one thing new, perhaps, that your associate or a good friend wish to do, or suggest a brand new journey for the 2 of you. It is a Void-of-Course Moon interval about increasing our horizons and the way that may assist us develop personally.

Then, on October twenty first, the Moon in Capricorn squares Mercury at 11 pm Pacific Time. It’s Void of Course for under six minutes. It enters Aquarius at 11:06 pm Such a brief Void-of-Course Moon interval, it’s hardly price mentioning. Simply six minutes.

However one factor that has been stated in regards to the Void-of-Course Moon durations is that they are often good instances to provoke some motion that you just don’t need to come to any fruition. The basic instance of that is to file your revenue taxes whereas the Moon is Void of Course as a result of then nothing will come of it and also you received’t get audited. They received’t come again with any form of downside. That’s one thing my trainer used to say.

It’s additionally considered a very good time to let go. And right here we’re, no less than right here within the Pacific time zone. It’s across the time quite a lot of us are actually simply beginning to fall asleep. And this might be simply taking a couple of minutes of acutely aware considered a behavior, a routine. Possibly some dangerous emotions that you just’re holding in direction of someone else and take a deep breath and let it out and let it go. That’s additionally a very good use for Void-of-Course Moon durations.

Mercury enters Scorpio (Oct. 21, 2023, 11:49 pm PDT)

Then go forward and keep awake as a result of on October twenty first at 1149 pm Pacific Time, Mercury enters Scorpio and it will likely be on this signal by way of November ninth.

It’s really one among my favourite indicators for transiting Mercury. It’s given to penetrating insights and likewise it’s a good time for producing artwork and for writing. We’re very in contact with our emotions and in a position to articulate them because of Mercury. It’s a good time for analysis in case you’re engaged on an enormous undertaking or a paper or a lecture or an article. This is likely one of the very best Mercury transits for digging deep and having breakthroughs in analysis. It’s just a little little bit of a secretive placement for Mercury. This might be a time once we’re not essentially going to go speeding round and sharing our deepest secrets and techniques and emotions with the world, besides as I stated, maybe by way of that lovely writing or artwork.

It’s a very decisive signal for Mercury. Whereas Mercury was in Libra, it weighed and it balanced, and it tried to have a look at each aspect of a state of affairs with a view to be as truthful as doable. However Scorpio is given to decisiveness. We transfer forward intuitively, however with a terrific sense of certainty.

Mercury trines Saturn (Oct. 22, 2023, 9:12 am PDT)

The following morning, Mercury trines Saturn on October twenty second at 9:12 am Pacific Time at 0º 38’ Scorpio and Pisces. Right here is an effective day for formalizing communications. You probably have drafted one thing, that is the time to finalize it. It’s a good time for signing agreements for issues that you just need to final. And right here is a wonderful time for taking up mental duties that appear form of daunting.

Listener Query: Interior planets transiting the 12th Home

On this week’s listener query, listener Elliott asks, “Hello April, it is a query about whether or not it’s simply foolish to begin something huge on function whereas internal planets are transiting the twelfth home.

I’m about to undertake a pet and am excited to start that relationship, however I’m additionally working by way of a number of twelfth home transits, Mars, Solar, and shortly Mercury, which have left me feeling drained and digging by way of a sudden surge of buried previous traumas that I need to lastly transfer on from. The pet will probably be obtainable as quickly as October twenty first, when Mars is on my Ascendant, however I’ll nonetheless have Mercury, my Gemini Solar ruler, and the Solar moseying by way of the twelfth then.

Is it higher to postpone every week till October twenty ninth when Mars and Mercury will probably be in my First Home? And the Solar will slide over my Ascendant. The query is completely about me, certain, however it’s actually about greatest practices for internal planet twelfth home transits. When internal planets breeze by way of the twelfth, is it higher to postpone main occasions and new beginnings when doable? Or can new beginnings be thought-about therapeutic per the twelfth home temporary? Thanks all the time for making Huge Sky the very best podcast of all of the podcasts.”

April: Nicely, thanks, Elliott. That’s very form of you. To begin with, congratulations in your new pet. It’s onerous to consider there might presumably be any second aside from proper now to begin such a beautiful relationship!

I do like your query about twelfth home transits, although. Why does the twelfth home have such a troublesome repute? Ancients referred to as it the Home of Self-Undoing, the Home of Confinement, the Home of Sickness. It is smart to surprise, when planets are transferring by way of this home, can we belief our choices? Do now we have the vitality to deal with new issues?

The twelfth home is known as the home of self-undoing for a cause. It tends to signify the methods by which we don’t essentially see what’s going on, and perhaps the methods by which we discover it troublesome to get out of our personal approach. I consider the twelfth home as representing these issues about us that everybody else in our lives can see plain as day, however we’re form of blind to them.

When planets transfer by way of the twelfth home, we are likely to work issues by way of on an unconscious stage. We generally really feel uneasy with planets within the twelfth home, like our unconscious is attempting to inform us one thing, however it isn’t actually clear what. After which it turns into extra clear when the planet strikes into the primary home as a result of the reality is true in entrance of you.

Your expertise, Elliott, of quick planets transferring by way of the twelfth home sounds about proper. They have a tendency to open the portals to issues that we’ve been suppressing. And that’s very true with a planet like Mars, which actually likes to get in there and dig round and switch over the soil. As soon as planets transfer from the twelfth and into the first, we are able to actually see what we’ve been grappling with, and we are able to see the way in which by way of it or out to the opposite aspect.

So, finally, quick planets transferring by way of the twelfth home are like a very good home cleansing. They’re like that second while you’ve dragged every part out of the closet, and now it’s everywhere in the bed room, and now you’ll be able to type by way of all of it, however it additionally feels exhausting.

We are able to additionally consider the twelfth home as representing the time earlier than delivery. And that is very very like labor, a painful battle, form of scary, however it’s the one method to get the newborn out. So you’ve got this new candy little arrival coming and also you’re clearing the decks to prepare. You’re scuffling with some outdated demons since you need to be clear and current and prepared. And simply as when a brand new child comes on the scene, I’d encourage you to clear as a lot emotional area for the brand new arrival as you’ll be able to, and to offer your new member of the family an opportunity to regulate to his new environment and caretakers and vice versa.

If issues don’t go 100% easily within the first days, don’t bounce to conclusions. That’s usually simply the character of transitions. And on this case, Mars is arriving to assist and shield and to get wholesome vitality transferring.  And I actually like what you stated about new beginnings within the first home being therapeutic.

Now, I even have this comply with up from Elliott, who wrote, “I ended up scheduling the pickup for October twentieth, when Mars will probably be one diploma earlier than my Ascendant. Shut sufficient. Geronimo!” Oh, I really like that, Elliott. That’s so within the spirit of Mars and the Ascendant. Simply can’t wait. Shut sufficient. Let’s take the leap already. Geronimo! Mars can be proud.

Elliott, thanks very a lot in your query, and I’m wishing you each happiness along with your new good friend.

Now, in case you Invisible Pal have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at SpeakPipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast, or electronic mail me at April(at)BigSkyAstrology(dot)com and you should definitely put podcast query within the topic line.

Nicely, that’s every part I’ve on my present sheet, so I’m going to wrap this one up.

Thanks for listening to the Huge Sky Astrology Podcast. In the event you like what you’re listening to, you should definitely subscribe or comply with the present in your app of selection, go away a score or a overview, and I hope you’ll unfold the phrase by podcast. You possibly can learn present notes and full transcripts and go away your feedback about every episode at Huge Sky Astrology.

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That’s it for this episode. Be a part of me once more vivid and early subsequent Monday, and till then, maintain your toes on the bottom and your eyes on the celebrities!

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