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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 205 | Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Constructing a Bridge! – Huge Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 205 | Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Constructing a Bridge! – Huge Sky Astrology


Episode 205 | Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Constructing a Bridge!

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Whats up Invisible Good friend, April right here, and the date right now is October twenty third, 2023. Welcome to Episode 205 of the Huge Sky Astrology Podcast.

This week, we rejoice the start of Scorpio season. Mercury and Mars join with Jubilant Jupiter. A Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is time to assessment shared values with a accomplice. And I reply a listener query in regards to the Solar and different planets above and beneath the horizon of the chart.

Solar enters Scorpio (Oct. 23, 2023, 9:21 am PDT)

The Solar enters Scorpio on October twenty third at 9:21 a.m. Pacific Time. It will likely be within the signal by November twenty second. The Solar, because it transits by the indicators of the Zodiac, shines a light-weight on what wants sprucing up in our lives, the place we have to renew our vitality. It’s additionally about what we rejoice. And that is the season of celebrating family members and others who’ve handed over to the opposite facet. That is after we rejoice Samhain and Day of the Lifeless, this commemoration of those that have gone to the opposite facet.

On a sensible stage, it is a fantastic season for deep cleansing, for actually getting in and eliminating muddle, going by your closets, in your pantry, and your cupboards, to see what you’ll be able to let go of. On this trendy world, we accumulate a lot stuff, and it may possibly really feel a little bit bit draining typically, when we’ve a lot hanging round and we don’t have a variety of clear, empty area. So Scorpio season is a good time for letting go of issues that we don’t want which are in our means.

It’s additionally within the Northern Hemisphere, a time after we start to arrange for the darker months of the 12 months. And this may be stockpiling firewood, candles, stocking up your pantry. It’s a time for sharing with and supporting family members in our lives and for having trustworthy and deep conversations that should be had, although that may be form of tough. And in gentle of the latest photo voltaic eclipse in Libra, which did convey a little bit little bit of shaking up, particularly within the relationship areas of our lives, some issues would possibly’ve come up, which now we have to face and speak about and cope with.

Solar trine Saturn (Oct. 24, 2023, 12:13 am PDT)

On October twenty fourth at 12:13 a.m. Pacific Time, the Solar trines Saturn at 0º37’ Scorpio and Pisces.  This can be a time after we’re prone to be acknowledged for our achievements, for our management, for our maturity. The Solar rewards Saturn qualities. Throughout this trine, it is a time additionally to simply give your self a gold star for all the pieces that you just’ve overcome, obstacles which were in your means, all the onerous work that you just’ve executed, that nobody is aware of about however you.

The Solar is on a curious Sabian image at this trine, 1 Scorpio, a sightseeing bus. And we will simply visualize what that appears like. Folks collectively on this tour bus, and cruising alongside and seeing the sights. It’s an fascinating solution to see issues, since you don’t get to see something actually shut up, however you hit the highlights.

That could be instructive for the Solar trine to Saturn. Particularly if there are initiatives that you just’re feeling you’d prefer to tackle. We frequently try this on good elements to Saturn. And it could be good first to essentially contemplate all the choices, the options. An instance could be that you just resolve you wish to work with a selected firm, attempt to get a tour of the amenities. Or to essentially do a little analysis into the issues that they produce and the way their staff really feel about them, this sort of factor.

It’s an instance of how we’d use this imagery of the Sabian image to strategy one thing new that basically could possibly be a venture that’s essential and lengthy lasting.

Mars opposed Jupiter (Oct. 28, 2023, 9:03 am PDT)

On October twenty eighth at 9:03 a.m. Pacific Time, Mars in Scorpio opposes Jupiter. I believe whereas Jupiter has been in Taurus, we’ve been amassing huge goals. And sometimes they’re about issues that we need to purchase or we need to spend money on, locations we need to go.

Properly, as Mars opposes Jupiter, it form of is time to take motion within the route of a want or an journey. or a dream. It’ll are typically rewarded. Now, as a result of it’s an opposition facet, typically which means that we’re watching the instance of different folks stepping out onto adventures, doing the stunning issues that maybe we’d love to do.

And there are two methods to take a look at that. We are able to really feel a little bit bit envious. Or, we could be impressed, and we watch how they do it, and maybe we attempt to get some insights about how we’d get a little bit nearer to our personal goals. Jupiter is on the Sabian image, 12 Taurus Window buyers, so it’s extra of a time to buy than to purchase, maybe. And Mars is on the Sabian image, 12 Scorpio, An embassy ball. That all the time speaks to me of being in a state of affairs the place it’s ostensibly social, however there may be some critical enterprise that’s hanging round beneath all of it.

So is it going out and taking motion in direction of these goals, these objectives? Simply have it in thoughts. Be a little bit bit conscious of the truth that typically there are hidden prices, maybe, to going after one thing we need to do. The hidden value at an Embassy Ball is you’re probably not there to have enjoyable. You’re there to get work executed. And it may be comparable, I believe, throughout this opposition of Mars and Jupiter. This can be a time we will bask in a little bit little bit of irrational exuberance, however that may backfire. Mars is a little bit impulsive, and Jupiter tends to amplify issues. So, don’t take pointless dangers. Begin with a single step.

Mercury opposed Jupiter (Oct. 28, 2023, 8:44 pm PDT)

Additionally, on October twenty eighth, at 8:44 p.m. Pacific Time, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This can be a transit that may be a variety of enjoyable, particularly with Mercury and Scorpio, which might are typically a little bit bit on the darker or quieter, even a little bit bit extra pessimistic facet. However when it’s connecting with Jupiter, it lifts the temper, quite a bit.

Now, then again, it may possibly additionally lead us to cherry decide details that assist what we already imagine is true. I believe it is a little much less doubtless when Mercury is in Scorpio, as a result of that’s an intensely trustworthy signal, and that is in opposition, so we are inclined to have a little bit bit extra perspective. However we do have this opening over a few day intervals, say October twenty eighth and twenty ninth, after we do really feel a little bit extra constructive about issues, and after we can extra exactly articulate our beliefs and our goals for the long run. So it is a actually good time to seize a pen, begin making lists, do some journaling, write this stuff down.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (Oct. 28, 2023, 1:24 pm PDT)

And now for the Moon Report for the week of October twenty third. It begins with a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on October twenty eighth, 1:24 PM Pacific Time at 05º09’ Taurus. This eclipse level conjoins Jupiter in Taurus and is opposed Solar, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. Lunar eclipses, I discover, are very influential in terms of relationships as a result of they occur at a Full Moon, when the Solar and the Moon are reverse one another, and the place we’ve much more readability and much more perspective. At an opposition, there’s nothing standing between the 2 planets concerned. And the Solar and the Moon, on this case, symbolize the 2 folks concerned within the relationship. So we will see one another clearly at a Full Moon.

Not fully, at a Lunar Eclipse, as a result of the entire level of an eclipse is there may be an occlusion. And on this case, it’s the Earth’s shadow that’s on the Moon. So, we don’t essentially intuit one another’s emotions and feelings, maybe as clearly as at some Full Moons. However what we will do is look at our shared values and sources.

It could possibly be that you’ve got differing factors of view about cash and learn how to save for the long run and what are worthwhile investments. It will probably additionally need to do with how a lot one accomplice is bringing to the desk versus the opposite and the way which may mirror on the significance that every accomplice feels within the relationship.

It will also be that one accomplice is feeling much more optimistic and upbeat and trusting in regards to the world in that Taurus form of means. And the opposite accomplice could be feeling a little bit extra suspicious or a little bit bit downcast that they’re going to have the ability to obtain what they need to obtain. The Sabian image for the Solar at this Lunar Eclipse is A gold rush, and the Sabian image for the Moon is 6 Taurus, A bridge being constructed throughout a gorge.

So there is a chance of bridging our differing level of views. However there may be additionally, with the gold rush, that’s all the time a logo that claims to me, there’s something about cash and the passion round pursuing it, and all that which may convey up between two folks.

You may look again ultimately eclipses close to this diploma for a clearer image of what this one could be attempting to let you know. These had been on October 28, 2004, and October 28, 1995. There have been additionally eclipses that had been sq. or opposed this level in 2008, 2013, 2004, and 2005, 1999. So return to these intervals of time, maybe, look at what was occurring, particularly in your closest, most intimate relationships, and in the way in which you had been coping with cash and your sense of self-worth.

This, after all, is the midpoint within the lunar cycle that started with that photo voltaic eclipse on October 14th. So we’re capable of see a little bit extra clearly at this level within the cycle what it was that was initiated, What it was that acquired stirred up at that eclipse. That was a really highly effective eclipse, and it was sq. Pluto, in order I believe I mentioned on the time, we’ll see modifications, particularly in essential relationships, and so they are typically of an enduring selection, due to the affect of Pluto.

So now we see, at this Lunar Eclipse, a little bit extra details about what was stirred up at the moment. That is additionally the midpoint in a Lunar Part Household Cycle that started on the April thirtieth, 2022 photo voltaic eclipse at 10°28’ Taurus. At any time when we’ve these Lunar Part Household Cycles that start on a photo voltaic eclipse, we all know that we’re in for a few three-year interval of working by the problems which are introduced up by that eclipse.

So, if there may be something in your beginning chart that’s inside about 4 levels both facet of Taurus, or actually of any of the mounted indicators, so between about 6 levels and 14 levels of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, we all know that it is a fairly essential level Lunar Part Household Cycle for you.

So it started, as I mentioned, April thirtieth, 2022. The First Quarter Moon level on this household cycle was on January twenty eighth, 2023. That’s when some motion wanted to be taken about one thing that was initiated or conceived at that April thirtieth, 2022 New Moon. Now we’re on the Full Moon, after we’re capable of see a little bit extra clearly what it was that was actually starting at the moment. After which on July twenty seventh, 2024, we’ll have the Final Quarter Moon on this section household cycle, at 5º 32’ Taurus. And that’s the ultimate, defining, important second of this cycle – after we act, however we act based mostly on what we already know. What’s already occurred all through this cycle. What will we worth? How will we worth ourselves? And the way will we require that others worth us?

Void-of-Course Moon intervals

Let’s take a look at the Void-of-Course Moon intervals for this week. On October twenty third, the Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus at 12:04 pm Pacific Time. It’s a really lengthy Void-of-Course Moon interval. It’s Void of Course for nearly 13 ½  hours earlier than it enters Pisces on October twenty fourth at 1:33 am.

The Void-of-Course Moon intervals, as we all know, are about a chance to alter patterns. And significantly when we’ve one so long as this. So the Moon might be in Aquarius. This can be a signal of change, and most significantly, seeking to the long run about what we need to see for ourselves shifting ahead. And it’s sq. Uranus. It’s the planet of radical and surprising change. All of these outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, are about change, however Uranus is of a really particular selection, and it’s that riot that may come up occasionally, after we’re feeling as if we’ve simply been getting in the identical route, doing the identical issues, and we really feel like we’ve simply acquired to make a change, and instantly, we act.

This Void-of-Course Moon interval may be very a lot about coping with change and most certainly fallout from that photo voltaic eclipse and the emotions which are starting to return up in anticipation of the Lunar Eclipse. When the Moon is in Aquarius, sq. Uranus, we will ask ourselves, how can we finest affect the world? Maybe we will collect with different individuals who share our views, our outlook, our pursuits and objectives, and stroll collectively towards the long run. There could be emotions about whether or not you’re feeling you belong or slot in with the folks that you just’re spending probably the most time with, and the necessity to really feel that what we do issues. General, it is a interval of restlessness and disruption, however what we will study from it throughout the Void-of-Course Moon interval is to attempt to start to disconnect ourselves from issues that don’t really feel significant to us and which are making us really feel very rebellious. It will also be time to liberate ourselves from specific habits or patterns that make us really feel trapped, or like we’re not shifting forward in our lives.

On October twenty fifth, the Moon in Pisces sextiles Pluto at 11:39 p.m. Pacific Time. It’s void after all for about three and a half hours earlier than it enters Aries on October twenty sixth at 3:01 a.m. The Moon in Pisces is great for relaxation, reflection, meditation, retreating from the world. It’s just about late at night time right here on the Pacific coast of the USA, however in case you are someplace the place that is occurring early within the morning in direction of midday, it is a time to attempt to carve out a little bit time the place you’ll be able to retreat and even for those who can’t simply keep in mattress all day, to attempt to prepare your schedule in order that it’s not too intensely interactive.

It’s a time to bask in inspiration and music, to deal with constructive ideas. And most significantly, to beat that gentleness that comes with the Moon in Pisces, to have the ability to defend your self, which is symbolized by the sextile to Pluto, then the reference to Pluto can put you in a a lot stronger place to go after the issues that you just actually dream of doing.

And, on October twenty eighth, the Moon in Aries squares Pluto at 1:20 am Pacific Time. It’s void after all for nearly three and a half hours, after which enters Taurus at 4:44 a.m. Right here is a superb Void-of-Course interval to work on breaking outdated habits, standing up for your self, doing issues that you just’re afraid to do, and taking motion. That is one for clearing the emotional air.

Now you could be feeling this earlier within the night earlier than you go to mattress on the twenty seventh. And this generally is a time to do some journaling, and in addition for those who take heed to issues when you’re sleeping, and that may be podcasts or music or meditation tapes or something of that nature. In case you try this, ensure that you’re listening to enter that’s encouraging of you taking motion, that’s encouraging of you doing the issues which are essential to you, that you just actually need to do.

Whereas the Moon is in Aries throughout this week, it hardly makes any elements to different planets. It elements the North Node of the Moon in Aries. And it makes this sq. to Pluto. So, we’ve this era right here that simply says, it’s about specializing in what you need. And when the world is attempting to let you know that that’s not okay, that you ought to be considering of others and what they need, nicely, after all, to some extent, that’s true. However overwhelmingly, it is a time to place extra of your focus and extra of your power behind going after what’s essential to you.

Mercury conjunct Mars (Oct. 29, 2023, 7:22 am PDT)

On October twenty ninth, at 7:22 a.m. Pacific Time, Mercury makes a conjunction with Mars at 11º53’ Scorpio. At any time when Mercury, which is the planet of communication, comes along with Mars – that’s the planet of warfare and battle – we’ve to be a little bit bit cautious. As a result of even simple elements between these two, like a trine or a sextile, can level to a day or two of contentious, even confrontational communication. This can be a good transit for talking our minds. However, if we’ve gotten a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit bit drained, typically this could provoke arguments and the sorts of harsh phrases that may’t be taken again. I’d say take these couple of days, the day main as much as this on October twenty eighth and on October twenty ninth itself, and query and study from any conflicts that you’ve got and truly from your personal anger as nicely.

Mercury can provide voice to issues that ordinarily we will’t actually speak about that simply. And when it comes into conjunction with Mars, a variety of emotions and impulses that are inclined to go straight to our our bodies can actually be articulated verbally much more clearly than common. However as I say, be just a bit bit cautious in the way in which you say issues. Be clear in your intent. However go away room for respect and kindness as nicely.

Listener Query: Planets in Prime or Backside Half of the Chart

On this week’s listener query, listener Jeanette from the UK asks, “Hello April, for those who’re born with the solar on the highest half of your chart, does that imply you’re extroverted and with the solar within the backside half extra introverted?”

Properly, Jeanette, thanks for this query. And it’s a very good alternative for me to speak in regards to the hemispheres of the chart normally, which I haven’t executed earlier than, so far as I do know.

Homes 7 by 12, for those who’re your chart, are mendacity above the horizon within the chart, and homes 1 by 6 lie beneath the horizon. The homes above the horizon are inclined to symbolize public areas and circumstances. The homes beneath are a little bit nearer to house. If the Solar is in a home that lies above the horizon of the chart, it implies that you had been born throughout daytime.  If it’s beneath the horizon, you had been born at night time.

If we consider what the Solar particularly represents, it’s about how we develop our items and character, how we get observed, how we obtain our goal on this planet. If the Solar is within the prime a part of the chart, we are inclined to get pulled into the surface world to perform this stuff.

Within the seventh home, that’s by partnership. Within the eighth home, by sharing with others. Within the ninth home, by journey, studying, faith. Within the tenth home, by profession and management. Within the eleventh home, by organizations and future planning. And within the twelfth home, even, which is a really quiet form of home, however even in that home, we work together with the world by caring, empathizing, and thru non secular pursuits.

Now if the Solar is within the backside a part of the chart, in these homes, we understand these goals nearer to house. If the Solar’s within the first home, it’s by defending ourselves, coping with unfamiliar conditions, creating a persona, creating our braveness, and actually pushing ourselves.

Within the second home, we do that by the way in which we handle bodily sources, cash, possessions, our bodily physique, and the way we develop our self-confidence. If the Solar is within the third home, it’s by interactions with siblings, folks near house, studying and communication. Within the fourth home, it could be by household relations, heritage, traditions.

Within the fifth home, by artistic self-expression. Within the sixth home, by acts of service, work, and bodily well-being.

Now you’ll discover that introversion and extroversion haven’t come up as of but on this dialogue. I used to make the identical assumption, actually, in regards to the prime a part of the chart being extra extroverted and the decrease half introverted. And wouldn’t it’s handy if it had been so simple as that? However personally, I’m about as introverted because it will get, however virtually all the pieces in my chart is above the horizon, and I used to be by no means actually capable of reconcile these two issues.

In his Rulership E book, Rex Payments provides rulership of introversion to Saturn, and associates it with the signal of Most cancers. And that sounds form of believable to me. However I believe what I can safely say is that if the Solar and different planets lie above the horizon within the chart, you are inclined to need to enterprise additional out into the world to be able to develop totally within the matter symbolized by that planet. And for those who occur to be an introvert and have a ton of planets above the horizon, as I do, this may be disturbing, since you’re consistently feeling drawn out into public life, although it’s form of exhausting.

Whereas for those who’re extroverted by nature, that means you get your power from interactions with others, however you could have the Solar and different planets beneath the horizon, you’ll nonetheless be getting a variety of these social wants met, however they’ll be getting met nearer to house. You could be an individual who may be very outgoing together with your neighbors. Very pleasant with the individuals who work at your grocery store. Loves spending time with household or doing artistic issues. Very outgoing at work.

Let’s take one other planet for example.  Venus represents what we like, what we enjoyment of, what provides us pleasure. And it’s additionally about relationships. In case you have Venus, say, within the third home of your chart, you could be a little bit extra apt to kind shut relationships with people who find themselves very very like you, who may very well have been folks you went to highschool with, or that you just knew out of your neighborhood or your neighborhood, met by a member of the family or a buddy.

Whereas in case you have Venus, say, within the ninth home, you could be extra apt to attach with folks from a really completely different tradition, a unique background, perhaps even one other nation.

You may also divide the chart in half to the left and proper of that MC/IC axis. So, the cusps of the tenth and 4th homes. Homes 10 by 4 are on the japanese facet of the chart, and homes 4 by 10 are on the western facet.

Usually talking, the japanese half is a bit more self-contained and self-determined, a little bit extra Aries in nature perhaps, whereas the western half is extra goal and attuned to what others suppose and want, perhaps a little bit extra Libran.

Now, after all, these are generalities, and loads is determined by the planets concerned in all the remainder of it. However I hope that this has given you some methods to take a look at these hemispheres of the chart, and a few concepts to chew on.

Jeanette, thanks a lot once more to your query. I believe others are going discover this beneficial as nicely.

And for those who, Invisible Good friend, have a query you desire to me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at speakpipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast. I’d like to have extra audio. I haven’t had an audio query shortly. Or, after all, you’ll be able to e mail me at april(at)bigskyastrology.com, and make sure you put “Podcast Query” within the topic line.

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