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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 209 | Solar and Mars enters Sagittarius: Gratitude with Angle! – Massive Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 209 | Solar and Mars enters Sagittarius: Gratitude with Angle! – Massive Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Episode 209 (11.20.23)
Solar and Mars enters Sagittarius: Gratitude with Angle!

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Hiya, Invisible Buddy, April right here, and the date right now is November twentieth, 2023. Welcome to Episode 209 of the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast.

This week, the Solar and Mars spend this Thanksgiving week within the U. S. aspecting Saturn and Pluto and getting into Sagittarius. The Aquarius First Quarter Moon speaks of disruptions in our domains. And, I reply a few observe up questions from listeners about delivery instances.

Aquarius First Quarter Moon (Nov. 20, 2023, 2:50 am PST)

The week begins with the Moon Report and a First Quarter Moon in Aquarius on November 20 at 2:50 am Pacific time, at 27º 50’ Aquarius, on the Sabian image 28 Aquarius, A tree felled and sawed. The Solar is on the image 28 Scorpio, King of the fairies approaching his area.

The Solar at this primary quarter continues to be in that shut conjunction with Mars, so we’re nonetheless fairly stirred up, particularly emotionally. The Solar is, after all, sq. the Moon, and the Moon may be very near Saturn, so we’re getting a facet from the Solar and Moon to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. The First Quarter Moon, after all, is that second within the lunar cycle when it’s time for motion to happen on no matter was initiated on the Scorpio New Moon, and the Aquarius First Quarter does are likely to favor taking a considerably uncommon, even surprising strategy.

The stress between the Moon in Aquarius and the Solar in Scorpio facilities, I feel, on fidelity. These are each fastened indicators, and glued indicators will often keep on with issues over the lengthy haul. However Aquarius has the standard of immediately breaking its patterns. It’s slightly like what occurs when an earthquake fault immediately slips or shifts. It begins to really feel to Scorpio, which may be very fixed, that this shocking conduct from Aquarius that appears to come back out of nowhere can really feel considerably like disloyalty.

The Solar’s Sabian image depicts the king of the fairies approaching his area. And I feel that’s our place at this First quarter. We’re within the place the place we really feel comfy and in cost, and the Solar is within the conjunction with Mars, so we’re going full pace forward in direction of one thing that started on the New Moon. However then there, proper within the heart of our area, there may be this tree that’s getting lower down and sawed. It’s very loud. It’s extraordinarily disruptive. And it might probably appear pointless as effectively. I do know if I’m strolling by way of my neighborhood and I see a tree being taken down, my preliminary response is, Oh no, I really feel so unhappy about it. However it’s the job of the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius to create change. And, in spite of everything, there are issues that may be constructed from a tree that has been lower down and sawed up. And, for all we all know, the tree within the image was sick. It was starting to drop its branches, or in any other case be harmful, and it actually must be lower down.

What I’m taking from this First Quarter general, is that if we’re destroying one thing, we owe it to that factor to make use of the accessible supplies which are left over. It’s good to eliminate what isn’t wholesome or helpful, that may even be harmful. Even within the areas of life we contemplate the most secure.

Lunar Section Household Cycle

That is the First Quarter Midday in a lunar section household cycle that started on the February 19, 2023 New Moon, which was at 01º22’ Pisces. All the different lunations on this lunar section household cycle are on the finish of Aquarius. However they’re bringing forth the message and the mission of that Pisces New Moon.  That New Moon was on the Sabian image, 2 Pisces, A squirrel hiding from hunters. It makes me consider that image that’s been arising over the past couple of weeks, of the hunters setting out for geese. They’re each type of searching levels.

Stephen Forrest all the time says of Mars:  Are you going to be the hunter, or are you going to be prey? And I feel that may be a little little bit of the query, maybe, for this complete lunar section household cycle that started on that diploma.  So this First Quarter Moon is when motion must occur, must happen, and type of will happen, whether or not we’re aware about it or not.

And that is constructing, once more, on what was initiated at that New Moon, February nineteenth, 2023. It is a good time to return and take a look at your journals. Take a look at what you will have written down at that New Moon, about what your intentions had been and what you needed to provoke and see develop over the following few years.

Now we’re at that motion level. The Full Moon on this lunar section household is on August nineteenth, 2024, after which the Final Quarter’s on Could twentieth, 2025. In August, we’ll have the second to face again and see the entire image of what we initiated again at that New Moon, and it is going to be simpler to see the motion that was taken now.

Void-of-Course Moon Durations

Let’s take a look at the Void-of-Course Moon intervals for this week. On November 20, the Moon in Aquarius squares the Solar – there’s our First Quarter Moon, it’s truly the final facet that the Moon makes in Aquarius – at 2:50 am Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course then for about three-and-a-half hours, after which enters Pisces at 6:29 am. So that provides us about three-and-a-half hours to sit down, with slightly additional time and emphasis, to contemplate that First Quarter Moon in Aquarius.

One query that involves thoughts for me with this one is, are there methods wherein we’ve been letting the group distract us from what’s essential to us personally? As a result of the Moon in Aquarius is considerably communal, group oriented, very delicate to the wants and perceptions of the group. However it’s making this tense sq. facet to the Solar, and the Solar is the image of the person, so there may be some stress right here, there’s some battle and stress between them. However all the time with the sq., we’re looking for a approach to combine the wants of each these symbols. So, it is very important do what’s essential to us personally, however there’s something to be mentioned as effectively for contributing to the wants of the group.

On November 22, the Moon in Pisces trines Mars at 7:10 am Pacific Time. It’s void after all for about two hours after which enters Aries at 9:19 am. The query right here is, are you able to belief your instinct, which is the Moon in Pisces, to information you towards proper motion, symbolized by Mars in Scorpio? And the character of this facet, being a trine, says that, effectively, we actually really feel that that’s what we’re doing. We might not ever truly know for positive, however this Void-of-Course Moon interval for about two hours is an effective time to consider that, to mirror on that. The query right here is, are we utilizing our instinct absolutely to propel us within the path that feels proper?

Mars is in Scorpio, which is a water signal, and in a distinct signal, it’d demand extra of an evaluation, extra of an mental response to our plans. However because it’s in water, and because the Moon is in a water signal, making this good facet to Mars, that is the time to meditate, to take a look at our desires, to take a look at the methods wherein our intestine is guiding us. As a result of, at this second in time, actually could be trusted.

On November twenty fourth, the Moon in Aries squares Pluto at 9:40 am Pacific Time. It’s then Void-of-Course for slightly below three hours and enters Taurus at 12:29 p m. The battle on this sq. is between the Moon in Aries, which needs to do issues its personal method, at its personal tempo, for its personal particular person functions. And when it’s squaring Pluto, that is placing us in battle with the concept that we needs to be working within the curiosity of the collective, symbolized by Pluto.

However it might probably additionally symbolize the methods wherein we might lack braveness to do what it’s we wish to do within the face of the stress coming from highly effective individuals or forces in our lives. And Moon in Aries by no means feels comfy or proper doing that. It is a Void-of-Course Moon interval that begins with that sense of battle. And sometimes with these Void-of-Course Moons, the facet that precipitates them, it’s one thing that comes throughout the transom and one thing you learn, one thing you noticed on social media, one thing you noticed on tv or heard on the radio. It isn’t all the time one thing that simply jumps in entrance of your face and anyone poking you on the shoulder or one thing. So we’ve to be alert and take a look at these symbols as they arrive to us, however the nature of this one is that stress between what we do for ourselves, and, what we do within the curiosity of a bigger trigger.

Lastly, on November 26, the Moon in Taurus trines Pluto at 1:52 pm Pacific Time, its void after all then for slightly below three hours, after which enters Gemini at 4:40 pm. The Moon in Taurus is sluggish and regular, and likes to do issues at a languid tempo. It’s very affected person, and by taking this strategy, the trine to Pluto suggests that we’ll be put naturally right into a place of power. We’ll enchantment to people who find themselves influential, and we will discover ourselves gaining rewards.

If this isn’t your pure pace, this sort of sluggish and regular Moon in Taurus tempo, it’s time to ponder that, I feel. Is there a method you may shift your strategy? To be slightly extra affected person, to attend for the fitting moments to behave?

Solar sextile Pluto (Nov. 20, 2023, 1:26 pm PST)
Mars sextile Pluto (Nov. 21, 2023, 5:18 pm PST)

As I mentioned at first, the Solar and Mars are nonetheless touring fairly shut collectively, so that they’re appearing roughly as a staff this week. And so they’re each additionally making these massive entrances into the brand new signal of Sagittarius. On November twentieth, the Solar sextiles Pluto at 1:26 pm Pacific Time at 28º17’ Scorpio and Capricorn. And the following day, Mars sextiles Pluto, on November 21 at 5:18 pm, very near the identical levels – 28º18’ Scorpio and Capricorn.

The Solar and Mars nonetheless touring so intently collectively places a variety of warmth and steam and willpower into our pursuit of the issues that fulfill us personally, symbolized by the Solar. The Solar connecting with Pluto on this very convivial sextile facet says there will probably be alternatives to pursue what you strongly really feel is best for you, and that can join you to highly effective influences and individuals who can assist you make that occur. The Solar is on the Sabian image, 29 Scorpio, An Indian lady pleading to her chief for the lives of her kids. Once more, a really emotional and really intense Sabian image, however that’s becoming for the Solar in Scorpio, after which Pluto in Capricorn is the chief.

Sextile features do have a nature of asking, of persuading, and so there may be this suggestion right here that if there’s something that you just actually really feel you should do in your path ahead, you should ask for what it’s that you really want. And there may be the chance with the sextile facet to your plea, to your request to be favorably obtained by these in energy. I feel the Solar and Mars being in Scorpio says that as we’re doing this persuading of highly effective forces to grant our needs, ultimately, we have to be taking motion that’s primarily based not a lot on what we expect the individuals in energy wish to hear, however reasonably on our instincts and our conviction, which is what’s been arising again and again over the past couple of weeks, because the Solar and Mars are touring collectively within the very passionate signal of Scorpio.

So what we’ve this week are a number of features the place the Solar and Mars collectively are aspecting one other planet. However then we even have these conditions the place the Solar and Mars are getting into an indication and instantly making a facet. That’s what we’ve arising on November 22, and November twenty third, which is Thanksgiving Day right here in the USA.

The Solar enters Sagittarius (Nov. 22, 2023, 6:03 am PST)
The Solar sq. Saturn (Nov. 23, 2023, 1:47 am PST)

The Solar enters Sagittarius on November twenty second at 6:03 am Pacific Time, after which it squares Saturn on November twenty third at 1:47 am Pacific Time, at 00º 49’ Sagittarius and Pisces. The Solar will probably be in Sagittarius till December twenty first, when it enters Capricorn on the Solstice.

The Solar symbolizes the seasons of the yr, and it’s the image of what lights us up and makes us really feel alive. In the course of the Sagittarius season, these are issues like journey and celebration, vacation traditions, being open air. And that’s slightly ironic as a result of within the Northern Hemisphere, it’s beginning to get chilly in a variety of locations. However I consider Sagittarius as an indication that loves the outside and desires to be in nature.

The Solar goes into Sagittarius and it’s all the time in Sagittarius on Thanksgiving. Sagittarius, dominated by Jupiter, comprises many blessings and represents the blessings in our lives. And that’s precisely what we have a good time at Thanksgiving time. What are we grateful for? And gathering with the those that we’re glad we’ve in our lives. We might disagree about issues, however we’re nonetheless glad they’re in our lives. And to have a good time with an enormous feast, the bounty that we get pleasure from, even when we don’t have every little thing we want we had.

Now, instantly because the Solar enters Sagittarius, it begins this sq. to Saturn, and that is among the tougher transits that we see in the midst of the yr, as a result of the Solar longs for development, and Saturn is like attempting to place a seed in very laborious, compacted soil: it has a really laborious time increasing, rising, and thriving. The good factor is, Saturn is barely in Pisces, it’s nonetheless at 00º 49’, so we’ve this very quick interval between the time the Solar enters the signal when it is going to make that sq., which is after we start to really feel it, till the facet is actual and the Solar is transferring on.

The very early morning of Thanksgiving Day right here within the US, because the Solar squares Saturn at 1:47 am is when the tide turns, possibly the day earlier than we had been having to journey and it was tough or we had been doing a variety of cleansing or buying or cooking to prepare for the vacation. However as we get up on Thanksgiving morning, the frustration and the strain and the sense of blockage or limitation is freed up. So it’s very good to have these very quick Solar Saturn squares with Saturn on the early levels. It is a Thanksgiving with slightly bit extra of an emphasis on custom and ritual due to the sq. to Saturn.

Mars enters Sagittarius (Nov. 24, 2023, 2:15 am PST)
Mars squares Saturn (Nov. 25, 2023, 8:57 am PST)

Subsequent, it’s Mars that enters Sagittarius and squares Saturn. Mars enters Sagittarius on November twenty fourth at 2:15 am Pacific Time. It’ll be in Sagittarius till it enters Capricorn on January 4th.  Mars is an emblem of what we struggle for and the way we struggle. When it’s in Sagittarius, we struggle for our beliefs, and we argue about our beliefs. It may very well be very stimulating had it occurred a few days earlier on Thanksgiving. Mars in Sagittarius may even wish to take motion in direction of your beliefs, towards your massive objectives, the issues that you just actually, actually really feel strongly about. As I mentioned, with the Solar going into Sagittarius, it favors being outdoors, having adventures, having bodily train, possibly taking hikes.

As Mars squares Saturn on November twenty fifth at 8:57 am, the message is about perseverance, each time we’ve Mars with Saturn, however it might probably really feel that there are blocks in the way in which.  Once more, we’ll have a reasonably quick interval of Mars sq. Saturn, as a result of they’re nonetheless at 00º54’ Sagittarius and Pisces.  So this will get slightly simpler as soon as we get previous November twenty fifth, however instantly as Mars goes into Sagittarius, we’ve the sensation of pleasure, of a lightening spirit, after the depth of Mars and Scorpio, and we might really feel we actually wish to hit the bottom working, and as we do, we run instantly right into a brick wall. That’s the sq. to Saturn. Once more, it doesn’t final lengthy, and the important thing all the time with this sort of sq. is to not let ourselves be discouraged, to maintain transferring ahead. It’s about perseverance, and since Sagittarius is what we name a mutable signal, very versatile, this may be achieved by going round issues reasonably than attempting to go straight by way of them, which is Mars’ traditional technique.

Mercury sextile North Node (Nov. 26, 2023, 7:48 pm PST)

And at last this week, Mercury sextiles the North Node of the Moon on November twenty sixth at 7:48pm Pacific Time. The North Node describes what it’s that we’re imagined to be transferring towards for larger development. And as we all know, it’s been transferring by way of Aries for some time now, and that implies that we have to do new issues, not simply attempt to depend on issues that we’ve performed earlier than which have labored. This may be in your relationships, in your friendships, in what you are promoting, undoubtedly.  So, as Mercury, the planet of concepts and communication, comes into a pleasant sextile facet with the North Node, it’s time to alter the way in which we take a look at issues. Mercury in Sagittarius is made for giant visions and massive concepts, and so they’re not all going to be sensible, and so they’re not all going to work out, however do some brainstorming across the time of the sextile, and see should you can select one or two concepts which are actually new, that take you in a distinct path, and have you ever exploring and pushing the envelope slightly bit extra in what you do.

Listener Query: Observe Ups on Delivery Occasions

On this week’s listener query phase. I’ve a few associated listener questions on Daylight Saving Time. Listener Elena asks, through Speakpipe, “Hello, I like your podcast. My query is that this. My daughter was born throughout Daylight Financial savings Time on the night time the clocks turned again. The clocks modified at 2 am. She was born 19 minutes later. On her delivery certificates, it says 1:19 am because the clocks had simply turned again the hour. Ought to I be utilizing 2:19 am or 1:19 am since her rising signal adjustments primarily based on these two hours? Thanks. I actually admire your present and all that you just do.”

And listener Susan despatched this e-mail on a really particular morning. She wrote, “My niece will probably be born this morning in a couple of minutes, possible round 8 am Jap time. And due to the time change, as a result of Susan despatched this to me on the day that the time modified at 2 am, I ponder how that impacts her delivery chart.”

Nicely, thanks, Elena and Susan, for these questions. Right here is how I replied to Susan by e-mail. “Congratulations on what’s presumably the profitable launch of your little niece. All main astrology software program robotically takes time adjustments into impact when calculating a chart. These applications include inbuilt atlases that, in addition to latitude and longitude of the birthplace, additionally embrace the dates and instances that the clock time adjustments.

So long as the delivery time has been recorded accurately in Jap Normal Time, that’s the time that will probably be used for the chart.”

Now, this passage is all essential, so long as the delivery time is recorded accurately in Jap Normal Time. That is important as a result of the chart will probably be calculated based on the time offset that was in impact. For instance, Jap Normal Time is offset from Greenwich by 5 hours. That is programmed into the software program. And the day and time that Daylight Saving Time begins and the offset adjustments to 4 hours from Greenwich can be programmed into the software program. From the times once I used to calculate charts by hand, I’ve outdated, laborious copies of the American Atlas and the Worldwide Atlas. And so they embrace these time adjustments.

That is pertinent to Elena’s query as effectively, and the reply is that she ought to use the recorded time of 1:19 am. As I discussed in episode 207, in listener Teina’s query about delivery instances, fashionable strategies of recording delivery instances in hospitals are likely to end in very correct delivery instances. I’m assuming that the displays that document the time of delivery are programmed to robotically regulate for adjustments in daylight saving time. That is additionally true of wall clocks in most public locations.

Elena, you don’t say when your daughter was born or the place, so you probably have any questions on precisely how the hospital was recording time when she was born, it is perhaps a good suggestion to contact the hospital the place she was born, however I feel that as a result of they mirrored the usual time – 1:19 am – as a substitute of Daylight Saving Time, which might be 2:19 am, effectively, anyone was being attentive to the time as a result of these clocks needed to be set again an hour, and it was most likely performed robotically. However you probably have any questions, simply get in contact with the hospital and discover out precisely what their procedures are for recording delivery instances.

Susan and Elena, thanks very a lot for these questions. I’ve been actually shocked at what number of questions there have been about delivery instances, which I had by no means actually given a variety of thought to, if I’m trustworthy. If you happen to, Invisible Buddy, have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at Speakpipe.com/BigSkyAstrologyPodcast, or you may e-mail me at april (at)bigskyastrology(dot)com and remember to put podcast query within the topic line.

Donor Thanks

Nicely, that’s every little thing I’ve on my present sheet, so I’m gonna wrap this one up. Thanks for listening to the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. If you happen to like what you’re listening to, remember to subscribe or observe the present in your app of alternative. Go away a score or a overview, and I hope that you just’ll assist unfold the phrase by telling an astrology loving good friend in regards to the podcast. You may learn present notes and full transcripts and go away your feedback about every episode at BigSkyAstropod. com.

Thanks very a lot to everybody who’s proven assist for the podcast over the previous yr and through my current pod a thon. On every episode, I’m thanking a few of my monetary donors by identify.  This week, let’s give a Massive Sky Astrology Podcast shout out to Emily Cook dinner and Leslie Haynie!

Emily and Leslie, thanks a lot for listening to the podcast and for supporting the present together with your donations. If you need to assist the present and obtain entry to my upcoming bonus episodes for the equinoxes and solstices, please go to BigSkyAstropod. com, the place you may make a contribution of $10 or extra. You may truly make a one-time donation in any quantity. or turn into an ongoing month-to-month contributor. It’s contributions from listeners such as you that permit me to proceed producing the podcast week after week with out outdoors sponsorship.

That’s it for this episode. Be a part of me once more vibrant and early subsequent week once I will probably be celebrating 4 years of the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. And till then, maintain your toes on the bottom and your eyes on the celebs!

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