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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 214 | Most cancers Full Moon: Stroll it Like You Speak It! – Large Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 214 | Most cancers Full Moon: Stroll it Like You Speak It! – Large Sky Astrology


Episode 214 | Most cancers Full Moon: Stroll it Like You Speak It!

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Whats up Invisible Pal, April right here, and the date at this time is December 25, 2023. Welcome to Episode 214 of the Large Sky Astrology Podcast. And a really Merry Christmas to all who rejoice!

This week, the Most cancers Full Moon reveals some karma, Venus trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto, the Solar trines Jupiter simply as Jupiter prepares to show direct, Mars squares Neptune, and Mercury retrograde conjoins Mars. Plus, I reply a listener query about the place buddies are discovered within the beginning chart.

Venus trine Neptune (Dec. 25, 2023, 9:15 am PST)

The week begins with Venus in a trine side to Neptune on December 25 at 9:15 am Pacific Time at 24º09’ Scorpio and Pisces. The Sabian image for Venus is 25 Scorpio, An X-ray, and Neptune is on 25 Pisces, The purging of the priesthood. This mixture of Venus and Neptune in a trine provides us the flexibility to like deeply and to like and settle for others in our lives precisely for what they’re.

And with Venus in Scorpio on that X-ray diploma, we’re seeing these near us precisely as they’re, not at all times in probably the most flattering mild. However as I at all times prefer to say with this mixture, to see folks as they are surely and nonetheless be capable of love them is the good reward of Venus with Neptune. It’s a side of forgiveness, of overlooking foibles and actually opening our hearts in love.

I believe that Sabian image for Neptune, purging the priesthood, additionally talks of eliminating what isn’t on the highest stage of purity in a relationship. Now, there’s at all times a possible draw back with Neptune. And when it’s connecting with Venus, it might be that generally we provide our unconditional love and regard to individuals who actually haven’t earned it, and may really benefit from our willingness to miss sure issues and shortcomings.

So, this can be a nice side once we’re speaking about folks in your life that nicely, that you’ve some sort of dedication to. And for many people who’re getting along with household, generally there are some troubled relationships there. And that is a side that speaks of a loving and peaceable potential for celebrating this vacation.

Most cancers Full Moon (Dec. 26, 2023, 4:33 pm PST)

And now for the Moon Report for the week of December 25. And it begins with the Most cancers Full Moon on December 26 at 4:33 pm Pacific Time. That’s at 04º58’ Most cancers. This Moon is on the Sabian image 5 Most cancers, An car wrecked by a prepare, which sounds very ominous. The Full Moon is the part that reveals what has been hidden or probably not seen or paid consideration to.

The Most cancers Full Moon occurs whereas the Solar is in Capricorn. And Capricorn is an indication that may be fairly preoccupied with materials success and recognition. There’s nothing mistaken with that per se, however what the Most cancers Full Moon illuminates are the facets of that that may be a little bit troublesome. If we’re paying an extreme quantity of consideration to our profession, or our standing, and sort of overlooking the nice and cozy coronary heart connections of residence, this Most cancers Full Moon goes to disclose that.

This explicit Full Moon level, nevertheless, is in a sextile side to Jupiter and is trine to Saturn. These are supportive facets for the Full Moon. The sextile to Jupiter, specifically, says there’s something we might be taught from this and we are able to develop our consciousness. The trine to Saturn illustrates one thing about this explicit Sabian image that has to do with the need of aligning ourselves with the collective will, which is symbolized by that prepare, and accepting our karma, accepting that our previous actions have penalties. On this case, have we exhibited that nurturing kindness of Most cancers or the protectionism that may include Most cancers, that type of clannish high quality?

The Solar’s diploma is on 5 Capricorn, Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a conflict dance. The Sabian image knowledgeable, James Burgess actually had an fascinating tackle this, which is that it’s about taking command as a result of the scenario calls for it and since you’re the proper individual for the job. And that when you have had that chance prior to now, however you have got abused that command or refused it, then this can be a time once you reap that karma.

So I believe the primary factor that I’m taking away from this Full Moon in Most cancers is the significance of the stability between our household and our family members and our standing on this planet about exhibiting the kindest qualities of Most cancers in nurturing others. And likewise to not be afraid to go to conflict, because it have been, if we have to, and notably in safety of these whom we maintain expensive.

Lunar Section Household Cycle

That is the Full Moon in a lunar part household cycle that started on the New Moon on June 28, 2022, at 07º22’ Most cancers. Assume again about what was necessary to you at the moment. Look the place that diploma, 7º22’ Most cancers, what home it falls in, in your chart. As a result of that was the world of your life that was activated by that New Moon, and the place one thing was starting, whether or not or not you supposed it or seen it. Very probably of the character of household or the place we belong.

Then the First Quarter on this lunar part cycle got here 9 months later on the First Quarter Moon on March 28, 2023. That will have been a time when some type of motion was referred to as for associated to what was initiated at that New Moon.

Now we’re on the Full Moon. In that cycle, it’s a little bit simpler to see, with the good thing about hindsight, what it was that we have been conceiving and initiating at the moment, and what’s now mandatory to ensure that us to deliver that plan to completion. The Final Quarter on this lunar part household cycle will come on September 24, 2024. And that’s once we can additional refine and articulate this imaginative and prescient, share it with the world, and hopefully see the success that we supposed. Then we’ll have one other 9 months following that the place we’re ending out that Final Quarter part.

Void-of-Course Moon durations

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week.

On December 25, the Moon in Gemini opposes Mercury in Sagittarius at 11:55 pm Pacific Time, and this can be a pretty lengthy Void-of-Course interval. It lasts for a little bit over seven hours, after which the Moon enters Most cancers on December 26 at 7:15 am. At any time when we see an opposition side, as we do at a Full Moon, it’s about consciousness, it’s about recognition.

The chance throughout this lengthy Void-of-Course interval, though it occurs in a single day, actually, right here within the U. S., is the distinction of articulating our emotions, which the Moon in Gemini is definitely pretty good at, versus that pure Mercury perform of issues are simply within the thoughts, within the head, and don’t essentially make it right down to the center stage of the Moon.

So now we have a distinction. There’s a little bit extra affinity between the Moon and Mercury at this opposition as a result of Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. In order that they do have rather a lot in frequent. However this can be a Void-of-Course Moon interval for letting go of outdated patterns, initiating new ones, associated to how our hearts collaborate with our minds. Mercury in Sagittarius takes a broad view of issues, is kind of philosophical, and places issues approach up on the next stage. However what the Moon is eager about is, how do I really feel proper now? How comfy am I in my environment?

On December 28, the Moon in Most cancers opposes Pluto at 2:57 pm Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for nearly an hour and a half, after which enters Leo at 4:23 pm. Once more, an opposition side talks about consciousness, and we notice because the Moon in Most cancers is opposing Pluto, there are limits to the methods we are able to defend ourselves. And the Moon in Most cancers is kind of protecting. Pluto in Capricorn represents the skin world, which could be a little bit robust. So it’s studying these limits and realizing there are solely so some ways we are able to totally defend ourselves on an emotional stage from harm.

On December 30, the Moon in Leo trines Mars at 9:18 pm Pacific Time, it’s Void-of-Course for about an hour and a half, after which enters Virgo on December 31 at 3:53 am. A trine side brings a reward, and on this case, the Moon in Leo, its love and its pleasure can activate and inspire our Mars perform of taking motion, striving and dealing arduous in a specific approach. So this can be a Void-of-Course interval for considering: Are the issues that you just’ve been doing, that you’re engaged in, are they motivated from a spot of creativity and love and pleasure or simply to get forward? So this can be a time to consider how one can extra intently align love and pleasure and motion and work.

Mercury sq. Neptune (Dec. 26, 2023, 11:42 pm PST)

Mercury retrograde squares Neptune on December 26 at 11:42 pm Pacific Time, so nearly December 27. It’s at 25º Sagittarius and Pisces. That is the second of three Mercury-Neptune squares. The primary was on November 27, and the following one will probably be on January 8. So, this isn’t only a standalone side, it’s one in every of a collection.

When Mercury is sq. Neptune, it’s about making an attempt to get readability. We regularly learn actually disturbing issues about squares from something to Neptune. I’ve a few of these in my chart, together with Mercury sq. Neptune, and I’m really actually grateful to have the sq., as a result of Mercury and Neptune collectively provides us the flexibility to articulate what is tough to place into phrases, however you need to actually work at it to get that readability.

Neptune leads us down a street the place we expect we’re actually getting it, we’ve actually received the thought of one thing. After which immediately our thoughts simply checks out, the fog rolls in, and now we have to work actually arduous to focus and to remain on observe. However what I like in regards to the sq. is we’re motivated to attempt. It’s not at all times straightforward, however it’s potential, and it’s what we’re striving for with Mercury sq. Neptune.

Mercury conjunction with Mars (Dec. 27, 2023, 4:31 pm PST)

And whereas we’re with reference to Mercury, on December 27 at 4:31 pm Pacific Time, Mercury retrograde makes a conjunction with Mars at 24º21’ Sagittarius. The Sabian image for this diploma is 25 Sagittarius, A chubby boy on a pastime horse. That is actually about play. A pastime horse is a toy, and this younger boy is working towards the thought of using a horse or charging into battle, no matter it’s that his infantile thoughts brings forth.

So that is about utilizing our creativeness to apply what it’s that we need to ultimately do or have. And this goes to the thought, I believe, of intentions, affirmations, manifestation, In regards to the energy of what we think about ultimately coming true. And we most likely all have tales that we are able to inform about this.

Mercury is extremely psychological and Mars is kind of bodily. So it’s not sufficient to simply give it some thought and picture it. We now have to place some bodily power behind it as nicely, simply the act of writing one thing down may be very highly effective as a result of it’s bodily and it’s literal. And naturally, if the factor that we need to manifest is bodily in nature, that is the time to construct bodily power and to truly stroll it like we discuss it.

As an alternative of simply imagining, I’d like to run a marathon. Nicely, you may’t simply run out someday and run a marathon, proper? You must go into coaching. And that’s the nature of this Mercury conjunction with Mars, I believe. To think about the result that you just’re hoping for, however to place some precise motion behind it as nicely.

Solar trine Jupiter (Dec. 27, 2023, 7:28 am PST)

On December 27 at 7:28 am Pacific Time, the Solar in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus. It is a mixture that exhibits Capricorn’s arduous work, diligence, and dedication paying off and gaining some sort of reward. Have a look at the homes of your chart the place 5º36’ Capricorn and Taurus fall as a result of one thing is going on in these two homes which might be coming collectively to deliver you some sort of profit. And it won’t be an enormous one, you may need to get out your magnifying glass just a bit bit to see it, however typically talking, Jupiter is an amplifying pressure. And the Solar is the image of shining our mild on this planet, being who we actually are.

So to the extent that we’re doing that, that we’re utilizing all of our inventive presents to construct the sort of life we wish, because the Solar comes along with Jupiter, we get some sort of image that claims, sure, you’re heading in the right direction, and what you’re providing is actually one thing that the world wants and needs.

Mars sq. Neptune (December 28, 2023 at 2:15 pm PST)

On December 28 at 2:15 pm Pacific Time, Mars squares Neptune at 25º02’ Sagittarius and Pisces. The Sabian image for Mars is 26 Sagittarius, A flag bearer, and Neptune is on 26 Pisces, A New Moon that divides influences. I really discover Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of that image a little bit less difficult to get my thoughts round: Watching the skinny moon crescent at sundown, folks notice that it’s time for his or her totally different tasks. So Mars is on the image that claims get up to your morals, your rules, and your beliefs. However Neptune’s image says, hey, all of us have our personal factor to do. And though we need to get up for what’s necessary to us, now we have to just accept that others have their very own concepts, their very own beliefs.

We now have to withstand the impulse to persuade others in opposition to their will, and that’s one thing now we have to recollect all through Mars’s transit of Sagittarius. Mars is a planet of pressure and dedication. Sagittarius is about beliefs. So if we’re not cautious, we are able to get a little bit carried away and attempt to impose our beliefs on others. Now, there’s nothing mistaken with making an attempt to be persuasive, however persuasion is kind of totally different than simply saying, I imagine this and you must imagine this as nicely.

Generally with Mars and Neptune collectively, the tougher we push, the extra we get sucked beneath. It’s like quicksand. And a factor I keep in mind studying about quicksand way back is that the best way to outlive quicksand for those who fall in is to not wrestle, is to simply gently transfer your arms a little bit bit and you’ll transfer as much as the floor. So assume how totally different that’s from the best way Mars usually works, which is full steam forward, thrashing round.

Venus sextile Pluto (Dec. 28, 2023, 10:00 pm PST)

On December 28 at 10:00 pm Pacific Time, Venus sextiles Pluto at 29º16’ Scorpio and Capricorn. Venus is on the Sabian image, 30 Scorpio, A Halloween jester. And Pluto is on 30 Capricorn, A secret enterprise convention.

Venus’s diploma and image remind me of how Halloween provides cowl and societal permission to play pranks on folks, and in addition to fake that we’re one thing else. I believe this mixture and this image exhibits us that one efficient solution to have interaction with those that are in management is to be the jester. The jester was the one who might make the king chortle and will inform him the issues he didn’t need to hear. That’s what we are able to do if we’re an efficient jester. Venus can be about what’s stunning and pleasurable and the way that helps us get what we wish from the world. So, it isn’t at all times efficient to simply run up in opposition to forces we are able to’t management, those that are in energy. Generally, now we have to think about a solution to seduce them to our mind-set and to giving us what we wish.

Venus enters Sagittarius (Dec. 29, 2023, 12:23 pm PST)

Venus enters Sagittarius on December 29 at 12:23 pm Pacific Time. Will probably be in that signal by means of January 23. Venus in Sagittarius feels that love is freedom and freedom is love. Venus does discuss in regards to the issues within the bodily world that delight us. Sagittarius is an indication that’s intently akin to the skin world. Venus in Sagittarius could be somebody who likes to be outdoors climbing or exploring, who likes to journey, who loves to accumulate issues for his or her residence that come from different locations or remind them of various cultures. Possibly issues they’ve picked up of their travels.

For our closest relationships, that is often a transit that brings up problems with freedom, in addition to the methods we and our companions see the world, and the way suitable that’s. Venus in an indication like Most cancers, or Taurus, likes to be at residence simply the 2 of you, very cozy, watching some Netflix. However Venus in Sagittarius feels liked and feels linked to any individual else once you’re out having fun with the world and having an journey. So have a look at methods by means of January 23 you can discover a little bit bit. And take pride from the sorts of locations and meals and experiences and other people that you just don’t usually spend time with.

Jupiter stations direct (Dec. 30, 2023, 6:40 pm PST)

Lastly, on December 30, at 6:40 pm Pacific Time, Jupiter stations direct. It’s been retrograde since September 4, when it turned retrograde at 15º34’ Taurus. And the Sabian image for that diploma is An outdated man trying vainly to disclose the mysteries. Whereas Jupiter is retrograde, we’re requested to look inside, for our idea of what the which means of life is, how the world works, the sorts of adventures that decision to us, as distinct from those that society tells us we should always crave. Now, it’s turning direct on Sabian image 6 Taurus, A bridge being constructed throughout a gorge. We’ve turned from being the outdated man or outdated lady inside ourselves, making an attempt to point out us the mysteries of life for ourselves.

And now, because it goes direct, there’s a bridge being constructed between us and the best way different folks have a look at the world and assume. A hazard at all times with Jupiter is assuming we all know every thing and refusing to hearken to what others imagine or assume. In order Jupiter turns direct, we’ll discover extra alternatives to get along with others and share our concepts.

And that’s the important thing phrase, share. Jupiter is akin to Sagittarius. And with each of those symbols, now we have the tendency to get a little bit emphatic with others about sharing what we imagine and never at all times being keen to be excited by different concepts. Jupiter will probably be direct throughout October 8, 2024 when it can flip retrograde.

Listener Query: Discovering Mates within the Delivery Chart

On this week’s listener query, listener Betsy asks, “I do know the eleventh home is buddies, teams, and neighborhood, chosen household, however is it there that I’d discover my finest good friend, somebody who’s like a sister to me? Would you additionally have a look at the seventh or third home?”

Nicely, Betsy, thanks for this query. It’s really a reasonably straightforward one, nevertheless it provides me a possibility to supply some background on friendship and the homes of the chart.

Now, the eleventh home of the chart is usually referred to as the Home of Mates. And we are able to consider the eleventh home as signifying birds of a feather with whom we flock collectively, social connections which might be based mostly on frequent pursuits. Let’s say you’re eager about astrology and also you attend an astrology convention. You’ll find your self surrounded by eleventh home buddies by nature of your shared curiosity in astrology. You can strike up a dialog with just about anybody you met and have a lot to speak about, evaluating notes in your beginning charts. Now, does that make you buddies? It does in as a lot as one mind-set of buddies is that they’re folks with whom we share pursuits or issues.

However let’s say you belong to a neighborhood astrology group and over time you meet the identical individual repeatedly at conferences. And you discover you actually get pleasure from speaking with one another about every kind of issues, not simply astrology. So, you determine to fulfill for espresso, after which perhaps for lunch. And earlier than it, you’re texting one another memes, and also you’re sending one another birthday playing cards.

You go to the flicks collectively. You get along with one another’s buddies. At this level, I’d say you’re nonetheless within the eleventh home good friend zone. However let’s then think about that over time, this good friend proves to be actually invaluable. You speak in confidence to each other. You assist one another by means of tragedies or setbacks. You possibly can’t think about your life with out them. And what you’ve received there’s an precise one-on-one connection kind of good friend. And people buddies actually belong within the seventh home, the home of great others.

Some may debate how shut it’s worthwhile to be with somebody for them to be promoted to your seventh home, however I positively assume that somebody you name your finest good friend is a seventh home individual in your life.

I can see why you thought the third home could be a very good candidate, Betsy since you mentioned you contemplate her like a sister. However she is just not really a sister, and if we need to be sticklers, we’ll reserve that home for precise siblings with whom we share a mother or father or two, as a result of that may be a barely totally different sort of relationship. Not least of which is that the good friend is chosen, and a sibling is imposed on us by an accident of beginning or, within the case of a step-sibling, marriage. However when you say finest good friend, we’re positively in seventh home territory. These are the individuals who see us most clearly, who replicate ourselves again to us, who know our weaknesses in addition to our strengths. And that’s additionally why the seventh Home guidelines open enemies in addition to spouses, companions, and finest buddies.

There are every kind of locations within the beginning chart the place we discover relationships, however that shut treasured good friend of the center completely belongs within the seventh home. Betsy, thanks a lot for that query, and I hope that that was useful.

And for those who, Invisible Pal, have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at SpeakPipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast. Or, electronic mail me at April (at) BigSkyAstrology (dot) com, and be sure you put “Podcast Query within the topic line.

That’s every thing on my present sheet, so I’m going to wrap this one up. Thanks for listening to the Large Sky Astrology Podcast. If you happen to like what you’re listening to, please be sure you subscribe or observe the present in your app of alternative, go away a ranking or a overview, and perhaps assist unfold the phrase by telling an astrology-loving good friend in regards to the podcast.

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