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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 216 | Capricorn New Moon: A Relay Race! – Large Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 216 | Capricorn New Moon: A Relay Race! – Large Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Episode 216 | Capricorn New Moon: A Relay Race! (Jan. 8, 2024)

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Hi there Invisible Buddy, April right here and the date in the present day is January eighth, 2024. Welcome to Episode 216 of the Large Sky Astrology Podcast. This week, the Capricorn New Moon has inspiration and alter in-built, Mars will get issues executed with Jupiter and Saturn, and Mercury makes one final sq. to Neptune in a sequence, after which enters Constructive Capricorn.

Mercury sq. Neptune (Jan. 8, 2024, 5:24 pm PST)

Mercury squares Neptune on January eighth at 5:24 p.m. Pacific Time, at 25º12’ Sagittarius and Pisces. That is the final in a sequence of Mercury squares to Neptune. The primary was on November twenty seventh, the second on December twenty sixth. This has been a sequence of elements that should do, I believe, with tempering our sturdy opinions – Mercury has been in Sagittarius, and tempering these opinions with Piscean and Neptunian kindness, empathy, and seeing different factors of view. That requires us to hunt readability. it’s not at all times straightforward. It’s like driving by means of fog. However the sq. facet between them says that we really feel this sturdy impulse to maintain attempting to get readability on what’s occurring, the place it’s that we’re headed.

That is really an exquisite mixture of planets for attempting to articulate the issues which might be exhausting to place into phrases. Neptune does symbolize issues like love and ache and struggling and forgiveness. And these may be exhausting to place into phrases, so that is why it tends to be related to poetry, or music, these kinds that don’t rely simply on phrases to get the purpose throughout. However when Mercury is sq. Neptune, there’s this urge to articulate these issues. This ought to be a little bit simpler now that Mercury is direct.

Solar trine Uranus (Jan. 9, 2024, 4:07 pm PST)

The Solar trines Uranus on January ninth at 4:07 pm Pacific Time, 19º13’ Capricorn and Taurus. The Solar is the image of being one’s true, constant self; Uranus symbolizes the willingness to vary. And so once they come collectively in some sort of facet, there’s an opportunity to tackle a unique persona.

Once they’re in a tough facet to one another, just like the opposition again on November 13, these sorts of elements immediate exhausting questions and typically confrontations about whether or not or not we’re too caught in our photo voltaic methods. However this trine facet between the Solar and Uranus symbolizes a smoother glide into an examination of who we’re, and extra importantly, who we need to be.

This trine originated again with the conjunction between the Solar and Uranus on Could ninth. And the ultimate two main elements on this cycle shall be a sq. that’s developing on February 8 – it is going to be a type of occasions for exhausting questions on who we’re and who we need to be and the way we need to be freer in our lives. After which on March 9, there shall be a sextile between them, which is able to usher in alternative. Will we need to make everlasting the modifications that we’ve been working with since Could 2023?

Mars sextile Saturn (Jan. 9, 2024, 6:40 pm PST)

Simply a few hours in a while January 9 at 6 40 p.m. Pacific time, Mars sextiles Saturn. When these two planets are in facet, we discover the ways in which we direct our bodily power, our willpower, and our aggressive influences in constructive methods. The sextile particularly brings a suggestion or a chance or an concept of how we will step up our recreation on this space. It will probably typically deliver a promotion or simply extra duties in our work, which we will say sure to or no to, but when we are saying sure, it typically works out effectively when we’ve got a sextile.

When these two had been sq. one another on November 25, there was much less of a suggestion than a requirement for us to make use of our Mars assets extra effectively and successfully. And that’s a facet that may result in some burnout, some sickness, and even an harm, as a result of we’re pushing very exhausting and it’s like knocking our head towards a brick wall. But when at the moment you had been ready to make use of that sq. between Mars and Saturn to coach your mood, to handle your bodily power, now comes the chance to take that power and self-control and what you labored by means of at the moment and use it in a brand new means.

Solar sq. Lunar Nodes (Jan. 10, 2024, 5:43 pm PST)

The Solar in Capricorn squares the Lunar Nodes on January tenth at 5:43 p.m. Pacific Time, at 20º18’ Capricorn and Aries. When the Solar squares the Lunar Nodes, it marks the midpoint between eclipse seasons. The final sq. between the Solar and the Nodes was on July 23, 2023, at 29º Most cancers. The final eclipse season was in October and November, and the following is available in March and April.

When a planet is sq. the nodes, we are saying it’s on the bendings. The Solar on the sq. is bending towards the South Node, that means this can be a message of releasing, on this case utilizing the Solar in Capricorn as a means out of the Libra South Node. The Libra South Node can symbolize that in some methods it’s a lot simpler for us to simply say sure to different individuals, to simply accommodate others, as a substitute of shifting ahead in our personal route, which is symbolized by the North Node in Aries. So the Solar in Capricorn, on this case, is a little bit of an antidote to that Libra South Node as a result of the Solar in Capricorn won’t concede to others as a rule. So across the time of the sq. from the Solar to the notes, take note of data that comes your means, whether or not about you personally or simply concerning the challenge surrounding giving in an excessive amount of as a substitute of standing up and letting your self be acknowledged on your accomplishments.

Capricorn New Moon (Jan. 11, 2024, 3:57 a.m. PST)

And now for the Moon Report, and it begins with a Capricorn New Moon on January eleventh at 3:57 a.m. Pacific Time at 20º44’ Capricorn on the Sabian image 21 Capricorn, A relay race. The New Moon comes simply a few days after the Solar’s trine to Uranus, so it’s a main function of this complete New Moon cycle and its three-year lunar section household cycle.

The message of a Capricorn New Moon is inspecting the position that we need to play on the planet, what we need to stand for, what we need to be acknowledged for. This New Moon diploma is on 21 Capricorn, A relay race, and I do know I talked about this one on a current episode. It’s a pleasant reminder that reaching what we need to obtain, which is what the Capricorn New Moon is concentrated on, is usually a matter of taking one thing so far as we will personally, after which passing it off to a different technology to take it even additional.

This New Moon level, trine Uranus, sextile Neptune, in a large conjunction with Pluto, symbolizes that we’re within the course of of reworking into new variations of ourselves. We now have to make large modifications in an effort to succeed on the planet as it’s at present, and to maintain up with enormous transformations on the planet. We’re known as to paint exterior the traces, incorporate instinct and religious intelligence, and be prepared to take a look at the issues which might be exhausting to take a look at.

Lunar Section Household Cycle

This New Moon initiates a Lunar Section Household Cycle that can play out over the following three years as main lunations fall near this New Moon level. That is the New Moon of conceiving what it’s that we need to accomplish and stand for on the planet. This isn’t one thing that’s going to occur simply in a month, however it’s the place the kernel of an concept is being planted. 9 months from now, on the First Quarter Moon on October 10, 2024, which is at 17º57’ Capricorn, an motion is required to start to take the issues that we’re conceiving of at this New Moon and transfer in the direction of making them a actuality.

9 months after that, there’s a Full Moon at 18º50’ Capricorn on July 10, 2025. And at that time, we will start to see the complete image of what it’s that we initiated at this New Moon. 9 months after that, there’s a Final Quarter Moon on April 9, 2026, at 20º20’ Capricorn. That’s after we take a remaining finishing motion to deliver this New Moon’s promise to fruition.

Void-of-Course Moon durations

Let’s take a look at the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week. On January 9, the Moon in Sagittarius makes a conjunction with Mercury at 10:24 a.m. Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for a little bit over 7 hours – we’ve got some sort of lengthy Void-of-Course Moon durations this week. After which the Moon enters Capricorn at 5:33 p.m. Pacific Time.

The sensation of planets in a conjunction with one another is usually considered one of strain, as one thing new is being conceived, however we will’t fairly see what it’s. When the Moon is along with Mercury, this has to do with placing our emotions into phrases, or articulating our emotions. This goes again to the facet between Mercury and Neptune on the day past that offers with the identical themes. Taking the sentiments that we’ve got and placing them into phrases, which could be a problem. As this Void-of-Course Moon interval begins, take into consideration the methods through which you do discover it exhausting to speak about your emotions.

This conjunction takes place in Sagittarius, and it’s a really wealthy one for storytelling. Usually once I write – I write a weekly column in addition to doing this podcast – I often attempt to use tales to clarify the planetary elements for the week, as a result of it’s the best way people make sense of our world. We love narrative and we love storytelling. So throughout this Void-of-Course interval, which is about breaking outdated habits or initiating new ones, take into consideration perhaps sitting down and writing a little bit story. Take note of the tales that you simply’re taking in throughout today, whether or not it’s watching tv, studying a e book, or simply listening to individuals speaking round you.

On January eleventh, the Moon in Capricorn makes a conjunction with Pluto at 6:33 p.m. Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for less than a half an hour. Blink, and also you’ll miss it. After which it enters Aquarius at 7:01 pm. Pluto is on the very finish of Capricorn; it is going to quickly be shifting again into Aquarius. And so, the Moon makes its conjunction, and earlier than it, it’s on into Aquarius. However whereas it’s there, and through this very transient Void-of-Course Moon interval, take a second to consider the methods through which you stand alone, other than the collective.

Possibly you’re a little bit little bit of a lone wolf, perhaps you want working by yourself, you don’t have excessive social wants, no matter it is likely to be. However think about throughout this Void-of-Course interval that the private and the collective – the Moon is extra private, Pluto is extra of the collective – however in every particular person we see a mirrored image of the entire.

On January thirteenth, the Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus at 1:59 a.m. Pacific Time, and ushers in an epic, 17 1/2 hours, Void-of-Course Moon interval, earlier than it enters Pisces at 7:29 p.m.

Now we’d take a look at the Moon in Aquarius and Uranus, which is the trendy ruler of Aquarius. And assume, oh, this doesn’t sound like too unhealthy of a sq.. They’ve loads in frequent. I don’t assume it’s a nasty sq. or a nasty Void-of-Course Moon interval. However there’s a battle at any time when we see a sq.. The battle right here is between the a part of Aquarius that’s fastened and is dominated by Saturn, its conventional ruler, versus the rule breaker and liberator, symbolized by its trendy ruler, Uranus. This actually talks of an inner battle in every of us, and through this Void-of-Course Moon interval, it’s a time for reflecting on and releasing outdated habits associated to resisting change or letting chaos rule and rejecting any sort of self-discipline or construction.

So it’s a large battle and a few years in the past we had a sequence of squares between transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus, and we labored by means of these themes as a collective for a full yr. This can be a little little bit of a flashback to that, and saying, how are you doing with reconciling these two components of your nature, the rule maker and the rule breaker?

Mars trine Jupiter (Jan. 12, 2024, 2:42 am PST)

On January 12, at 2:42 a.m. Pacific Time, Mars trines Jupiter. This can be a constructing facet. Mars in Capricorn may be so productive, and this can be a image of placing our drive and our power into constructing one thing that’s large and essential, symbolized by Jupiter. The planning and self-discipline of Mars in Capricorn is flowing effortlessly in the direction of success and reward, particularly relating to issues within the bodily world.

Each of the Sabian symbols for this mixture are about constructions. Mars is on 6 Capricorn, A darkish archway with ten logs on the backside. And Jupiter is on 6 Taurus, A bridge being constructed throughout a gorge. In a single, we’ve got logs beneath this archway and the implication is that we’ve got these further logs and now we will add to the archway and even construct one thing else with it.

And that different image actually has a bridge being constructed throughout a gorge.

This can be a constructing facet, constructing one thing that shall be profitable and can deliver reward. When you’ve got been occupied with launching a enterprise, doing one thing to your home that’s a very large endeavor, this can be a very supportive facet for that.

Mercury enters Capricorn (Jan. 13, 2024, 6:49 pm PST)

And at last, on January thirteenth at 6:49 p.m. Pacific Time, Mercury enters Capricorn. It will likely be on this signal by means of February 4th. That is what I’ve been ready for within the New 12 months, for actually establishing concrete plans. Between Christmas and New 12 months, I carried out my annual ritual of sitting down with calendars and my astrology ephemeris for the approaching yr. I wrote in my schedule, in pencil, the issues that I need to accomplish this yr, however I advised myself I’m going to attend till January 13, when Mercury is direct and it enters Capricorn, earlier than I finalize something.

Mercury is the a part of us that likes schedules and calendars. And when it goes into Capricorn, we’re in a position to take all of these concepts and put them right into a construction that’s sensible and is sensible and builds step-by-step by means of the approaching yr. So be part of me this week in sitting down and filling in your schedule for the approaching yr in pen.

Listener Query: Is our expertise of a transit influenced by its natal place?

On this week’s listener query, listener Diane writes, “I’ve a query I hope I can verbalize clearly.” April: That’s the week for this, Diane, getting by means of this Neptune stuff and Mercury going into Capricorn! She continues, “Is the impact of a transcending planet influenced by its natal place? One planet I battle with understanding in my chart is Mars and Most cancers.

The archetype of Mars doesn’t match me, so when common astrology forecasts specify a fiery high-energy facet from Mars, how would a Most cancers Mars interpret that? I hope that is sensible.”

April: Properly, Diane, thanks for this query, and it makes excellent sense. I’m actually joyful that you simply requested. As a result of I actually do really feel that the best way we expertise transiting planets could be very a lot associated to the situation of that planet in our start chart.

The way in which you perceive Mars is in a Cancerian means, and that’s very, very completely different than anyone who has Mars in a really fiery or outgoing signal. I perceive your completely different orientation towards Mars, as a result of its placement for you isn’t just in a water signal, however in Most cancers, the signal of its fall, which suggests it is going to categorical itself in additional refined methods.

It could typically be tough so that you can relate to the themes of Mars. Years in the past, I did a analysis undertaking about Mars and ladies. The respondents who had Mars in Most cancers had the toughest time referring to the warrior planet. Certainly one of them wrote, “I don’t often get offended. I get pissed off after which I cry. I’ve at all times had a tough time with anger. It scares me.” And, Diane, your response to transits of Mars might really feel much less fiery and excessive power, and maybe a little bit overwhelming emotionally, however even when your personal Mars struggles to precise itself, Mars remains to be Mars. It symbolizes the methods that we use to get what we’d like and to maintain ourselves protected.

Mars in Most cancers might not appear fairly as formidable as an Aries sort, or Scorpio, or perhaps Leo, but it surely is aware of how one can shield itself by withdrawing. Consider the crab going into its shell. Typically, this can be a signal that dislikes battle and competitors. Now, the one space the place Mars actually appears to precise itself effectively in Most cancers is within the safety and protection of family members. Should you’ve ever had a liked one who has been threatened or a pet, keep in mind what that felt like, and the way you responded. That’s your Mars. And when it comes out, persons are most likely greatly surprised, as a result of usually you most likely appear very mild.

When Mars transits come alongside, there are some good methods you possibly can channel Mars power with a Mars like yours. Foremost, I might channel it into Cancerian pursuits. That is the time to deal with home-related tasks, to take your pets for his or her checkups, to look into providers perhaps for ailing mother and father, or for youngsters who’ve particular studying wants at college. It sounds humorous, however incorporate the colour pink into your own home throughout excessive energy transits of Mars! It’s the coloration related to Mars.

Now, for you particularly, with Mars in Most cancers, when Mars is transiting by means of Aries or Libra, it is going to sq. your natal Mars, and you’ll typically end up compelled to confront the issues that frighten you or frustrate you, since you’re struggling to assert extra of what you want for your self, or to take care of tensions in relationships.

When Mars transits by means of Capricorn, the alternative signal of Most cancers as it’s now, pay shut consideration to individuals in your world who’re good at placing emotions apart in order that they will get issues executed. That’s by no means actually going to be your means, however you may be impressed by that instance to attempt to include your emotional overload so as to push on to perform particular targets.

My pal astrologer Dana Gerhart has noticed that planets which might be within the indicators of their detriment or fall – and Mars in Most cancers is an instance of that, in addition to the Moon and Venus in Scorpio, the Solar in Aquarius or Libra and so forth – that these planets work extra time to precise themselves as a result of they’re in these difficult indicators. So, typically, they really turn into very distinguished traits in us that different individuals discover whether or not or not we discover them in ourselves.

Diane, I hope that that helps!

And in case you, Invisible Buddy, have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply depart a message of 1 minute or much less at speakpipe.com /bigskyastrologypodcast or e mail me at april (at) bigskyastrology (dot) com and put “podcast query” within the topic line.

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