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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 219 | Mercury Enters Aquarius: Eureka! – Massive Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 219 | Mercury Enters Aquarius: Eureka! – Massive Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Ep. 219 (1.29.24)
Mercury Enters Aquarius: Eureka!

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Hey Invisible Buddy, April right here, and the date right this moment is January twenty ninth, 2024. Welcome to Episode 219 of the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. This week, Mars trine Uranus unites perspiration with inspiration; Mercury features imaginative Neptune and enters Aquarius; a Scorpio Final Quarter Moon performs bouncer for the rising Aquarius occasion; and I reply a listener query concerning the A part of Fortune.

Mars trine Uranus (Jan. 29, 2024, 3:41 pm PST)

The week begins with Mars in Capricorn making a trine facet to Uranus on January 29 at 3:41 pm Pacific Time at 19º05’ Capricorn and Taurus. Final week we noticed Mars connecting with Mercury, and giving us a approach to put our concepts – Mercury – into motion, after which we noticed Mars making a sq. to the lunar node axis and transferring us within the course of our true path. Mars in Capricorn this week finds its methods and its planning and the platform that we’ve been constructing since Mars has been in Capricorn, lastly finds a approach to transfer us in a course that’s new and out of our previous mind-set.

Mars in Capricorn likes to have a plan and a method and to maneuver from one step to the following. And whereas that’s actually good for getting issues accomplished, it’s finest for getting unsurprising issues accomplished. When Mars comes along with Uranus, there’s a chance to do one thing new, to maneuver in a brand new course, and for it to work out very well, for it to truly be a form of a reward for all of that systematic Mars in Capricorn work that we’ve been doing.

The Sabian image for Mars is 20 Capricorn, Hidden choir singing. And the Sabian image for Uranus is 20 Taurus, Wind, clouds, and haste. That’s one thing we’ve been seeing quite a bit over the previous couple of weeks, as Uranus has been near this diploma. The hidden choir singing diploma offers me this image of many voices raised collectively, which is what Mars in Capricorn is superb at. It’s a superb Mars for management, for setting a aim and getting lots of people to observe you in pursuing that aim.

However the image for Uranus, Wind, clouds, and haste, speaks of being in a bit of little bit of a rush and out of the blue wanting to interrupt out in a brand new course. So for those who’ve been working actually diligently, however haven’t been feeling significantly impressed by what you’re doing, that would change this week as Mars connects with Uranus, planet of change and innovation.

Mercury sextile Neptune (Feb. 2, 2024, 2:55 am PST)

On February 2 at 2:55 am Pacific Time, Mercury sextiles Neptune. That is one other transit, with Mercury being in Capricorn, that’s saying, once more, you have got accomplished your preparation, you have got developed a method, you’ve been working exhausting, however as Mercury connects with Neptune, now the job is to let our minds float a bit of bit. That is the chance to go our personal means and to take a detour from the straight and slender. We had the same facet a few weeks in the past that was giving, I keep in mind, the same message. And Capricorn is, once more, fantastic at getting issues accomplished. However Mercury on the sextile is on the Sabian image 26 Capricorn, A water sprite, and that’s a picture of letting ourselves go, frolicking a bit of bit within the water, and never feeling as if we’ve to take a really specific path to get to what it’s that we wish to do. This would possibly imply that one thing you’ve been fascinated about for some time and perhaps even planning with different folks – out of the blue, it turns into one thing that it’s worthwhile to do by yourself.

Now, this can be a significantly good facet for inventive work, inventive work, music, dance, and likewise simply usually transferring into your creativeness. Mercury in Capricorn doesn’t usually work in that realm. Mercury in Capricorn may be very to-do-list oriented. First, I’ll do that, after which this, after which this. And within the strategy of doing that, we regularly have blinders on and we’re closed to different prospects that may be a bit of extra inventive or intuitive, poetic. This sextile is a chance to discover these issues.

The Sabian image for Neptune is 26 Pisces, A New Moon that divides its influences. And what I get from this image is that it’s about going our personal methods. Or, even inside ourselves, going a distinct means than we’re accustomed to going. The New Moon is about new tasks, perhaps new issues that you simply initiated on the Capricorn New Moon.

Scorpio Final Quarter Moon (Feb. 2, 2024, 3:17 pm PST)

And now for the Moon Report. It begins with the Final Quarter Moon in Scorpio on February 2 at 3:17 pm Pacific Time, Groundhog Day. It’s at 13º35’ Scorpio with the Solar on 13º35’ Aquarius. There’s a T-square on this Final Quarter Moon chart. The Moon is sq. the Solar, because it all the time is at a final quarter, and they’re each sq. Jupiter and Uranus.

Jupiter and Uranus are a bit of distance aside. They’re transferring in direction of a conjunction that can occur in April, however proper now they’re nonetheless a reasonably good way. However the Solar and the Moon, by diploma, are form of between the levels of Jupiter and Uranus, so we’re getting all of them blended up in right here.

The Solar is in Aquarius, an indication of social connections. However these social connections can go awry a bit of bit if we don’t train logic about who we let into our internal circles. The Scorpio Final Quarter Moon lets us look again, overview previous events when our judgment may not have been utterly the most effective about folks, in order that we will transfer via this Aquarius season, and it’s transferring into fairly a dramatically Aquarian season, allying ourselves with the proper folks.

The Sabian image for the Moon is 14 Scorpio, Phone linemen at work, which all the time brings to thoughts that lovely previous Glenn Campbell track, Wichita Lineman. And that is the very image of excessive, lonesome work that’s needed in making teams and organizations operate.

The Solar is on 14 Aquarius, a practice coming into a tunnel. Each time I see trains within the Sabian symbols, I consider them as representing the collective, how we’re all transferring collectively in the identical course. And this practice coming into the tunnel signifies deep focus.

That is the Final Quarter Moon in a Lunar Section Household Cycle that started on November 4, 2021 with a New Moon at 12º40’ Scorpio. That New Moon was opposed Uranus and sq. Saturn. It was throughout that yr that we had a collection of Saturn Uranus features, and this was a New Moon that was tightly linked with that sq.. So this New Moon initiated a 3 yr story of the strain between Saturn, which makes guidelines, and Uranus, which breaks them.

We’ve been engaged on that ever since, via this Lunar Section Household Cycle. The First Quarter within the cycle was on August 5, 2022. That’s when one thing wanted to occur, some form of motion wanted to be taken that was linked to that New Moon in Scorpio in 2021. Then the Full Moon was on Could 5, 2023, after we started to see fairly clearly what we had initiated at that New Moon, and now it’s the Final Quarter within the cycle, and that is the time of trying again, and saying, how has this gone, the factor that I planted at that November 4, 2021 New Moon in Scorpio. And you concentrate on the place that time, 12º40’ Scorpio, lands in your beginning chart, what home? And it tells you maybe the character of what was initiated at the moment, whether or not consciously or unconsciously. You started to see it extra clearly final Could on the Full Moon. However now this Final Quarter says, hmm, how has this labored out? How may I’ve accomplished issues in another way? And the way would possibly I do issues in another way for the approaching 9 months as we empty out this lunar part household cycle to attempt to convey this to fruition?

Void-of-Course Moon Intervals

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week. On January twenty ninth, the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune at 3:20 pm Pacific Time. It’s Void of Course for a reasonably very long time, 8 3/4 hours, earlier than it enters Libra on January 30 at 4 minutes previous midnight Pacific Time.

An opposition facet brings consciousness. On this case, it’s the consciousness that steadiness is required in our lives between logic, symbolized by Virgo, and instinct, symbolized by Neptune and Pisces. And in addition steadiness between practicality, and leaps of religion. It is a good lengthy Void-of-Course Moon interval, and we just like the Void-of-Course Moon durations for reviewing and letting go of previous patterns that aren’t working nicely, and hopefully initiating new ones.

So, the habits to do away with at this specific opposition need to do with falling too closely on both aspect. The logic aspect, or the instinct aspect, the practicality, or the leaps of religion aspect. It’s about discovering a greater steadiness of that in your life.

On February 1st, the Moon in Libra squares Mercury in Capricorn at 1:03 a. m. Pacific Time. It’s Void of Course for about eleven and a half hours. Now we have some fairly lengthy Void of Course durations this week. Then it enters Scorpio at 12:37 pm Pacific Time. The place we see a sq., we’ve battle. And the battle right here has one thing to do with how consideration towards others, represented by the Moon in Libra, and the way we’d all the time put different folks first, that may lead us into vacillation the place we will’t actually determine what to do at any given second, as a result of we’re guided by exterior influences fairly than one thing true and unchanging in ourselves.

There’s a battle between these noble Libra traits and Mercury in Capricorn, which has the drive to finish a activity and might typically strategy that in a means that may be a little bit harsh with different folks. So this 11 ½-hour Void-of-Course Moon interval begins with us asking, Am I doing an excessive amount of of considered one of these or the opposite? Am I paying an excessive amount of consideration to what different folks need and never sufficient to transferring within the course that’s true for me? Or conversely, am I being a bit of too harsh and too decided to do issues by myself timetable, in my very own means, and typically on the expense of getting together with others and respecting what they need?

And on February 3, the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Mercury in Capricorn at 7:24 pm Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for a bit of over three hours. After which enters Sagittarius at 10:28 pm Pacific Time. The sextile is a chance facet. And the chance throughout this Void-of-Course interval is to make use of that Moon in Libra that we simply had sq., Mercury in Capricorn. Scorpio brings that to a way more decisive place. And analyzing that and seeing if there’s a means, now that you simply really feel a bit of extra clear about what you need, how that may aid you in setting objectives and finishing some duties, which is represented by the Mercury in Capricorn.

There’s additionally a chance as a result of it’s the Moon with Mercury, that our deep instinct and insights and talent to see deeply into others will also be put to make use of in the way in which we talk with others, as represented by Mercury in Capricorn.

Mercury enters Aquarius (Feb. 4, 2024, 9:10 pm PST)

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 4 at 9:10 pm Pacific Time. It’ll be in Aquarius via February twenty second. Aquarius is considered one of Mercury’s favourite indicators. In some trendy texts, you will note Mercury labeled as being in its exaltation in Aquarius. That’s truly how I discovered it once I was developing. And it is because Mercury, being linked with pondering, thought processes, cognition, is especially clear and good within the signal of Aquarius. It’s a signal of eureka connections, ingenious concepts, of pondering exterior the field.

Mercury goes to be a bit of little bit of a scout planet right here. The Solar and Pluto are already in Aquarius, however now they’re being joined by Mercury, after which we may have Venus and Mars within the coming weeks. So Mercury transferring into Aquarius is getting the lay of the land, is trying round, is constructing connections, is placing conferences on its schedule. The place we will, as this power builds, so many planets going into Aquarius, Mercury is the one that’s setting the stage and gathering the sources and concepts and connections to assist us do the very most with that.

Look to the homes of your beginning chart which have Gemini or Virgo on the cusp and you will note in all probability throughout this time that Mercury is in Aquarius, increasingly modern pondering, concepts, and breakthroughs. If, in these areas of your life, you have got been caught with attempting to provide you with an answer to an issue or an concept that you simply wish to develop, that is going to be an exquisite alternative to do this form of brainstorming. And particularly, perhaps, to get along with others, as a result of Aquarius is a really congenial signal. Get along with others to brainstorm some new concepts.

Listener Query: The A part of Fortune in Synastry

On this week’s listener query, listener Lynn writes: Hello April, my query has to do with the A part of Fortune. My partner and I share the identical diploma of A part of Fortune, 23 levels quarter-hour Sagittarius within the 4th home for me, 23 levels 53 minutes Sagittarius within the eighth home for him. I discover this fascinating, because it’s not truly a placement however a calculation.

So what are the percentages? Now we have what I’d think about a difficult synastry chart, which holds true in actual life, however sharing the A part of Fortune makes me suppose that’s the explanation we’ve made it work.”

April: Now, I’m simply going to interrupt Lynn’s electronic mail for one second right here to clarify to those that may not know what we imply by the time period Synastry. Synastry is simply an astrological method by which we check out the planets in a single particular person’s chart and have a look at the affect they’ve In one other particular person’s chart. And now again to Lynn.

Lynn: There may be valuable little good data I discovered on the web about A part of Fortune placements in synastry charts. And considered one of my all-time favourite books, Parker’s Astrology by Julia and Derek Parker, doesn’t contact on it in any respect. Are you able to give us any enlightenment on the A part of Fortune, comparable to what precisely it means and the way it’s calculated? I’m endlessly fascinated with the way in which astrology all the time appears to work out, and this little discovery has made me so excited, however I’ve obtained nobody to share it with who actually is aware of what I’m speaking about! Thanks a lot for all you do.”

April: Nicely, thanks, Lynn, for that query. The A part of Fortune appears to be an indispensable a part of the standard astrologer’s toolbox, together with the A part of Spirit. And though the A part of Fortune was all the time drawn within the charts that I obtained once I was first beginning out in astrology – and the image for the A part of Fortune, for those who’re in search of it in your personal chart, is a circle with an X within the center – I’ve to confess, I actually haven’t labored with all of it that a lot over time. That stated, the yr that my secondary progressed Solar made a conjunction with my A part of Fortune within the Home of Profession, completely a breakthrough yr for me professionally. So I do imagine it may be a strong and necessary level within the chart.

Earlier than we get to the Synastry query, let me simply run down the fundamentals of what the A part of Fortune is. It is among the Arabian Heaps, also called Arabic Components, that are, as you say, calculated factors within the chart, not bodily our bodies. These delicate factors are decided by mathematical formulation involving the positions of planets and homes, in some instances, and different components in a beginning chart.

Every Arabian lot is related to particular life themes, comparable to love, profession, or well being. Frequent examples are the A part of Fortune, and the A part of Spirit, in addition to the A part of Love. And as an apart, my very own A part of Love is in an nearly actual conjunction with the Solar in my husband’s beginning chart. And his A part of Fortune is in a conjunction with my Ascendant. So, I believe you’re onto one thing right here, Lynn.

Anyway, the A part of Fortune is derived from arguably the main three factors within the beginning chart. Today, they’re known as the large three. The Solar, Moon, and Ascendant in a person’s beginning chart. It’s the image of your potential for fulfillment, happiness, and well-being.

The precise method varies a bit of bit in several astrological traditions. Crucial distinction being that the formulation are completely different relying on whether or not you had been born in the course of the day or at night time. So consider the A part of Fortune as an indicator of private achievement and prosperity. Its placement by home and signal influences the areas of life the place you would possibly expertise success and alternatives.

Though it’s not a planet, the A part of Fortune is taken into account a delicate level that provides depth to an astrological evaluation, and offers insights about our path to achievement and pleasure. In my very own e book, The Important Information to Sensible Astrology, I do cowl the Arabic components very briefly in Chapter 15. And there, I embrace the strategy for calculating the A part of Fortune and some of the opposite Arabic components or tons, such because the A part of Love and the A part of Marriage. However there are Arabic components for nearly every little thing. It’s actually superb. Within the present description, I’ll see if I can discover a hyperlink to an extended checklist of those, together with the formulation.

So, if in case you have planets or angles in your chart which are in an in depth facet to the A part of Fortune, the planet that guidelines its signal tells loads about your calling and abilities. And its features will fairly often present how simple or tough it is going to be so that you can entry these and do one thing with them.

And the signal and the home placement of the A part of Fortune describes how and through which areas of life you might be prone to discover success. You and your husband having your Components of Fortune in the identical signal and so shut collectively by diploma implies that necessary transits will have an effect on this level for you concurrently it does your husband, and sometimes brings some form of good success for each of you.

You might need this level in several homes, however there truly is sort of a little bit of sympathy between the fourth home the place you have got it, and the eighth home the place he has it. These are each homes of shut bonding, of deep emotion and sensitivity and belief. Transits or progressions that join along with your A part of Fortune within the 4th home would possibly convey welcome breakthroughs associated to your house, your precise home you reside in, or your loved ones.

Your husband’s eighth home A part of Fortune may convey some form of monetary fortune, maybe associated to investments or inheritance, or simply having married somebody superior and supportive.

Lynne, I hope that that helps. I don’t wish to faux that I’ve accomplished some nice research of this in synastry, however I believe now that you simply point out it, it’s a actually fascinating avenue to probe for future analysis.

I do suppose the Arabic components basically may be actually helpful, particularly with regards to issues like secondary progressions and transits.

And for those who, Invisible Buddy, have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply depart a message of 1 minute or much less at SpeakPipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast or electronic mail me at April (at) BigSkyAstrology.com and put “podcast query” within the topic line.

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