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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 220 | Aquarius New Moon: A Shock to the System! – Huge Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 220 | Aquarius New Moon: A Shock to the System! – Huge Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Ep. 220 | Aquarius New Moon: A Shock to the System (Feb. 5, 2024)

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Hi there Invisible Good friend, April right here, and the date in the present day is February fifth, 2024. Welcome to Episode 220 of the Huge Sky Astrology Podcast. This week, a high-powered Aquarius New Moon sq. Uranus brings massive shifts. Mercury comes along with Pluto to resolve the unsolvable. Venus trine Uranus invitations us to like and embrace what’s new. Mars takes a dip in Neptune’s waters, Mercury squares Jupiter, and I reply a listener query about whether or not Pluto in Aquarius is behind a rash of Mercury retrograde-ish signs within the listener’s life.

Mercury conjunct Pluto (Feb. 5, 2024, 4:57 am PST)

The week begins with a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto on February 5 at 4:57 a.m. Pacific Time at 0º29’ Aquarius. This can be a mixture that means robust focus and laser focus. Pluto along with any planet appears to offer it an virtually obsessive high quality, nevertheless it additionally offers it the will to deal with issues that appear not possible.

So, if there may be some job in your life that’s actually daunting and also you’ve been eager to handle it, say an enormous pile of papers that wants submitting, getting your tax paperwork collectively, determining any logistical drawback that appears unsolvable – that is completely one of the best day to give attention to that. That is very true with this mixture on the very starting of Aquarius as a result of as I mentioned in final week’s episode, Mercury in Aquarius is a superb placement for brand new insights and breakthroughs. If there may be some drawback that you just’ve been caught on, it is a fantastic mixture for breaking via that.

Now, Mercury, along with Pluto, can level to a sure depth in the best way we talk. So we need to keep in mind once we are talking to folks, that they’ve emotions and that they could be impacted emotionally by what we are saying, and particularly the best way we are saying it.

Venus sq. Lunar Nodes (Feb. 6, 2024, 8:15 am PST)

On February 6 at 8:15 am Pacific Time, Venus in Capricorn squares the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra. The Sabian image for the North Node is eighteen Aries, An empty hammock. And since Venus describes how we need to be comfy and relaxed, this Sabian image reminds us that, so as to get what we really need, Venus, we’re going to must get off our hammock. The hammock within the Sabian image is empty. We aren’t hanging on the market. We’re shifting ahead.

Venus in Capricorn does prefer to work, however this will additionally imply that generally we work an excessive amount of both on the unsuitable issues, or we’re so centered on the work that we’re doing. That we don’t all the time discover that there’s a higher option to do issues, or in reality, a greater aim that may swimsuit us higher and make our lives extra partaking and happier.

This Venus sq. to the Lunar Nodes does have that implication with it. That what we wish, what makes us really feel comfy, what we like doing is just not all the time what’s going to make us happiest in the long term.

Venus trine Uranus (Feb. 7, 2024, 1:25 pm PST)

On the subsequent day, February 7, at 1:25 p.m. Pacific Time, Venus trines Uranus. And this can assist us additionally get out of that hammock and embrace what’s new and thrilling to embrace, to some extent, change, which isn’t often one thing that Capricorn loves. On a sensible degree, Venus trine Uranus can imply that there’s some sudden growth in a relationship. And likewise, financially, it is a mixture that has been recognized to deliver sudden windfalls. It will probably additionally deliver sudden bills. However we’ll hope that with the trine side, which is a really harmonious side, that as a substitute, issues shall be coming our manner that we didn’t essentially count on, which are very nice.

Mars sextile Neptune (Feb. 7, 2024, 4:20 pm PST)

A bit of later, on February 7, at 4:20 p.m. Pacific Time, Mars in Capricorn sextiles Neptune. Mars in Capricorn is an efficient employee. It’s very gifted at envisioning a long-range aim and breaking it down in actionable steps in order that it may be attained. However as Mars in Capricorn comes along with this Neptune in Pisces, there is a chance – it is a sextile – to work extra fluidly, to work towards your aim, however to be prepared to take the occasional detour with the altering tides.

And right here is that message once more this week of going with the circulate or embracing what’s new or what’s totally different. Neptune isn’t fairly like Uranus as we noticed within the Venus-Uranus instance. It’s a extra flowing affect and encourages us to actually glide. So, nevertheless clear your imaginative and prescient of what you need to accomplish whereas Mars is in Capricorn, don’t get too hooked up to the best way you get there, as a result of Neptune might need totally different concepts for you.

This may also be a side that encourages us to work in the direction of religious targets, not simply our Capricorn targets of earthly achievement. It’s an earth signal, and it’s centered on what we are able to accomplish in the actual world. Pisces and Neptune work somewhat bit otherwise. They ask us to look into no matter it’s that we’re attempting to perform and take into consideration how that’s impacting your life and the world in a religious sense.  Are you making the world higher, if just for the folks round you? It takes under consideration the truth that life is made up not simply of the issues that we are able to understand with our senses, but in addition intangibles comparable to love and which means.

Solar sq. Uranus (Feb. 8, 2024, 2:46 am PST)

The Solar squares Uranus on February 8 at 2:46 a.m. Pacific Time, at 19º09’ Aquarius and Taurus. This side kinds simply the day earlier than the New Moon, and it’s going to be a significant characteristic of that New Moon chart. Aquarius is dominated by each Saturn and Uranus, and this mixture represents the Solar in Aquarius at struggle with the Uranian facet of itself, the rule breaker, the insurgent. Aquarius is an modern signal and innovation implies change, nevertheless it’s additionally a set signal and really creating lasting change requires the fixity of objective of Aquarius’s conventional ruling planet, Saturn.

The Solar’s Sabian image right here is, A giant white dove, a message bearer and Uranus is on 20 Taurus, Wind, clouds, and haste. I’m picturing that massive white dove, the message bearer, buffeted round within the sky by the wind, the clouds, the haste. When the Solar is in Aquarius, we glance to our future. And this Uranian affect says that that mark is ever-changing, that in our day by day lives, a lot is altering so shortly, that it’s somewhat tougher to carry on steadfastly to a long-term aim.

Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 9, 2024, 2:59 pm PST)

And now for the Moon Report. We start with the Aquarius New Moon on February ninth at 2:59 p.m. Pacific Time at 20º 40’ Aquarius. The New Moon level is on the Sabian image, 21 Aquarius, A lady dissatisfied and disillusioned.

The Aquarius New Moon is one of the best one every year for, as I used to be saying earlier than, visualizing your future. It builds on the Sagittarius New Moon a few months earlier than when it happens to us that we might be doing extra in our lives, after which accumulating concepts about what we’d attempt. After which, the Capricorn New Moon, which motivates us to create a sensible plan for making at the very least a type of concepts a actuality. And now the Aquarius New Moon expands our imaginative and prescient and attain off into tomorrow and past and even to locations the place our affect shall be felt past our lifetime.

Now that we’ve had a style of creativeness and ambition, what’s it that we are able to do to create an thrilling future? One which issues not only for us, however in our personal small manner, issues to the world? Aquarius is generally blessed with a robust perception in itself, or at the very least, it doesn’t let itself be stopped by anybody else’s doubts. However now that Pluto is on this signal, the Aquarius a part of your chart would possibly discover you feeling somewhat little bit of pessimism that there really is an thrilling future on the market ready for you. That’s sort of how I’m this Sabian image for the New Moon, A lady dissatisfied and disillusioned.

When Pluto strikes into an indication, it typically begins with a sense like this one, that issues are hopeless. Within the areas of life which are represented by the Aquarius home of your delivery chart, you’ll have seen somewhat of this creeping in. Aquarius is often in a position to transfer in a course with relative cheer and optimism as a result of it’s so positive of its objective. Pluto is the “what’s the purpose” planet, and we actually must make the choice to maintain going with that signal’s highest potential and to push again when Pluto tries to push our hope down.

Aquarius needs a future and it needs to maneuver the world ahead. It needs progress and when Pluto tries to inform us that that isn’t potential, now we have to push again and say, after all it’s.

The Solar and Moon at this New Moon are in a really shut sq. to the planet Uranus, the god of surprises and of radical redirection. It’s a separating side. The Solar squared Uranus precisely the day earlier than, and the Moon simply a few hours earlier than the New Moon. And what this implies is, there has been a shock to the system. Separating elements discuss what has already occurred and that we are going to spend this New Moon cycle assimilating that change. And likewise a slightly profound shift that can happen over the subsequent three years of the Lunar Section Household Cycle that begins with this New Moon. Change is inevitable, however it’s typically inconvenient, which is why we are likely to put change off till one thing comes alongside and makes us change.

Lunar Section Household Cycle

Like all New Moons, this New Moon initiates a three-year lunar part household cycle. The seeds that we plant at this New Moon, whether or not consciously or unconsciously, are a narrative that can unfold and play out over the subsequent 36 months.

On the First Quarter moon of November eighth, 2024, at 17°191 Aquarius, there may be motion and motion that must be taken associated to what we’re initiating now. On the Full Moon of August ninth, 2025, at 16º59’ Aquarius, we start to actually see the complete image of what it’s that we initiated now, at this New Moon. And on the Final Quarter Moon on Might ninth, 2026, at 19º14’ Aquarius, we’re able to make last adjustments, take last motion to deliver this story to a satisfying conclusion.

Void-of-Course Moon intervals

Let’s have a look at the Void-of-Course Moon intervals for this week. On February fifth, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces at 9:06 p.m. Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for about seven hours earlier than it enters Capricorn on February sixth at 4:08 a.m.

A sq. side all the time suggests a battle, and this shall be a battle that we’re meditating on and has to do with habits that we’d need to change throughout this Void-of-Course interval.

The Moon in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces even have somewhat bit in frequent, as a result of Sagittarius and Pisces share Jupiter as a ruler, and so they’re each very comfy within the realm of goals and large concepts. The distinction is one actually of fashion and of tone. A Moon in Sagittarius is exuberant and as a fireplace signal, it’s very impressed to exit on its white horse and tilt at windmills. Neptune in Pisces, which is a water signal, is doubly watery. Its goals are gentler, they’re probably not about making issues occur in the actual world.

So that you get a frustration from Sagittarius with Pisces. As a result of whereas Sagittarius doesn’t all the time have a transparent thought of precisely the place it’s headed, it’s excited to get there and to get there, you realize, fairly shortly. And Pisces works fairly otherwise. It’s, “Let me dream about this some time longer. Let me meditate on this a short time extra.” It doesn’t really feel so pressing to Pisces to get it achieved and get it achieved in a rush. So now we have a battle there between these two components.

On February seventh, the Moon in Capricorn makes a conjunction with Mars at 11:52 p.m. Pacific Time. It’s Void-of-Course for nearly seven hours earlier than it enters Aquarius on February eighth at 5:59 a.m. Pacific Time. There’s strain with a conjunction side. The Moon needs to be comfy, and Mars needs to maneuver ahead via motion and want and even hazard.

Ideally, Mars here’s a protector for the Moon. The Moon is the place we have to really feel protected and safe. And if now we have Mars, our massive guard canine, proper exterior our door, that may give us a way of ease and feeling somewhat extra comfy. The issue is, this canine could be on the market barking. It could be a canine that assaults folks that you just like after they attempt to come close to you.

So, it’s not essentially a totally straightforward mixture. There may be that strain that we really feel with a conjunction of two planets which are very not like one another, the Moon and Mars, being pressured to share shut quarters. I suppose the potential lesson on this Void-of-Course Moon is to get your canine on a very robust leash and to coach it very effectively, so it’s serving to you’re feeling protected and comfy, however isn’t getting out of hand and inflicting issues.

And on February ninth, the Moon in Aquarius makes a conjunction with the Solar, that’s the New Moon, at 2:59 p.m. Pacific Time. This can be a lengthy Void-of-Course Moon interval for 14 3/4 quarter hours earlier than the Moon enters Pisces on February tenth at 5:42 a.m.

And once more, a conjunction brings strain. The strain right here is the strain of turning into one thing, turning into somebody. Reworking from our unformed, needy, child, lunar self right into a full, accountable, dynamic particular person. It’s somewhat bit just like the Huge Bang of a human being. The Moon and Solar collectively is like delivery, and that we’re within the means of turning into one thing new at this New Moon. So, now we have a pleasant lengthy Void-of-Course Moon interval, as I mentioned, to consider this, to carry out our New Moon observances, no matter these could be. To essentially give attention to how we need to let our life change, and the way we need to rebirth ourselves.

Mercury sq. Jupiter (Feb. 10, 2024, 5:25 am PST)

Mercury squares Jupiter on February tenth at 5:25 a.m. Pacific Time, at 8º 23’ Aquarius and Taurus. Mercury is on Sabian image 9 Aquarius, A flag changed into an eagle and Jupiter is on 9 Taurus, A Christmas tree adorned.

Within the U. S., the bald eagle is considered one of our treasured nationwide symbols. It’s most likely second solely to the flag. And this Sabian image of a flag changed into an eagle makes me take into consideration the entire emotions and convictions that now we have about what we stand for, not simply as a rustic or society, however individually, must be made actual, to be changed into one thing alive and three dimensional, a flag into an eagle, and never simply hypothetical beliefs.

Jupiter’s image, the Christmas tree adorned, appears to symbolize these beliefs. It exhibits this stunning Christmas tree, glowing and provoking. It’s how we wish the world to be, how we imagine it’s, and perhaps how we hope it may be as effectively. However when Mercury and Jupiter come collectively in a sq., we’re struggling to articulate and align our beliefs with these qualities of humanity, to let ourselves query what it’s that we all know, which is Mercury in Aquarius’ motto: I do know, versus what Jupiter believes. And there’s a actual distinction between figuring out and believing. Believing says, “I don’t know for positive that that is the case. However that is what I select to imagine,” and Aquarius is completely positive it is aware of.

In order that’s the stress on this sq.. However Mercury sq. Jupiter is all the time about attempting to take these massive Jupiterian concepts and beliefs and distill them down into one thing that may be articulated and communicated and understood.

Listener Query: Is Pluto in Aquarius simply Mercury Rx on Acid?

On this week’s listener query, listener Ronald writes: “Hello April, Ronald right here, Podcast Superfan. I’ve a query about Pluto’s latest ingress into Aquarius. I don’t know if that is simply my family, however I’ve felt the ingress has introduced on a selected chaos that looks like a Mercury retrograde on acid.

Six packages have been misplaced with out restoration and expertise at our home has gone completely haywire. All my associates, who aren’t astrology folks, have had comparable points. Has anybody else seen Mercury retrograde-like points round this ingress? And in that case, is that this going to be a long-term theme or extra of an enormous blip that settles after Pluto will get homier in Aquarius for good?”

April: Properly, thanks to your query, Ronald. I’ve to sit down for only a second with this concept of Pluto getting homier anyplace, notably in Aquarius, which is thrilling, however simply by no means feels that cozy to me!

Pluto entered Aquarius for the second time in latest reminiscence… The primary time was March 2023, however then, it additionally entered Aquarius once more on January twentieth, and it did so with a bang. Inside a 12-hour interval, the Solar made a conjunction with Pluto on the final diploma and minute of Capricorn, and the ability of that mixture sort of shot them out into Aquarius.

I undoubtedly felt an enormous whoosh of power inside a few week both facet of that, and I don’t keep in mind Pluto’s temporary ingress into Aquarius between March and June of 2023 as feeling fairly that intense. Everyone was speaking about it, however I don’t keep in mind seeing loads occurring with it.

It’s value retaining in thoughts, in mild of your query, that Aquarius is an indication associated to expertise. Consider it as the upper octave of Gemini, the grasp of phrases and communication. And Aquarius represents new methods of forging connections with others – so expensive to Libra, its fellow air signal. What Aquarius gives is the expertise to hold these phrases and concepts to the plenty. From the fountain pen to the printing press, to the private laptop, to now synthetic intelligence, Aquarius symbolizes the technical improvements that make it potential for us to ship concepts hurtling out into the long run.

So, yeah, every time Mercury is retrograde, we’re reminded to again up our computer systems, that issues can go lacking and wires can get crossed. However Aquarius, dominated by each Saturn and Uranus, takes all of this a step additional. What has develop into out of date will collapse, however there may be additionally the reassurance that no matter falls aside, or turns into ineffective, or goes awry, offers us the chance to innovate and to give you not only a answer, however often a wholly new method.

What appears to be coming with Pluto in Aquarius are basic shifts in the best way we talk and join. What we’re starting to see with synthetic intelligence, driverless vehicles, moneyless cash, and no matter else comes our manner within the subsequent couple of a long time. These shall be profound adjustments. Not all of them will appear constructive.

However people are extraordinarily adaptable, and Pluto’s transits are sluggish, and in real-time we could not even discover the massive adjustments going down round us. So sure, we’ll adapt to this new rush of Pluto in Aquarius power, even most likely develop somewhat bit numb to it. It could not appear precisely cozy, however it’ll appear to be the brand new regular.

Now, I hope that I’ve demonstrated through the years my nice fondness for the signal of Aquarius. However as we discovered through the Saturn in Aquarius years through the pandemic, the goals of togetherness and collective motion and customary trigger that we are likely to affiliate with Aquarius can actually go off the rails when a tough planet enters the room.

So the comparatively minor inconveniences of a defective exhausting drive, or a cellphone that falls within the gutter, or packages going lacking, could also be simply the universe’s manner of claiming, “Get up.” There’s a a lot larger image that’s going to unfold and the expertise that’s vexing us in the present day on that sort of Mercury retrograde degree will virtually actually be out of date and even unrecognizable on the finish of this 20-year Pluto transit. A lot as if we glance again even in our personal lifetimes for a few of us parents, and keep in mind the annoyance of a typewriter ribbon breaking, or having to attend for the cellphone firm to return to our homes to interchange the cellphone or the times of two day by day editions of the native paper.

A courageous new world awaits us, and it’s thrilling on one hand to see how these adjustments are going to play out. It’s somewhat bit intimidating as effectively. And let’s hope that some packages going lacking and a few Mercury retrograde-ish sort of signs are as critical because it will get on a day-to-day degree.

It’s by no means actually an upbeat topic to speak about Pluto. To attempt to make it appear pleasant and palatable is to overlook the whole level of Pluto.

Its job is to tear down outdated methods, outdated constructions that aren’t working, and that’s a painful course of for many people. However Pluto is all the time someplace. Up to now, we’ve gotten via it, and I’ve no purpose to suppose Pluto in Aquarius goes to be any totally different.

Ronald, I hope that helps, and I actually recognize the query.

And when you, Invisible Good friend, have a query you prefer to me to reply on a future episode, simply depart a message of 1 minute or much less at speakpipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast. Or, electronic mail me at April (at) bigskyastrology (dot) com and put “podcast query” within the topic line.

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