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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 222 | The Virgo Full Moon Merry-Go-Spherical! – Massive Sky Astrology

TRANSCRIPT Ep. 222 | The Virgo Full Moon Merry-Go-Spherical! – Massive Sky Astrology


TRANSCRIPT Ep. 222 | The Virgo Full Moon Merry-Go-Spherical!

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Hiya Invisible Good friend, April right here, and the date as we speak is February nineteenth, 2024. Welcome to Episode 222 of the Massive Sky Astrology Podcast. This week, the Virgo Full Moon has a powerful Saturn affect of self-discipline, Venus makes an attractive conjunction with Mars and goes slightly overboard with a sq. to Jupiter, and Mercury enters intuitive and inventive Pisces, plus I reply a listener query about planets within the indicators of their fall.

Venus conjunct Mars (Feb. 21, 2024, 11:14 pm PST)

Venus makes a conjunction with Mars on February twenty first at 11:14 p.m. Pacific Time, at 06º57’ Aquarius, on the Sabian image 7 Aquarius, Little one born of an eggshell. The conjunction begins a brand new synodic cycle of Venus and Mars. Their subsequent conjunction will likely be on January seventh, 2026, and that one will occur in Capricorn.

The Sabian image for this mix speaks of looking for freedom from the outdated methods; issues which are led to in an unconventional approach. This may be new relationships which are gotten into slightly bit impulsively, or that come about in a considerably uncommon approach.

Venus is the planet of magnificence, and Mars the planet of motion. So, this generally is a great conjunction for creating stunning issues. Incredible in case you are an artist, particularly.

Venus and Mars collectively will also be about creative or romantic competitors. And I’ve usually seen with this mix within the beginning chart, that there’s a bent towards being aggressive with one’s personal intercourse.

Romantic adventures are attainable with Venus along side Mars, and this will also be a mixture about striving for cash, combating for extra, corresponding to perhaps approaching your boss for a elevate, or if you happen to’re self-employed, elevating your costs.

Mercury enters Pisces (Feb. 22, 2024, 11:29 pm PST)

On February twenty second at 11:29 pm Pacific Time, Mercury enters Pisces. It’ll be on this signal via March ninth. I’ll be speaking later within the episode a couple of listener query concerning planets which are within the signal of their fall, and relying on what supply you discuss with, Mercury is typically mentioned to be exalted within the signal of Virgo, however typically we’ll see it exalted additionally in Aquarius. However in any occasion, that might make Mercury in Pisces within the signal of its fall.

So, what this implies is now we have Mercury, which is a planet of cognitive operate, of clear and linear pondering, after which we’re placing it into Pisces, an indication of all of the issues which are slightly bit blurry across the edges, and that talk to our intuitive colleges fairly than, strictly talking, our cognitive ones.

When Mercury is in Pisces, it’s a time after we can see issues that don’t appear evident at first look. It’s like seeing ghosts, seeing spirits, seeing the issues that our eyes don’t discover, that our ears don’t understand, that not one of the senses choose up on, however we really feel it. So, whereas Mercury is in Pisces, it’s a good suggestion to really feel our approach via conditions as a lot as pondering. It’s not that we wish to throw Mercury out altogether, however when it’s in Pisces, it’s particularly good for refining our potential to understand the issues that aren’t evident to our different senses.

Mercury can also be a really organized planet. It’s the one that claims, okay, I’ve this factor and this factor and let’s categorize them in order that we all know at any given second the instruments that now we have at our disposal. So notably if you happen to’re a creative or artistic individual, whereas Mercury is in Pisces, it is a actually good time to arrange the instruments that you just use in that work, or categorizing the concepts that you just’ve had for future tasks.

Virgo Full Moon (Feb. 24, 2024, 4:30 am PST)

And now for the Moon Report. It begins with the Virgo Full Moon on February twenty fourth at 4:30 am Pacific Time. That’s at 5º23’ Virgo, with the Solar on the identical diploma of Pisces.

On this New Moon chart, the Solar is in a conjunction with Saturn, and the Moon is against the Solar and Saturn. And at this Full Moon, we see how a lot work will likely be required to implement the plans that we conceived at that Aquarius New Moon on February ninth that was sq. Uranus.

The Sabian image for this Full Moon is 6 Virgo, A merry-go-round. And, if you happen to’re starting to really feel such as you’re on the merry-go-round at this Full Moon, nicely, that’s simply what Virgo is like lots of the time, doing the identical issues in a routine approach, and making an attempt every time to good our strategy and our method.

The Sabian image for the Solar is 6 Pisces, Officers on gown parade. Just like the officers within the Sabian image, Saturn says self-discipline will likely be required.

The Full Moon level can also be in a trine with Jupiter. And nonetheless a lot this Full Moon is influenced by Saturn and its guidelines and its self-discipline. Jupiter brings the optimism and pleasure that include ultimately making a dream a actuality.

Virgo is an indication of service. That sounds type of boring, however there may be with Virgo a way of sacred service. Of the methods by which we make ourselves useful and helpful to others in our lives. This Full Moon will usually present, are we being sufficiently useful? And the opposite factor that it reveals is, are we being too useful? Are folks taking benefit, maybe, of our good nature and our willingness to serve? And, if that’s the case, Saturn might help us implement acceptable boundaries.

Lunar Part Household Cycle

That is the Full Moon in a Lunar Part Household Cycle that started on August 27, 2022, on the New Moon at 4º Virgo, on the Sabian image, A person dreaming of fairies. So, it’s this tapping into the unconscious and, as I used to be saying, with that Mercury coming into Pisces, with the ability to understand issues that aren’t apparent to our senses.

The First Quarter Moon on this cycle was on Might twenty seventh, 2023. After which this Full Moon on February twenty fourth, after we start to see the fact of what was initiated or conceived at that August 2022 New Moon. And the Final Quarter within the cycle will come on November twenty second of this 12 months, marking the second the place we evaluate our progress all through this New Moon cycle and make the adjustments that have to be made with the intention to convey our tasks to completion.

Void-of-Course Moon durations

Let’s discuss in regards to the Void-of-Course Moon durations for this week.

On February twentieth, the Moon in Most cancers trines Neptune at 10:38 pm Pacific Time. It’s void after all for nearly seven hours earlier than it enters Leo on February twenty first at 5:40 am. Trine elements convey rewards. And the Void-of-Course Moon is a time period for releasing outdated habits that aren’t productive or useful, and hopefully initiating new ones.

This specific Void-of-Course Moon may be about creating new habits or rituals round meals – as a result of Most cancers is related to meals – or meditation, that day by day religious follow, and likewise spending a wholesome period of time with our households.

On February twenty second, the Moon in Leo squares Uranus at 8:18 pm Pacific Time. That is an awfully lengthy Void-of-Course interval. It lasts nearly 21 1/2 hours earlier than it enters Virgo, on February twenty third at 5:37 pm. Squares present battle, and the battle on this sq. is about being really and constantly your self – Moon in Leo – versus feeling free to vary course and to free your self from who you’re feeling such as you have to be.

As I mentioned, it’s a really lengthy Void-of-Course Moon interval, and it may very well be very advantageous in breaking habits round inflexibility and pleasure, that are the shadow aspect of Leo. And, cultivating new habits that can make you extra prepared to vary, extra accepting of change.

Then, on February twenty fifth, the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune at 11:35 pm Pacific Time and will likely be void-of-course for nearly 7 hours earlier than it enters Libra on February twenty sixth at 6:29 am. Opposition elements convey consciousness. We are able to immediately see, with out obstruction, the forces at play in a state of affairs. On this case, it’s about discovering a steadiness between logic – Virgo – and instinct – Neptune and Pisces, order and dysfunction.

It’s a very good Void-of-Course interval, I feel, for making an attempt to consciously break habits of compulsiveness or disorganization and to create useful habits, particularly associated to well being. That is bodily well being in addition to a way of religious well-being. It’s additionally an necessary one for looking for that steadiness between work and relaxation, which so many people have a tough time discovering.

Venus sq. Jupiter (Feb. 24, 2024, 8:01 pm PST)

Venus squares Jupiter on February twenty fourth at 8:01 pm Pacific Time at 10º30’ Aquarius and Taurus. Venus Sabian image is 11 Aquarius, A person tête-à-tête together with his inspiration, and the image for Jupiter is 11 Taurus, A lady sprinkling flowers.

In Venus’ image, we see huge concepts and the need to maneuver in a brand new route in our lives. Venus in Aquarius may be very forward-thinking, however these concepts can’t flourish with out constant cultivation and nourishment. Which is what we see within the Sabian image for Jupiter in Taurus. This may be like eager to have a pet, however not being prepared or capable of maintain it. This can be a mixture that asks us to say our freedom and independence, particularly in relationships however exercising warning towards going overboard with out having the infrastructure, the consistency, the muse that can permit us to nurture them and to construct them up and produce them to fruition. Each time Venus is in side with Jupiter, we actually need to rein in our impulsive spending and the tendency to chunk off a bit greater than we are able to chew.

Our concepts are actually huge, however we solely have so many hours within the day and so many sources. Anytime now we have Venus and Jupiter collectively, nonetheless, they’re each very benefic planets and so we all know one thing good can come of this mix if we are able to simply keep away from that tendency to go too far, too quick.

Listener Query: Planets within the Signal of Their Fall

On this week’s listener query, listener Emme writes, “My natal chart has three of 4 private planets within the signal of their fall: Venus in Virgo, the Solar in Libra, and Mars in Most cancers. My Moon is in Virgo, so not in its fall, however not exalted both. My query is, ought to I be terrified?™ LOL. The opposite piece of that is that Venus is in her fall in Virgo however within the seventh home of her rulership. Does that offset the results of being in fall?

I stumbled onto your podcast a number of months in the past and actually adore it. You might have such an fascinating take. And I like the way you incorporate the Sabian symbols. Thanks a lot.

April: Thanks a lot for that, Emme. And I hope I’m saying your identify appropriately. Might be Em.

In any occasion, I’m so glad that you just’re having fun with the podcast and I admire your query.

Your query brings us to the topic of what we name Important Dignities of the planets. I’ve spoken about this topic right here and there on the podcast earlier than. I do know again on episode 139 in my interview with astrologer Mel LaFara, we actually targeted on the Moon within the indicators of her fall and detriment. However the common thought of planetary strengths is mentioned. We’ll go forward and hyperlink to that episode within the present notes, in case anybody would possibly discover that fascinating.

Earlier than I reply your particular query, I simply wish to briefly go over this concept of important dignities. It refers to the concept that every planet has specific indicators by which it’s stronger or weaker than it’s in different indicators.

Take, for instance, your Venus in Virgo. Venus is the pure ruler of Taurus and Libra. Conventional astrologers would say she is in her domicile. You’ll additionally hear it mentioned that she is in her rulership. And it is because Venus is related to the sensuous qualities of the world, the enjoyment and pleasure we take within the bodily world, which is like Taurus, in addition to the folks we get pleasure from and are drawn to, too. The entire thought of relationship, and that’s akin to Libra.

Venus is strongest in these indicators. She is like an undiluted important oil, that are very highly effective, and you need to be slightly cautious how you employ them. Within the indicators that oppose Taurus and Libra, Scorpio and Aries, that are dominated by Mars, Venus is alleged to be in her detriment, and it’s straightforward to see why.

The qualities of ease and delight, getting together with others, should not actually ones that we affiliate with Scorpio and Aries. So, Venus has to wrestle slightly bit to get her work performed in these indicators. Then, every planet has an indication by which it’s thought of exalted or very sturdy. For Venus, that is Pisces, an indication of gentleness, acceptance, and creative expertise. This all provides as much as the concept of unconditional love.

However Virgo, the signal reverse Pisces, comes with circumstances and judgments. And by the way in which, that’s its job, to separate the wheat from the chaff. But it surely’s very tough territory for Venus. No one likes to be in a relationship with somebody they really feel is criticizing them, so we name Virgo the signal of Venus fall.

Now every planet has its areas of ease and its areas of wrestle. Your Solar in Libra is an efficient instance. The Solar is at its very strongest in Leo, which it guidelines, however in Leo’s reverse signal, Aquarius, the planet of celebrating the self, which is the Solar’s function within the chart, has to search out itself throughout the context of teams.

The Solar is exalted in Aries, the place it additionally excels at exploring its private energy and inventive genius. However it’s in its fall in Libra, the other signal of Aries. As a result of Libra is dedicated to collaborating with and complementing others. You possibly can see it will be actually onerous to be one hundred pc your photo voltaic self whereas always having to search out methods of getting together with others.

Mars in Most cancers is a tricky one, too. Mars is at house in Aries and Scorpio, in its detriment within the reverse indicators of Libra and Taurus. And exalted in Capricorn, which implies that it’s in its fall in Capricorn’s reverse signal, Most cancers. Mars is a planet of motion. And in Aries and Scorpio, it has no drawback going after what it desires.

In Capricorn, it advantages from that signal’s restraint and innate sense of technique, however when Mars is in Most cancers, it feels the necessity to transfer in very oblique methods out of a way of self preservation.

So, that’s the rationale behind planets of their dignities, how straightforward or tough the planet finds it to do its important work in a selected signal.

Now, in your chart, Emme, with three planets within the indicators of their fall, must you be terrified? My good friend, astrologer Dana Gerhart, tells me she thinks planets of their detriment or fall truly find yourself being a really sturdy presence within the chart, as a result of now we have to work so onerous to precise their vitality, and in doing so, they turn into very apparent, obvious traits.

I discover it useful to consider them as being slightly bit just like the sq. side, the 90-degree side, the place two planets are pushing towards one another, every making an attempt to get its personal approach. However over time, squares within the chart are the elements that make us sturdy. Adversity strengthens us, whether or not it’s a sq. side or planets of their detriment or fall.

You requested a very good query about whether or not having a planet within the signal of its fall, however in a home with which it shares affinity, may offset the affect of the planet within the signal of its fall. My reply is… type of?

Homes and indicators should not precisely the identical factor. However as I wish to say, they share lots of Venn diagram overlap. Venus within the seventh home would emphasize the delight that Venus finds in private relationships. However Venus in Virgo has to deal with that tendency to search for good companions or good relationships. And I feel that’s truly emphasised, fairly than offset, by being positioned within the seventh home, as a result of being within the seventh home offers it a power – however what’s being strengthened is that Venus in Virgo high quality.

Now, this doesn’t imply that you just’re doomed to poor relationships in any respect. However discovering satisfaction in relationships may come all the way down to being prepared to serve one other individual, to see your function as being of assist to them as they’re with out making an attempt to enhance or good them.

Emme, I hope that helps. I’ll embody a hyperlink within the present notes the place everybody can obtain slightly cheat sheet that reveals the important dignities for every planet.

In case you, Invisible Good friend, have a query you’d like me to reply on a future episode, simply go away a message of 1 minute or much less at SpeakPipe.com/bigskyastrologypodcast, or electronic mail me at April (at) BigSkyAstrology (dot) com and make sure to put “podcast query” within the topic line.

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