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Understanding the 27-day progressed cycle


(15 March 2023) One indispensable instrument within the astrologer’s toolkit is the planetary development.  Progressed cycles, or progressions, are a Western astrological approach which yields distinctive details about future tendencies, each for monetary markets and for particular person life outcomes.  Briefly acknowledged, a development strikes a horoscope symbolically ahead by means of time at explicit charges which can be primarily based on the movement of the Solar and Moon.  The extra widespread secondary development strikes a horoscope ahead at a charge of 1 calendar day for a 12 months of life.  So to find out the dominant influences on a person’s life on the age of 30, we will progress the chart ahead by 30 days from start and analyze the important thing points and planetary placements with respect to the natal chart.

Much less generally used are the tertiary and minor progressions, that are calculated primarily based on the movement of the Moon.  A tertiary development assumes the symbolic equivalence of 1 calendar day with one lunar month of life (about 27 days) whereas minor progressions equate one lunar month with one 12 months of life, which produces a time compression issue of about 13.  It’s subsequently doable to find out future tendencies primarily based on the planetary positions of those progressions.

Progressions can subsequently be regarded as time-gears, every having a unique ratio.  If the Solar-based secondary development has a time-gear ratio of 1:365, tertiary progressions will be understood as a 27-day cycle with a compression ratio of 1:27, whereas the minor development is a 13-day cycle with a time compression of 1:13.  Shorter progressed cycles such because the 13-day minor development are extra aware of the passage of time and are subsequently extra correct for predictive functions.  And but as a result of they’re faster-moving, they’re much less highly effective by way of decisively shaping outcomes.  On this means, progressions adhere to the usual astrological precept that the slower the planet, the extra highly effective it’s.  Nevertheless, the paradox is that the slower the planet, the tougher it’s to precisely predict the timing of its worldly manifestation.

By the use of instance, let’s check out the tertiary progressed 27-day cycle of the New York Inventory Trade chart (Might 17, 1792).  At present, we will see there may be one very shut side of notice: progressed Mercury (28Li30) is reverse progressed retrograde Mars (29Ar14).   Tertiary progressions transfer a lot slower than transits, so you will need to do not forget that the movement a planet would transfer in someday equals about one month of clock time.   Since Mercury strikes a bit a couple of diploma per day, this equates to about one diploma for each 4 weeks of clock time.  Right here Mars is retrograde and transferring rather more slowly — only one diploma in three months.  With the 2 planets transferring in the direction of one another, they’ll type an actual opposition on March 26.

As a rule, Mercury-Mars points are normally detrimental and the 180-degree opposition is particularly so.  The shut proximity of this bearish side is one cause why shares have been declining in current weeks because the opposition tightens.   The Moon-Venus-Uranus alignment may supply some reduction within the close to time period, but it surely does not look as robust.  Additionally, the Moon strikes a lot faster and can solely be inside vary for two or 3 days.  And Tuesday’s bounce might nicely have used up a few of its optimistic vitality already.  As soon as it strikes away, the Venus-Uranus alignment possible will not be shut sufficient to offset the impact of the continuing Mercury-Mars side.

Whereas the March 26 date is critical for understanding the theoretical most of this bearish side, it doesn’t essentially imply that the inventory market will backside at the moment.  Different elements are additionally a part of the general equation, together with transits, 13-day minor progressions, and certainly, different related charts (S&P 500, NASDAQ, and so on.).

We might subsequently need to reassess the general market state of affairs as soon as the progressed opposition of Mercury and Mars begins to separate on March 27.

Nonetheless, the doable persevering with of this bearish vitality going into March 26 suggests a sustainable rebound is much less possible within the coming days.

For extra particulars, try my weekly subscriber publication which is printed each Sunday.   Along with reviewing the important thing planetary and technical influences on US and Indian shares for the brief and medium time period, I additionally present an astrological evaluation of potential upcoming strikes in currencies, gold and oil.

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