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Utpanna Ekadashi: The genesis of ‘Maa’ Shakti

Utpanna Ekadashi: The genesis of ‘Maa’ Shakti


Ekadashi is the eleventh day within the fortnight. Ekadashis are essential in Vedic tradition. Utpanna Ekadashi or Utpatti Ekadashi is noticed on the eleventh day of Krishna Paksha (waning part) throughout the Margashirsh month.

The 2023 Utpanna Ekadashi falls on Friday, 8 December.

In accordance with historic historical past, Utpanna Ekadashi marks the celebration of the victory of Lord Vishnu over the demon Murasura. It additionally marks the delivery of Ekadashi Mata as she was born on at the present time. Observing quick on at the present time absolves the devotee of all sins previous and current. These desirous to provoke Ekadashi fasts ought to begin with the quick on the Utpanna Ekadashi.

Utpanna Ekadashi in numerous components of the nation

Whereas the northern states of India have a good time Utpanna Ekadashi within the month of Margashirsha, in states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, it’s celebrated throughout the month of Karthik. As per the Malayalam Calendar, Utpanna Ekadashi falls within the Vrischika or Thulam Masam. The Tamilian calendar observes Utpanna Ekadashi throughout Karthigai Masam or Aippasi. Lord Vishnu and Ekadashi Mata are worshipped on the eve of Utpanna Ekadashi. The month of Margashirsha often falls between November and December. That is the primary Ekadashi quick that arrives after the Karthik Purnima.

Utpanna Ekadashi 2023 Muhurat

The timelines for Utpanna Ekadashi 2023 are as given under:

Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat: 8 December 2023

Parana Time: Dec 09, 01:22 PM – 03:30 PM

Hari Vasara Finish Second On Parana Day: 12:42 AM

Ekadashi Tithi Begin Time: December 08, 2023 5:06 AM

Ekadashi Tithi Finish Time: December 09, 2023 6:31 AM

Utpanna Ekadashi Pooja Vidhiindepth horoscope

Utpanna Ekadashi quick begins a day earlier than and concludes at ‘Dwadashi’’s dawn the day after.

  1. The devotee wakes up throughout Brahma Muhurta on the day of the Ekadashi.
  2. They take a shower and put on clear garments.
  3. The home too must be in clear situation.
  4. After finishing the morning rituals, the worship of Lord Vishnu and Ekadashi Mata begins by providing prayers and singing hymns and bhajans, highlighting their powers.
  5. Fasting for Ekadashi day begins the day earlier than. Devotees begin the quick after consuming a sattvic meal earlier than sundown on the tenth day. Consuming any grains, pulses, and rice on Ekadashi day is prohibited for all. All devotees are to look at the quick with rigour.
  6. Those that are unwell can partake of fruits and milk throughout the quick.
  7. A particular bhog or feast providing is ready and supplied to the deities and devotees to hunt the blessings of Lord Vishnu and Mata Ekadashi.
  8. Chanting Vedic mantras and hymns all through at the present time invitations divine blessings and fruitful outcomes for the devotees.
  9. Donating to the poor and needy is taken into account extremely pious and rewarding to those that take pleasure in it on Ekadashi. It’s customary to donate garments, meals, cash, and different important objects to these in want by the devotees on Utpanna Ekadashi.
  10. The quick ends on Dwadashi day. On at the present time, devotees get up earlier than daybreak. After having a shower and providing prayers to Lord Vishnu and Ekadashi Mata and after worshipping the deities, the Utpanna Ekadashi quick is accomplished by partaking the bhog, or the Prasad supplied to the gods.

Significance of Utpanna Ekadashi

Utpanna Ekadashi fasts denote fasting for the three major deities of Hinduism – Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara. When noticed with utmost devotion and perseverance, the devotees are granted divine blessings. It’s believed that devotees observing Utpanna Ekadashi are absolved from their sins and attain moksha or salvation. After demise, they achieve entry into the celestial world of ‘Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu. The exaltation of Utpanna Ekadashi is claimed to be even better than donating 1000 cows to charity. Utpanna Ekadashi shares the identical significance as different auspicious festivals like Sankranthi when devotees are blessed for performing charitable deeds and contributing to the poor and the needy or taking holy baths throughout pilgrimages. Additionally, fasting throughout the Ekadashi does good to the physique and well being of the devotee.
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Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Katha

The Utpanna Ekadashi has an fascinating story behind it. In Satyuga, there was a demon named Mura. He was a robust demon. His father, Nadijung, nurtured a civilization named Chandravati. Murasura turned Chandravati heaven-like and lured within the Devas. Then he conquered heaven itself. Murasura created havoc and terror within the three worlds. His grip over the worlds turned so full that Devas anxious they might stop to exist. Lord Indra, Vayu Deva, and Agni Deva had been all helpless and powerless towards the powers of Murasura.
In desperation, they sought the assistance of Lord Shiva at Kailasam to defeat and kill Murasura. Lord Shiva felt the topic of Mura fell underneath the jurisdiction of Lord Vishnu and requested Devas to strategy him. The Devas went to Kshirsagar and met Lord Vishnu. On listening to the issues confronted by the deities, Lord Vishnu assured them that Murasura could be defeated and conquered. Thus, the struggle between Murasura and Lord Vishnu began and raged on for a whole bunch of years. Murasura was unstoppable as a consequence of his powers. The struggle left Lord Vishnu in fatigue. He known as a time-out and retreated to cave Hemvati to take some relaxation. Murasura knew he wouldn’t be capable to sustain with Lord Vishnu for lengthy. So he determined to kill Lord Vishnu whereas asleep.
As he was about to strike Lord Vishnu, a gorgeous lady appeared from the physique of Lord Vishnu and fought the demon. Murasura stood no probability. The lady defeated him as she severed his head. Lord Vishnu awakened and noticed the demon mendacity useless on the ground. He smiled on the lady and blessed her. Since she took genesis from inside him, Lord Vishnu named her Utpanna. She was born on the Ekadashi within the month of Kartik. Since then, the day has been celebrated as Utpanna Ekadashi.
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Utpanna Ekadashi Dates from 2023 to 2029

  • 2023 – Friday, eighth of December
  • 2024 – Tuesday, twenty sixth of November
  • 2025 – Saturday, fifteenth of November
  • 2026 – Friday, 4th of December
  • 2027 – Wednesday, twenty fourth of November
  • 2028 – Sunday, twelfth of November
  • 2029 – Saturday, 1st of December

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