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Vedic Vacation: Makara Sankranti – A New Starting

January 14th 2024

 Solar enters Capricorn Jan. 14th within the US. 

Solar strikes into Capricorn on Jan. 14th—and it’s a bigger occasion than you may think. Within the Vedic calendar, it’s the actual starting of the New 12 months the place the times begin lengthening, and extra gentle descends on the planet.

Surya, the Solar God, is considered the image of divinity and knowledge and is without doubt one of the most essential planets (heavenly our bodies) of the zodiac and our every day lives. It represents a brand new form of New 12 months — a “new starting” for which we need to strengthen the Solar inside our lives.

Surya truly means self, representing in our Vedic  charts each the large Self and our little particular person egos. Because the Self or Atman, Surya stands for and represents that Divine high quality that each one of us have inside us. Thus, it’s good to offer some consideration to this factor inside us. So, it represents a day to have a good time our individuality and the Divinity inside.

The equal for Westerners can be for us to wash a closet out on  January 14th and take stuff to the dump or give stuff to the second-hand retailer which turns into symbolic of discarding the previous, after which on January fifteenth to have a good time our personal individuality in addition to, the Divine inside and revisiting our New 12 months’s resolutions or making a listing of intentions if we didn’t get to it on January 1st when the Western tradition tends to take action.

It additionally marks the rising vitality of the Solar and the start of a brand new enterprise cycle for prosperity. Just like the waxing and waning moon, the Solar is assumed to have two cycles with Jan. 14- July 14th the waxing part representing the expansion of Photo voltaic vitality which helps the enterprise.

Other than a harvest competition, Makara Sankranti can also be considered the start of an auspicious part in Indian tradition. It’s stated because the ‘holy part of transition.’ It marks the tip of an inauspicious part, which in accordance with the Hindu calendar begins round mid – December. It’s believed that any auspicious and sacred ritual could be sanctified today onward.

It represents realization, transformation, and purification of the soul by imbibing and inculcating Divine virtues. So, consider Monday as a time to launch the previous, to launch the previous, and transfer ahead.

Benefit from the wealthy symbolism and ritual of the Makara Sankranti, the Solar shifting into Capricorn.  Particular because of Wikipedia for a few of its nice data on the topic.



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