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Venus goes into Aquarius on March 7TH  and it’s a pretty unafflicted transit aside from the conjunction with Saturn on March 21st and Mars tagging alongside behind after March 15th.   For Taurus Rising it’s a tenth home transit supporting profession and for Libra Rising a fifth home transit of the ascendant lord supporting romance and the humanities.

Aquarius is the second most troublesome signal to have anyplace distinguished in a single’s chart, as it’s dominated by the Shakti of struggling Saturn and Rahu, which is the seat of want. The dispositor,  Rahu,  is in Pisces into Could 2025.

Venus in Aquarius could lend innovation to your concepts, which is able to make sure you be full and overflowing! When you had been born with an unafflicted Venus in Aquarius, then you’re pleasant charming fun-loving, logical, take pleasure in studying, in style, and good in relationship with others. Aquarius is an indication of group so Venus in Aquarius will promote social and political teams and actions. It’s a humanitarian signal so Liberals and assist for our immigration disaster could proceed however blocks by Saturn later within the month could result in battle.  Within the constellation of Satabhisha (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) biotech is supported.   

Aquarius is a vata or air signal, so the earthy solidity of Capricorn will probably be dislodged. The excellent news is that Venus will probably be exalted in Pisces on April 1-April 24th and this will probably be a candy time for love and relationships generally however will variously deal with completely different rising indicators however for essentially the most half, it feels good. 

For Libra rising, it is a 5th home transit and may carry deep love together with your youngsters, a brand new romance, or deep religious initiations and success within the theater.  Aries rising will profit from earnings and Scorpio rising could have expenditures across the house and autos and extra home quarrels. Pisces rising could have passionate sexual experiences whereas Most cancers rising could have huge issues with deep karmic points from the previous. Aquarius rising will really feel a bit lighter for having the transit of an excellent good friend visiting and creating deeper connections and should enhance the need for brand spanking new and unconventional garments. Geminis may have deep religious experiences or go on luxurious journeys to overseas lands and Virgos must watch sicknesses associated to the reproductive space, kidneys bladder, or pancreas. Once more, all of that is very particular person to the bigger cycles that you’re working so seek the advice of knowledgeable astrologer.   Transits are at all times secondary to Dashas and this transit will affect you most in case you are in a Venus interval or have key natal planets in Aquarius.

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN:  18 Levels Aquarius  March 20th

Venus strikes towards conjunction with Saturn on March 21st  and whereas the 2 planets are pals,  Saturn advantages extra, and Capricorn and Aquarius rising will benefit from the vitality extra and lighten Saturn’s heaviness duty, and arduous work. Venus-ruled indicators like Libra and Taurus could really feel some heaviness, despair emotional dryness, and detachment and can want meditation and an excellent therapeutic massage to get by means of it.

Mars remains to be fairly near Venus when it goes into Aquarius on March 15th  so this can proceed ardour/anger/relationship management points.   Not an excellent time to attempt controlling your partner or drive them in any means.   Don’t use guilt or jealousy to manage your companion or it might blow up in your face.  This transit may carry an infatuation with a brand new companion into your life significantly in case you are Sagittarius or Gemini rising however it might be fantasy and primarily based on unconscious drives that don’t have any foundation in actuality.

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