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Venus Retrograde In Leo – July-September 2023

On July twenty third, 2023, Venus goes retrograde at 28° Leo. Venus is retrograde for 40 days, till September third, when she goes direct at 12° Leo.

Venus goes retrograde in Leo, the signal of the center. It is a KEY Venus retrograde as a result of it would assist us reply a vital query: Who am I, and what do I would like?

This would possibly sound like 2 completely different questions – however they don’t seem to be. Once we actually know ourselves (Leo), we additionally know what we wish (Venus). Equally, our coronary heart’s longing is the compass that at all times guides us to ourselves. Once we know what we wish (Venus), we all know who we’re, (Solar).

“We’re what we love.”

When Venus goes retrograde on July twenty third, she is on the apex of a Yod with Neptune and Pluto. The Yod can also be known as the Finger of God, as a result of it actually seems to be like somebody pointing their finger at one thing actually necessary.

The yod incorporates the generational Neptune-Pluto sextile, that one facet that nearly everybody alive has of their chart. So Venus on the apex of this yod is pointing to one thing crucial for each single considered one of us.

Venus retrograde in Leo is our distinctive likelihood to seek out out what we’ve been known as to do on this lifetime.

And if that was not sufficient, on the time Venus goes retrograde, Pluto additionally squares the Lunar Nodes. When so many energies line up, we all know we’re in for a very magnificent journey.

Venus Retrograde In Leo – An Alchemical Course of Of Transformation

There’s no coincidence that Venus is retrograde for precisely 40 days. The quantity 40 is sacred in just about each faith and is normally related to the achievement of guarantees, BUT ONLY after a interval of testing, trial, and probation.

Jesus was tempted within the wilderness for 40 days. Buddha is claimed to have fasted and meditated for 40 days earlier than reaching Samadhi.

The aim of the “trial”, or the retrograde interval, is to information you again to your coronary heart – that can assist you get in tune together with your truest needs. That will help you uncover what actually issues to you.

Venus, our sister planet, is the third brightest object within the sky (after the Solar and the Moon). Venus impacts us deeply – when it adjustments course, our lives are impacted in profound methods.

Venus Retrograde will thrust you out of your consolation zone and into the unknown. Sure, it is going to be difficult. Sure, you may be requested to rework from the within out. However it is going to be completely price it.

This Venus retrograde in Leo is absolutely about coming into our coronary heart’s needs. Leo will give Venus the braveness to go for what she actually desires.

The Dance Of Venus And The Venus 8-12 months Cycle

Venus cycles are in contrast to another planetary cycles, within the sense that they occur in the very same areas of the sky (minus 1 diploma). In any given century, Venus ONLY goes retrograde in 5 indicators: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Venus cycles repeat themselves each 8 years (or 5 Venus retrogrades). Each 8 years, Venus comes again to the identical space of sky, activating the identical space of your chart.

Venus retrograde is a repetition of the Venus retrograde that occurred 8 years in the past, 16 years in the past, and so forth.

The final time Venus retrograded in Leo was July-September 2015, July-September 2007, July-September 1999, and on and on.

What occurred again then in your life? Test your diary, take a look at your social media feed, or search your mailbox to seek out out what was occurring in your life.

Related themes might come up. Whereas no 2 Venus retrogrades are precisely the identical (since Venus engages in several elements every time), Venus retrogrades at all times set off THE SAME space of your chart, so we’ve got a little bit little bit of historical past repeating.

If one thing horrible occurred throughout one of many earlier Venus retrogrades in Leo, this doesn’t imply that this specific Venus retrograde would be the similar. There are at all times different components to think about, plus all of us develop and evolve, and wisen with age.

Reflecting in your previous Venus retrograde in Leo experiences it’s nonetheless a really helpful train that may allow you to spot related themes you wish to take note of.

Venus Night Star, Venus Morning Star

Venus retrograde is nothing else however the starting of a brand new Venus cycle.

Venus’ 584-day cycle has two distinct phases: Venus morning star, and Venus night star.

For 9 months Venus rises earlier than the Solar. That is her morning star section. Venus’ metamorphosis from a night star right into a morning star happens in the course of the Venus retrograde cycle – that’s August thirteenth, 2023. That is after we will expertise a “reset” of all Venusian themes, and a rebirth of the center.

On August 13t, 2023 a brand new Venus cycle begins. That is THE most necessary date in Venus’ 584-day cycle – however it’s not the one necessary date.

Venus Retrograde In Leo 2023 Dates

We will take a look at this Venus retrograde in Leo cycle from 2 angles: 1) the 4 distinct Venus retrograde phases (that occur throughout each Venus retrograde), and a couple of) by way of the transits Venus makes with different planets.

Let’s take a look on the 4 phases and the transits that happen in every of those phases:

PHASE I – Venus seen and night star

We will nonetheless see Venus within the night sky, however her gentle begins to dim. Venus prepares for her journey to the underworld. It is a time to mirror on what’s necessary to us, and determine these emotions, tales and patterns that not serve us.


  • July twenty third, 2023 – Venus goes retrograde at 28° Leo
  • July twenty seventh, 2023 – Venus conjunct Mercury at 28° Leo
  • July thirtieth, 2023 – Venus quincunx Neptune at 27° Leo

PHASE II – Venus invisible and night star

Venus goes into the underworld. That is essentially the most intense a part of the retrograde cycle, a time to purge and shed our outdated pores and skin so we will be rebirthed. Venus makes some fairly wild elements with Lilith and Uranus – the decision to interrupt free is unimaginable to disregard.

Archetype: LILITH

  • August third, 2023 – August sixth – Venus turns into invisible, falling beneath the horizon and into the underworld (the precise date is dependent upon the place you reside)
  • August eighth, 2023 – Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 23° Leo + Lion’s Gate
  • August ninth, 2023 – Venus (at 22° Leo) sq. Uranus (at 22° Taurus)

PHASE III – Venus invisible and morning star

Venus retrograde and Solar meet in a conjunction. Venus continues to be within the underworld, however it’s now a morning star. It is a time to tune into ourselves, uncover what it’s that we actually need, and set intentions for the subsequent Venus cycle. It is a very potent manifestation time, just like a New Moon. Because the saying goes, watch out what you want for!

Archetype: EVE

  • August thirteenth, 2023 – Venus conjunct Solar at 20° Leo. A brand new 584-day Venus cycle begins, and Venus transforms from a night star right into a morning star
  • August 14th, 2023 – Venus (19° Leo) trine Chiron (19° Aries)
  • August fifteenth, 2023 – Venus conjunct Moon at 18° Leo
  • August twenty second, 2023 – Venus (15° Leo) sq. Jupiter (15° Taurus)

PHASE IV – Venus seen morning star

Venus rises as a morning star. On this section, Venus makes her spectacular look within the morning sky, making a press release: “That is who I’m, and that is what I would like”

Archetype: Aphrodite

  • August twenty third, 2023 – Venus turns into seen once more, this time as a morning star (the precise date would possibly range, relying on the place you reside)
  • August twenty ninth, 2023 – Venus (12° Leo) is reverse Moon (12° Aquarius)

The Rebirth Of Venus

Venus retrograde is nothing else however Venus’ rebirth from a night star right into a morning star.

In the midst of the Venus retrograde (early August), Venus disappears from the sky for roughly 2 weeks. For two weeks Venus might be within the underworld. That is essentially the most intense section of the Venus retrograde 40-day cycle.

On the time Venus is conjunct the Solar, she is as near the Earth as she will be. That is the time to have an sincere take a look at your core values and uncover what you maintain most expensive.

When Venus is born once more – this time within the morning sky – a brand new you’ll emerge.

Venus retrograde is a celestial name to let go of values, relationships, and patterns that not serve you. Venus retrograde in Leo is an invite for you join together with your coronary heart, and act from that place of fact. Your coronary heart at all times is aware of what’s good for you!

“Be grateful for each heartbreak, for they had been deliberate. They arrive to your life simply to disclose one other layer of your self to you, after which go away. Their goal is to shake you up, tear aside your ego a little bit bit, present you your obstacles and addictions, break your coronary heart open so new gentle can get in, make you so determined and uncontrolled that it’s important to rework your life. And also you do.” – Unknown

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