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Venus Retrograde – The Descent Into The Underworld –

Venus Retrograde – The Descent Into The Underworld –


When Venus is retrograde, she disappears from the sky for a few weeks.

The disappearance marks Venus’ metamorphosis from a night star (rising after sundown) to a morning star (rising earlier than the Solar).

Metaphorically, Venus retrograde is just like a descent into the underworld: part of us should die so {that a} new model of ourselves can emerge.

One of the vital vital Venus retrograde myths is the Sumerian fable of Inanna’s descent into the underworld.

Venus And The Fantasy Of Inanna

Inanna is the Sumerian counterpart of Venus. Inanna was the Goddess of fertility and abundance and crucial deity of the instances.

The parable of Inanna’s descent into the underworld is nothing else however an allegory of Venus’ retrograde cycle.

  • The parable begins with Inanna deciding to journey to the underworld to go to her sister Ereshkigal, the Goddess of the Underworld. To the Sumerians, Venus disappearing underneath the horizon meant Venus went to the Underworld
  • Inanna passes by means of 7 gates to Underworld and she or he has to take away a bit of clothes or jewellery at every gate–> she must let go of her outdated identification of the self
  • She lastly arrives within the Underworld, however her sister decides to kill her –> that is the section when Venus is conjunct the Solar and a brand new Venus cycle begins. To begin anew, part of us should die
  • Ereshkigal, the goddess of the Underworld is nothing else however our shadow facet, which we have to study to combine
  • Emissaries from the Earth come to rescue Inanna and resurrect her. Inanna is resurrected and comes again to Earth –> that is the section when Venus seems once more within the sky, this time as a morning star.

Inanna’s fable is the story of Venus retrograde when Venus ‘shapeshifts’ from Night Star to Morning Star.

Two issues are necessary to remember about Venus retrograde:

  1. Venus adjustments from a night star to a morning star–> Venus retrograde is a metamorphosis from one state of being to a different
  2. Venus begins a brand new cycle –> Venus retrograde comes with a rebirth of the guts

Identical to Venus is born once more, this time within the morning sky, a brand new you’ll emerge.

Venus Retrograde And The Heroine’s Journey

If we evaluate Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey to Inanna’s heroine’s journey we discover some similarities. The Venus cycle can also be a few descent into the Underworld adopted by a return. However, not like the hero, Inanna doesn’t enterprise into the open.

She goes into the metaphorical underworld. When Venus goes retrograde, it’s not the world we have to conquer, however ourselves.

Inanna, the queen of heaven and earth, and Ereshkigal, the queen of the darkish underworld, comprise the 2 features of the feminine psyche. The journey to reintegration shouldn’t be fought on the skin – however inside ourselves.

There isn’t any dragon to kill, it’s our personal shadow that we have to combine, it’s our personal darkish facet we have to present compassion to. It’s our personal unexpressed emotions and needs that we have to honor.

Venus retrograde is a journey to our coronary heart. However how do we discover the way in which there?

We do what Inanna has executed – we glance inside. Inanna has spent 40 days on her journey to the underworld and again. Jesus spent 40 days within the desert to beat his doubt. Buddha fasted and meditated for 40 days earlier than reaching Samadhi.

What do all these journeys have in frequent? Reflection and introspection. When Venus is retrograde, we actually need to take the time and make a dedication to look inside.

We may go on with our lives the identical as earlier than – and ignore the decision – or we may make a aware choice to associate with the cosmic circulate and see the place it takes us.

Venus retrograde will ask you to look deep inside your coronary heart. Who is aware of what you could discover? Love, disappointment, pleasure, separation, forgiveness, or anger – the longing of your coronary heart will ultimately assist you to discover a deeper intimacy with your self.

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