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Venus Reverse Chiron – Face To Face With The Wound

Venus Reverse Chiron – Face To Face With The Wound


On November Twenty second-Twenty third, 2023, Venus in Libra is reverse Chiron in Aries.

Chiron in Aries is our id wound. Venus is how we relate to the world, particularly within the context of our 1-on-1 relationships.

Venus reverse Chiron in Aries will expose the stress between our id wound (“Who am I?” “Do I’ve the suitable to be right here?”) and our want to be favored and appreciated by others (Venus in Libra).

Venus Reverse Chiron – Face To Face With The Wound 

Each time we’re in a relationship – any form of relationship – there’s a refined battle between authentically preserving our id, and adapting to others, to allow them to ‘like’ us or at the least settle for us.

After we relate, we’re in a relentless negotiation between our want for connection and a concern of shedding ourselves.

The opposition is a really fascinating side. The opposition is sort of a Full Moon – the two planets are on the most distance from every other.

Due to the 180 angle, they’ve most visibility.

They give the impression of being one another within the eyes.

This creates a state of affairs the place we’re absolutely conscious of the energies at play, but a decision is (or appears) not possible.

Venus Reverse Chiron – Projection

This intense dynamic results in a psychological phenomenon that psychologists name “projection”.

Projection occurs after we place our personal unconscious traits or feelings onto others.

With Chiron in Aries reverse Venus in Libra, we really feel a simultaneous want to attach with others and be accepted for who we’re, AND a concern of being rejected as a result of we’ve proven ‘an excessive amount of’ or as a result of we’ve proven one thing that’s (or we predict it’s) undesirable.

To take care of the stress of the opposition, we regularly gravitate in the direction of one of many 2 eventualities.

1. We determine with Chiron in Aries.

We really feel cut up, conflicted, and unloved – and search for a companion who can fill that void and make us really feel entire once more.

2. We determine with the Venus in Libra people-pleaser.

We’re so wired to prioritize different folks’s emotions that we don’t even know who we’re. In an overcompensation try, we entice a Chiron in Aries sort of companion whose ‘insanity’ and seek for individuality will assist us acknowledge our personal id.

When this relationship dynamic can get activated, and if this wounding dynamic is just not acknowledged, we will get trapped into poisonous or abusive relationships that don’t, or solely superficially faucet into Chiron’s therapeutic potential.

Fortunately, the Venus-Chiron opposition is supported by Mercury in Sagittarius, which applies a trine to Chiron and a sextile to Venus.

There IS a solution to navigate this dynamic and discover a silver lining. By bringing consciousness to the wounding patterns that come up throughout this opposition, we will consciously have interaction in open communication (because of Mercury) about our vulnerabilities and fears.

After we are unconscious of the Venus-Chiron dynamic, we entice folks, and interact in relating patterns that hold us trapped within the wound, and not using a clear path to therapeutic.

When as an alternative we work with the opposition’s vitality consciously, we get to the basis causes of our wounds, and heal.

Unconscious methods of coping with a Chiron-Venus wound contain being attracted, and attracting folks to individuals who set off a victim-perpetrator, or narcissist-empath relating dynamic.

Acutely aware methods of coping with a Chiron-Venus wound embrace remedy, doing self-reflection, or having a constructive and open dialogue about our emotional wants and vulnerabilities.

Venus Reverse Chiron – The Path To Therapeutic

How do we all know the distinction?

When you really feel triggered (for good or for unhealthy), magnetically drawn, or inexplicably compelled towards somebody or one thing, then in all probability there are unconscious dynamics at play.

If as an alternative you’re feeling susceptible, but empowered to deal with and perceive these emotions, then you’re doubtless approaching the state of affairs consciously.

Chiron reverse Venus and trine Mercury is an invite to discover the wounded elements of ourselves with curiosity and kindness, whereas cultivating genuine connections each with ourselves and others.

Take note of any emotions, relating patterns or insights that emerge as of late. Take note of all upcoming Chiron transits. Do the Chiron work.

The Venus-Chiron opposition is only a teaser – and a chance to get a style of Chiron’s therapeutic potential.

However there’s one thing a lot larger coming.

When the North Node will ultimately conjunct Chiron (in February 2024) we could have a novel alternative to “break the cycle”, re-write unhealthy conditioning, and turn into the individual we are supposed to be.



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