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Weekend Love Forecast – Electriquarius Stellium

sax selfieVenus, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, and Solar in Aquarius… Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini. SO MUCH AIR this weekend! Whereas the preponderance of planets is in mounted Aquarius, the temper is mutable with Moon in Gemini. So what will we anticipate? TALK, numerous speak, concepts, expectations, and communications.

Mars is in Aquarius, so something we do will revolve round concepts and opinions as properly. Contemplate what is feasible, then exit additional on a limb. Taking the excessive street is warranted, however what’s the excessive street? That’s the place we formulate and experiment with a view to proceed.

One thing new! Strive one thing new! Nicely, Mars in sq. to mounted, earthy Taurus Jupiter might spin out within the particulars. Mars-Jupiter in impact all weekend lengthy, from Aquarius to Taurus creates rigidity within the excessive urge to go. Inertia might be overcome, however we should not find yourself the place anticipated. Overshooting the mark might also be a problem.

Friday night time, the Gemini Moon trines Mars and heads into sq. with Pisces Saturn, precise in a single day. Mercury perfects its sq. to Aquarius-ruler Uranus by night time. This sounds pleasantly energetic: attention-grabbing and stuffed with novel, upbeat interplay. Nevertheless, it additionally offers “Comedy of Errors”, so regulate your expectations and comply with the temper of the second.

Count on communication… anticipate anticipating communication however getting one thing else, or odd timing. Count on it to sluggish the method and have an effect on the temper. However in the end, that Moon-Mars trine retains it mild.

Don’t be afraid to bop. Are you awkward? It’s the night time for awkward to shine.

Venus sidles as much as a zippy conjunction to Pluto, precise early Saturday. The aesthetic is odd and intense, and people are hungry… in principle. Typically hungry folks don’t eat, so once more: expectations might must be adjusted. Urge for food is volcanic however theoretical. And it’s under no circumstances what one may anticipate. Once more, strive one thing new. The chance is that new and odd could also be disturbing if taken too far (Mars-Jupiter), however the one method to win is to strive. Experiment.

Saturday night time, the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron in Aries then trines Mercury in a single day. No matter shenanigans erupt Friday, all of it is smart the next night time. Possibly “all” is a stretch, however the temper highlights all that’s essential to know for sensible purposes and functions.

Moreover, Venus strikes at the side of Mars by way of the remainder of the weekend, and sweetens the adjustment to its sq. to Jupiter. Bodily contact is softened with pleasure: Electrical pleasure within the theoretical might be felt bodily, and want hones motion. Expressing your needs in motion is right, however modulate in actual time for suggestions on depth (an excessive amount of, too little).

Sunday morning, the Gemini Moon perfects its trine to Mercury then goes on to sq. Neptune and trine the Solar by nighttime. The temper is nimble and life-affirming, even when we’re tempted to blur out the tough spots. Due to that (relatively than regardless of), sneaking a take a look at what feels difficult is our greatest wager for self enchancment. Have religion that you just’re ok, since you are.

Instantly after the Moon-Solar trine perfects, the Moon strikes to its personal rulership in Most cancers and the Solar blends into Pisces. Open your coronary heart, and open your ego to your coronary heart. We don’t have to dissolve who we’re with a view to let in a connection to self by way of others… a connection to others by way of opening the self. Goals are affecting and prophetic.

Do you’ve gotten any weekend plans?



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