Home Astrology Astrological Forecasting Weekly Forecast: October 30 – November 3, 2023 – Virgo Venus On Stage

Weekly Forecast: October 30 – November 3, 2023 – Virgo Venus On Stage

Weekly Forecast: October 30 – November 3, 2023 – Virgo Venus On Stage


halloween hammerThe week begins out with Venus in Virgo, Mercury-ruled, in lively trine to retro Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus (actual Tuesday morning). Monday morning, the Taurus Moon strikes by way of a trine to Pluto earlier than heading into Gemini and a sq. to a slowly stationing Saturn in Pisces.

The temper is alive with the overtone of electrical crackle, however it grounds the nerve and stomach with overwhelming stability and intention. When the Moon’s rulership shifts from earth to air, we supply that stability into an abrupt drive shift, a NEED for interpretation. We have to know, however that doesn’t imply we’ll. However we’re more likely to strive. The temper fits an open thoughts greatest.

The Scorpio Solar spends nearly all of the week in opposition to retro Jupiter in Taurus (actual Thursday evening). Mercury and Mars velocity by way of the mid-degrees of Scorpio with the Solar of their wake. They make their method into opposition with retro Uranus. The senses and drive are pushed and popping. Stand able to swerve for shock strikes and communications.

Within the first half of the week, the Moon-mood highlights and whips up the drama of the unseen in addition to the drive to hunt and outline. The second half of the week delivers. A inventive urge merges with the present circulate in an effort to deliver forth one thing better than the sum of its components.

The place are you going with that, and what does it imply? That’s the query of the week. We’ve acquired the motivation and the instruments to flip and twist like acrobats in an effort to be the place we should be in an effort to make the metaphorical catch.

Tuesday’s Gemini Moon sextiles retro Chiron then strikes by way of a t-square with the Venus-Neptune opposition in a single day. We’re studying quick, and it sweeps us by way of the morass of need as we hit the dream too quickly to make it make sense. It’s a primary hit, first impression, first dip… of the large reward of the query: WHAT DO YOU WANT? WHAT DO I WANT?

We shout it at one another, however we’re additionally shouting the hidden which means (the identical query) to ourself.

The Gemini Moon finally ends up its sq. to Neptune Wednesday morning, then slides on into Most cancers noon. In Most cancers, it trines stationing Saturn and picks up an making use of trine to the Solar by nighttime. We’re caught within the fragmented, prophetic dreaming of a cold, foggy morning until our timing ticks into place with the Moon in its personal signal. A stabilizing fin by way of the keel of our boat connects the guts of the collective each above and beneath. Highly effective, even strokes mark our equilibrium. The distinction shifts our consciousness, however the shock is just not jarring.

On Thursday, the Most cancers Moon finishes its trine to the Solar then goes on to trine Mars and sq. retro Chiron by evening. That inventive urge of circulate aids in placing the items collectively. In a single day the Most cancers Moon perfects a trine to Mercury. Realizing is doing (and doing is understanding), so this can be a hands-on affair. Get in there and muck round until it really works.

Friday the Most cancers Moon finishes with Mercury and strikes by way of a sextile to retro Uranus. We’re getting hyped… gently and organically, however we nonetheless come out with an upbeat feeling of novel enthusiasm. It appears like something may occur – in a great way. And it’s true.

For the afternoon Most cancers Moon lights up the precise Venus-Neptune opposition in impossibly good timing. The Moon sextiles Venus one second and trines Neptune as Venus opposes Neptune within the subsequent. The collective temper exerts its life-giving energy on the beginning of a divine reward. Give it your easiest want. Shoot for the Moon.

Friday evening, the Most cancers Moon goes on to oppose Pluto. It’s change, alchemy. Keep sturdy and supple by shifting and flowing with the tempest (somewhat than making an attempt to exert your will in opposition to it).

We’re underwater metaphorically, however we’ve the flexibility and leverage to slingshot ourselves into an excellent place for fulfillment and understanding.



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