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What Do You Put On Your French Fries Based mostly On Your Zodiac Signal?

A French fry, also referred to as a chip or fry, a finger chip, or a French fried potato, is a deep-fried baton of potato. There’s no denying that fast-food eating places have them and that each one ages love them! The second Friday in July is French Fry Day since this facet dish or dish by itself is so widespread. It falls on July 14th this 12 months. Fries are sometimes topped with dipping sauces or different garnishes, which individuals take pleasure in creating. In line with your zodiac signal, what do you set in your fries? Listed below are some concepts that will match your zodiac signal completely from Low-cost Recipe Weblog.

Aries – Sriracha Mayonnaise

Aries, you might be enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate, and given your ruler is aggressive and energetic Mars, you want something spicy. Subsequently, sriracha mayonnaise is the proper sauce to dip your fries in or high in your fries. All you should do is add sriracha sauce to the mayonnaise, and you’ll add as a lot sriracha to the mayo relying on how spicy you need it, along with a pinch of sugar to assist in giving it a candy style on high of the spice. Subsequently, it is a excellent match for you, and additionally, you will douse your fries into it.

Taurus – Honey Mustard

Taurus, you don’t like to maneuver away out of your consolation zone as you aren’t eager on making an attempt something new. But, concurrently, you like the connoisseur and luxurious, on condition that your ruler is wealthy and exquisite Venus, and you might be additionally sensual by nature by being an earth signal. That’s the reason you’ll not go for the normal ketchup and fries. Strive honey mustard in your fries, as you prefer it in your salad, because it offers it a connoisseur contact. Subsequently, your fries might style like they value an arm and a leg with this dipping sauce or topping, regardless that they don’t.

Gemini – Candy Chili Sauce

Gemini, you might be versatile, and you’ll not solely use a topping on your fries that you should use for every other dishes, however you prefer to style a number of flavors in a single. The candy chili sauce is a good dip or topping on your fries. You may take pleasure in this sauce’s twin tastes of candy and spicy and make your personal if you happen to discover the normal one too gentle. You may at all times add extra spice if you happen to resolve to make the sauce at dwelling. So in case you are having a burger with fries, you may add the candy chili sauce on the burger and the fries. You may take pleasure in numerous flavors in a single sitting.

Most cancers – Ranch

Most cancers, you’re a homebody, and you like your consolation. Nothing makes you happier than having fun with a hearty meal or snack along with your family members, whether or not at dwelling or elsewhere. You additionally love flavor-rich meals, so ranch dressing is the dipping sauce or topping you’ll add to your fries. It doesn’t solely consolation you whenever you eat it in your salad. It’s the excellent match on your fries. Subsequently, you may take pleasure in your ranch on fries as you eat at your TV desk in your den whereas watching your favourite program. That might be heaven for you.

Leo – Chili And Cheese

Leo, you’re the extravagant one, and also you need to be handled with royalty, and that’s the reason if in case you have fries, any dipping sauce is not going to minimize it for you. You’ll want to have one thing much more substantial than that, similar to chili and cheese. And never the plastic nacho cheese supplied at ballgames or different sporting occasions. You need melted cheddar, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, and different contemporary and scrumptious cheese on high of the chili you pour over your fries. That’s your model.

Virgo – Malt Vinegar

Virgo, you might be analytical and you might be detail-oriented. You’re additionally health-conscious, and that’s the reason you’ll not be the one to eat fries all that usually. Nonetheless, you could minimize up some candy potatoes, add some salt and olive oil, and bake them to have a more healthy model of fries. And you’ll doubtless be the one to drop some malt vinegar on them, as it is going to give the fries a pleasant tangy taste. Nonetheless, there are some well being advantages related to malt vinegar as that’s the reason you’d be the one to make use of it as one thing so as to add to your fries.

Libra – Herbed Bitter Cream

Libra, you might be all about friendship, relationships, peace, and sweetness, and like Taurus, your ruler is gorgeous Venus, which additionally explains why you like to take pleasure in something interesting and scrumptious. In terms of a dipping sauce on your fries, you want one thing savory, so herbed bitter cream could be the best dipping sauce for the fries. You combine contemporary herbs similar to dill or chives into the bitter cream and add a little bit little bit of garlic powder and salt, and there’s the proper sauce you can too take pleasure in with your mates!

Scorpio – Wasabi Mayonnaise

Scorpio, you’re the mysterious one, and you want to remain that method as you might be extraordinarily intense. You’ll not go for an peculiar French fry dip. Subsequently, you’ll go for one thing that may knock the socks off anybody, so the dip you’ll go for is the wasabi mayonnaise dip. It could have the looks of pesto sauce which has a savory kick. Nonetheless, that sauce is as spicy as one might get. All you should do is combine some wasabi with mayonnaise, and you’ve got your dip.

Sagittarius – Tacky Bacon Fries

Sagittarius, you might be happy-go-lucky with out worrying about an excessive amount of, as you have got a no-care perspective and drift. That’s the reason one of the best French fries topping you’d take pleasure in could be the melted cheese and bacon, much like Leo. You’ll use a vegan possibility for that topping in case you are vegan, but it surely doesn’t matter in any other case. The topping makes you cheerful, and regardless that it’s a extremely caloric facet meal, your perspective is that you simply solely reside as soon as, and there’s nothing improper with indulging every so often, particularly on French Fry Day!

Capricorn – Cilantro Lime Mayonnaise

Capricorn, you might be bold and goal-oriented, and you’ve got excessive requirements. You’ve a really subtle facet, and if you’ll take pleasure in some fries, then it would be best to take pleasure in it in a classy dip, which is why the cilantro lime mayonnaise dip is the one you’d go for as a result of the tangy taste could be preferrred for you. You’ll minimize up two massive jalapenos, smash two garlic cloves, and add two tablespoons of contemporary ginger and white onion. Add one tablespoon of lime juice in addition to one cup of mayonnaise. Then add one-quarter cup of water and chopped cilantro and sprinkle some salt. Combine it properly, and you’ve got your dip!

Aquarius – Peanut Sauce

Aquarius, you do your factor and don’t like to adapt as you’re the insurgent of the zodiac. What you’ll put in your fries will probably be thought of unconventional in comparison with the others. That’s the reason the best dipping sauce or topping will probably be peanut sauce. You may at all times use pea butter in case you are allergic to peanut butter. You should take a 3rd cup of peanut butter, as chunky is healthier than creamy. Add one tablespoon of sriracha sauce and soy sauce and one teaspoon of brown sugar. Add some water to make it a little bit extra creamy, and there you have got your sauce or topping for fries.

Pisces – Raspberry Ketchup

Pisces, you might be dreamy and imaginative, and the kind of topping or dipping sauce you’d go for relating to your fries could be raspberry ketchup. It has a candy and tangy style that may get your creativeness going. All you’d do is chop up two tomatoes and add half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of garlic powder. Add two tablespoons of crimson vinegar and two tablespoons of brown sugar. After which, lastly, add six contemporary raspberries, and crush them up. Put them in a saucepan, let the combination simmer for ten minutes, and you’ve got your dipping sauce on your fries!


If you’re making an attempt to watch your well being and what you eat, it would be best to indulge just a bit on July 14th as a result of it’s the day to take pleasure in these French fries. The second Friday in July is French Fry Day, and also you don’t need to be overlooked of celebrating the day. You may nonetheless take pleasure in these fries moderately, whether or not you seize small fries from McDonald’s, bake the store-bought ones from McCains, or make your personal! Have some fries with the household for dinner, and check out the toppings or dipping sauces that will be preferrred on your zodiac signal. That might be an effective way to have a good time the day.



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