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What Enneagram Kind Are You

What Enneagram Kind Are You


The Enneagram of Persona is a psychological typology system developed by George Gurfjieff within the early twentieth century. In response to this technique, there are 9 distinct character sorts which every of us falls into.

Every character kind has a unique orientation to life, together with units of skills, strengths, weaknesses, stressors and values.


The enneagram system offers large worth each in what it teaches us about our personal psychology and within the perception, we might acquire into the psychology of others. Maybe the best lesson we would be taught from of any typological system is simply how completely different we’re from each other on the very roots of our psyches. For one particular person, essentially the most “actual” component of expertise is the emotional or subjective expertise, whereas for an additional particular person it’s the concrete world and measurable achievements. Some individuals truly thrive when they’re put below intense stress, whereas others are profoundly traumatized by it.

There are various assessments on-line which you’ll take to find which kind you’re. Nonetheless, one of the simplest ways to find out your kind is to be taught as a lot as you’ll be able to about every kind and see which one most closely fits your values and habits patterns.


Kind One: The Ideologue

You prioritize perfection, purity and certainty. You deeply worth a way of being proper. You’re extremely organized, cautious, idealistic, contemplative, observant and scrupulous. You consider that there’s a appropriate method to do issues, and that there’s just one appropriate means. It is vitally vital so that you can really feel that you’re morally righteous, organized, observant and on a relentless path of self-improvement. You discover quite a lot of satisfaction in “perfecting” issues, even whether it is simply the straightforward satisfaction of balancing a checkbook, cleansing the home, or a murals that looks like every bit is simply in its good place. Usually Ones are non secular leaders and males of deep religion, with an inclination towards zealotry and orthodoxy. You maintain your self to the best requirements of the Aristocracy, honor, generosity, unity and motive.

Kind Two: The Caregiver

You’ve gotten a deep want for love, approval and overt affection. You crave the sensation of being of service to different individuals, particularly in caring for their private or emotional wants. You’re all the time there when somebody wants a shoulder to cry on, an additional pair of serving to arms, or a cheerful playmate. The truth is, you might be no matter or whoever is most wanted in the intervening time — you may have an intuition for what others like, what they’ll reply to, what they want and the way they are often finest served. As you go searching any room, you might end up naturally and even unconsciously melding into the personalities round you so as to be extra pleasing to them. Twos are sometimes within the place of being a “right-hand man” to individuals of affect, for example a private assistant or secretary, as a result of they’re so proficient at studying and anticipating the wants of others. You’re feeling deeply fulfilled when somebody is relying on you, or when you may have efficiently aided somebody ultimately. You additionally take pleasure in recognition, gratitude and affection for these labors, for when you could also be genuinely motivated by a spirit of selfless service to others, deep down you’re truly in search of love and validation.

Kind Three: The Performer

Threes are hard-working, calculating, aggressive, excessive achievers and action-oriented. Threes immerse themselves intensely of their work and determine utterly with the merchandise that they create and the roles that they play. You want to seem to others as picture of perfection, success and accomplishment, and mould your sense of identification in accordance to what’s anticipated of somebody in your place. You do that in all areas of your life, in search of to mission a picture of perfection in your job, as a mum or dad, as a partner, as a buddy, and many others. You determine what it’s that you’re supposed to say, and also you say it, whether or not you actually imply it or not. This habits like has its roots in your childhood; in a method or one other you could have been taught that you can be cherished to your accomplishments, successes and common flawlessness, versus for who you’re as a human being or what you actually really feel. You thrive in aggressive environments the place you’ll be able to climb a ladder to attain success. You’ll work tirelessly for days on finish, and are extraordinarily adept at placing apart all feelings and exterior issues to get the job carried out.

Kind 4: The Romantic

Fours are mysterious, withdrawn, poetic, romantic, inventive, impressed, delicate and given to excessive temper swings. We are able to acknowledge the Fourth kind within the stereotype of the “tortured artist”, one with nice emotional and inventive sensitivity, and one who is extremely temperamental and generally dramatic. Fours are in a relentless conquest for a deep and all-consuming love which they really feel will redeem them, full them or deliver wholeness the place they really feel damaged or empty. Usually Fours expertise abandonment early in life from a parental determine by way of demise, divorce, neglect or abuse and this early expertise of ache/rejection has a profound impact on the formation of the character.

Kind 5: The Sage

In a phrase, the 5 is contemplative. You’re reclusive, introverted and quiet by nature, and also you take pleasure in watching others, whereas avoiding being watched your self. You’re able to deep and penetrating perception, and laser-like targeted focus, and also you construct your life round these abilities, rigorously crafting a form of secluded fortress that retains out all that will distract you. Fives could make nice philosophers, scientists, artists, writers and students; you excel at actions which require indifferent research and rational understanding, and are glad to reside an remoted lifetime of a hermit if it deepens and enhances your work. Fives have a tendency to hunt out philosophical, non secular and psychological programs for understanding humanity and the world at giant. You want to know the necessities; you aren’t fascinated about anecdotes or tidbits, however as an alternative need an understanding of the entire, and the way all of the components match collectively.

Kind Six: The Employee

Sixes are organized, strategic, persevering, humble, loyal and devoted. You’re intensely observant and watchful, and you’ve got a knack for having the ability to spot the weak spots, potential downfalls or flaws in a company or enterprise. You’re nice at arising with options, and you’ll work day and evening to make sure the safety and stability of no matter you’re engaged on — be it skilled, romantic, within the family, or anyplace else. Your thoughts usually drifts to the worst-case situation wherever you’re, and this may increasingly lead you to develop elaborate theories about hidden motivations, latent illnesses, potential collapses, failures or disasters, and this psychological behavior is prone to deliver quite a lot of pointless fear and nervousness into your life. On the similar time, nonetheless, it’s this inborn tendency which makes you an absolute grasp at organizing, planning and streamlining, as a result of you’ll be able to anticipate issues and defects even earlier than they’ve had time to point out up.

Kind Seven: The Fanatic

As a Seven, you’re motivated by a necessity for freedom, new expertise, and sensual appetites. You take pleasure in the most effective of the most effective relating to meals, artwork, wine and firm. You might have a tendency towards thrill-seeking, and be the type of one who leaps on the likelihood to go white water rafting or sky-diving at a second’s discover. Even in case you are not the outside kind, you in all probability have many alternative areas of curiosity or talent, and also you completely hate the prospect of boredom. You’re all the time on the lookout for the utmost pleasure always and this could result in over-indulgence in meals, alcohol or medicine, in addition to promiscuous sexual habits, however it might additionally imply a protracted, full lifetime of studying, growth and journey. Sevens usually retain an “everlasting youth” as you’re extremely open-minded and curious.

Kind Eight: The Boss

As an Eight, you’re protecting, assertive and a pure chief. You prefer to work for your self by your personal guidelines and make your choices primarily based in your “intestine instincts”, that are fairly highly effective and normally reliable for you. The “Boss” sorts have a tendency to talk bluntly and even aggressively, and you’re masterful at making use of stress— psychological, emotional or bodily— in order that issues get carried out and issues get carried out your means. You like to be in positions of energy and are fairly good at directing, guiding and even forcing situations to bend to your will.

Kind 9: The Buddy

Nines are supportive, easy-going, pleasant and indecisive. You’ve gotten a deep must really feel peaceable, accepted and a way of ease in your life. You keep away from confrontation, battle, self-assertion and decision-making. You don’t prefer to should take one perspective over one other, largely since you actually don’t like alienating different individuals, but additionally as a result of you’re a principally agreeable particular person. You’d reasonably chorus from taking any aspect and circulate with the opinions and choices of whoever you’re with, or the bigger group of your neighborhood, society or household. You’re undoubtedly a individuals particular person, and luxuriate in working in teams or groups, socializing at huge occasions and events, and spending plenty of time along with your family and friends.



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