Home Astrology What Is Saturnalia? How To Rejoice – For Saturn’s Sake!

What Is Saturnalia? How To Rejoice – For Saturn’s Sake!

What Is Saturnalia? How To Rejoice – For Saturn’s Sake!


A Feast Of Festive Enjoyable! Learn About This Pagan celebration – and the actual roots of the vacations!

What’s Saturnalia?

A pagan pageant, Saturnalia hails from historical Rome.

It was held in honour of the god Saturn (equal of the Greek Cronus). Lots of our Christmas traditions come from this celebration – see them listed under!

Initially held on December seventeenth, it was later expanded with festivities from the seventeenth via to December twenty third.

Saturnalia was and nonetheless could be a time to stop all issues thought of ‘critical’.

Emperor Augustus (27BC – AD14) shortened the week to a three-day vacation, because it was all getting a bit too rowdy, raucous and chaotic, interrupting the working week.

Merry making of historical Roman tradition included giving presents, feasting, social gathering video games and even adorning a tree – so very very similar to Christmas.

The Romans celebrated in remembrance of a legendary Golden Age, a time in Italy when Saturn reigned as King, instructing the inhabitants agriculture, and giving them legal guidelines. 

Slavery was a factor unknown in The Golden Age, and subsequently one other key a part of Saturnalia celebrations was equality – a change in angle, and function reversal.

The masters served the slaves and handled them to a banquet, adults served youngsters, and all males worshipped collectively.

It was very a lot about generosity to the poor, revelry and a publicly nominated vacation for all to take pleasure in. The slackened guidelines permitted the slaves to gamble too – even to bid for his or her freedom.

Not all Romans preferred this pagan winter vacation, nonetheless, and it was famous that “the mob went uncontrolled”. Early Christian authorities particularly objected, and when the Church settled on the nativity the Christians started to push again, nominating the twenty fifth as a sombre ‘holy day’ of peace and quiet.

Nonetheless, Saturnalia was so standard it was celebrated in Rome as late because the eighth century – and I feel the flavour of festivities replicate our inclinations immediately!

How do folks have fun Saturnalia?

Listed below are a few of the customs I’ve discovered, which you would possibly wish to embrace in your holidays this 12 months!

1. Put on Your Greatest, Vibrant Garments!

Again in Roman instances the aristocracy normally wore conservative garments. Nonetheless at the moment of 12 months they stepped into brightly colored materials – historically pink, purple and gold.

Slaves have been handled as equals and allowed to put on good garments, and sit on the head of the desk! Respect your most interesting threads and gown up lavishly throughout this week.

The cap of freedom, the pillleum was a hat worn by slaves who had been liberated.

On Saturnalia, all slaves can be thought of ‘free for the vacations’, and so would put on this cover throughout their time without work!

Present your liberation with a pillbox hat or no matter you may lay your arms on. You possibly can even put on a Santa hat, because it seems to be very a lot the identical as his hat…

2. Erect Timber, Cling Holly, Berries And Mistletoe To Honour Saturn…

Utilizing timber to brighten at the moment of 12 months has been a ritual for hundreds of years.

In historical instances, Pagans used branches to brighten their houses throughout the winter solstice, because it helped them consider the spring to return.

3. Give Items – White Candles!

Somebody’s A Fan of Diptyque In Our Family…

Conventional presents that got have been ‘cerei’, white candles signifying the sunshine after solstice and ornaments known as ‘sigillariae’. The ornaments have been hung in greenery as ornament – very similar to our timber immediately.

4. Eat Cookies Formed Like Folks…

As a part of the Saturnalia rites the Pagans ate little biscuits, which we now know as gingerbread males and Christmas cookies.

Usually formed like human beings or animals they normally boasted enlarged sexual organs, one other act of rebellious debauchery!

  • Feast And Overindulge, too…

An enormous public feat would happen at the Temple of Saturn in Rome, and other people would minimize unfastened the toes of the statue of Saturn, which have been normally sure in wool. This symbolic act let throughout get unfastened!

5. Elect A “Lord Of Misrule”, Gamble And Play Video games…

It was widespread apply for Pagans to ‘incarnate’ their gods and every neighborhood would choose somebody to play the function of ‘Lord of Misrule’ throughout Saturnalia, appointed to preside over the revelry, drunkenness and wild partying.

It’s his obligation to make instructions comparable to “Sing bare!” or “Throw him into chilly water!”, which must be obeyed by friends. His objective is to create and (mis)rule a chaotic and absurd world…

  • Dance And Sing Bare In The Avenue

No critical enterprise was allowed at the moment of 12 months, and what may very well be extra foolish than carolling bare?

A time of true merriment, singing bare was inspired and was a precursor to our trendy caroling custom. Maybe one to do that in your house…

> Sol Invictus – Invincible Solar, December twenty fifth!

One other Roman vacation was Sol Invictus, celebrating the renewal of the Solar King or Unconquered Solar, which is linked to the winter solstice.

Nonetheless this was modified underneath the reign of the primary Christian emperor. Constantine shifted Roman tradition away from paganism, and in direction of Christianity. He turned December twenty fifth into ‘Christmas’.



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