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What’s a cazimi in astrology?

What’s a cazimi in astrology?


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Within the cycle of any planet, a cazimi is an important second. It happens when a planet types a precise conjunction with the Solar, initiating a brand new cycle. The phrase “cazimi” is derived from an Arabic phrase that means “within the coronary heart of the Solar.” It’s right here, inside Sol’s temple, that new missions are seeded. The planet will get purified within the Solar’s rays (assume: flame to an ear-piercing needle), and recent truths are revealed.

Cazimis can provide divine downloads and insights — if we’re open to receiving them.

Although astrologers have totally different opinions on when precisely a planet enters the cazimi candy spot, at CHANI we think about the conjunction to be lively inside one diploma. When you’re new to occupied with levels, think about {that a} circle has 360 of them. The zodiac divides this circle into 12 equal components of 30 levels, which kind the 12 indicators. Cazimis happen when each the Solar and one other planet are inside one diploma of one another in the identical signal. For medieval astrologers, this window was way more fleeting: 16 arc minutes on both aspect. Every diploma incorporates 60 arc minutes, one other geometry factoid.

Nonetheless you slice and cube the timing, the cazimi represents an enchanted second in the course of the planet’s dance with the Solar. A golden window for launching our plans, clarifying our desires, and making our want lists for the universe.

As a result of the Solar is so vibrant, planets approaching or separating from the Solar can’t be seen in their very own mild. If a planet is inside 15 levels of the Solar, it’s thought of to be “below the beams.” Misplaced within the Solar’s glare, it may be more durable for the planet to specific its full vitality.

When a planet is inside eight levels of the Solar, however not shut sufficient to kind a precise conjunction, it may be even more durable for that planet to function. Historically, this has been referred to as “combustion,” when the planet is scorched by the Solar’s rays. Simply as it’s troublesome to run our lives within the throes of a heatwave, planets lose their efficiency the nearer they get to the photo voltaic luminary.

That is what makes the cazimi so particular: After weeks of battle, the planet is instantly granted an viewers with our cosmic sovereign. And it emerges from this assembly replenished, renewed, and revitalized.

Two kinds of cazimi

There are two kinds of cazimis:

  1. Inferior conjunctions are when Mercury or Venus is retrograde and touring between the Solar and Earth.
  2. Superior conjunctions are when Mercury, Venus, or every other planet is transferring ahead on the alternative aspect of the Solar from Earth.

Don’t take note of the worth we usually connect to phrases like “inferior” and “superior.” These are astronomical phrases. On this case, inferior merely signifies that the planet is nearer to Earth, and due to this fact to us.

Whereas inferior cazimis can convey extra private revelations, superior cazimis assist us zoom out to watch the larger image. Consider the astronaut gazing out at Earth. As a substitute of noticing the smaller particulars, they behold the tiny and luxurious marble of life floating in a sea of stars. In each instances, cazimis assist us click on the puzzle items collectively as we acquire entry to new views.

Does each planet have a cazimi?

When you’re questioning whether or not all planets have their second within the Solar, completely. Even the Moon, thought of a planet in conventional astrology, has its month-to-month rendezvous with Sol. A cazimi involving the Moon is technically a New Moon. That is the month-to-month second when Luna — briefly invisible in our evening skies — traces up instantly with the Solar. A New Moon is a quiet time of reflection, relaxation, and seeding new intentions.

Mercury is the fastest-moving planet and has probably the most retrogrades — finishing its loop-de-loop as much as 4 instances a yr. Which means now we have a handful of Mercury cazimis to work with yearly. Inferior Mercury cazimis are particularly potent for revelatory communications and sudden insights. The superior conjunction — when Mercury is on the opposite aspect of the Solar, so far as it may well stray from the Earth — lends itself to bulletins and proclamations.

When Venus bathes within the Solar’s rays, it’s a gilded second in the course of the planet of delight’s retrograde journey. This cazimi brings a glimmer of readability to no matter you’ve been reviewing or reclaiming in your relationships with intimacy, creativity, or need. As with Mercury, Venus will expertise each inferior and superior cazimi moments. The inferior conjunction occurs on the midpoint of Venus’ retrograde journey and brings extra inner revelations round love and connection. Within the superior conjunction, Venus presents a fowl’s-eye perspective of those identical themes, orbiting on the opposite aspect of the Solar from Earth.

Mars cazimis are rarer nonetheless, because the planet of will and braveness is handed the torch of a brand new mission from the Solar each two years. After their assembly, we emerge laser-focused on the battles value combating and the defenses that may lastly be put down.

Jupiter cazimis occur every year, when the Solar enters the identical signal because the planet of abundance. On this time, our higher benefic’s fortunate horseshoes are additional blessed. Wherever this cazimi falls in your chart, a promising new cycle of development, knowledge, and pleasure is seeded. It’s a time to pitch the pitch, reduce the golden ribbon, or just hype your self up.

The annual Saturn cazimi, however, is a extra somber affair — however no much less clarifying. Wherever a boundary wants repairing or a dedication must be strengthened, the Saturn cazimi helps us bolster our containers. If we launch a venture at this second, it’s certain to face the check of time.

The so-called outer planets — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — even have their quarter-hour of photo voltaic fame. These cazimis occur roughly every year and convey moments of epiphany associated to the planetary archetype.

When Uranus is cazimi, the air is charged with an electrical present of change, because the Solar illuminates what wants shaking up in our lives.

Neptune’s cazimi dials up the ambient synchronicity and magic, clarifying our inspiration and better beliefs. From this elevated openness, we understand the delicate threads of our interconnectivity and dare to dream once more.

Lastly, when the Solar and Pluto conjoin, we pierce by way of our personal unconscious shadows to get well hidden gold. A time of revelation, energy dynamics, taboos, and troublesome truths are all up for examination. The proverbial vampires blocking entry to our true essence shrivel within the mild of the Solar. 

Tips on how to Make Cazimi Magic

Cazimis are your golden ticket from the universe to start once more. Listed here are a number of methods to take advantage of these Solar baths.

  1. Open your self as much as divine downloads, revelations, and insights of all types. An informal dialog, a flyer blowing previous you on the road, or a non-public second of meditation can all be automobiles of epiphany.
  2. Preserve a pocket book, dream journal, or voice memo app useful to catch the pearls of knowledge as they drop.
  3. Search out a quiet house, flip off your notifications, and underschedule your self. The extra you may domesticate house for contemplation, the extra the cosmos will divulge to you.
  4. Consider in your skill to revitalize, renew, and replenish. Irrespective of how caught you are feeling, the cazimi is right here to remind you that there’s at all times a reset button to press in the event you’re open to development, studying, and alter.
  5. Belief your instinct. The smart one deep inside is being given a cazimi-phone to disclose the paths, individuals, and initiatives really meant for you. Tune in to your internal voice.
  6. Discover out if the cazimi will impression your natal placements by checking your Transits within the CHANI app. These readings replace in actual time, so it’s value checking them on daily basis to keep away from lacking a beat.

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