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What’s A Killer Intuition? | ElsaElsa

What’s A Killer Intuition? | ElsaElsa


killer instinct

Hello, Elsa

Very not too long ago somebody from work (a senior man, one who’s identified to usher in plenty of cash/useful resource) instructed me (in confidence) one thing – that they’re at all times searching for individuals who have “killer intuition”, as a result of these folks know tips on how to ship work it doesn’t matter what. This has been sitting in my mind for someday, and I don’t know if one thing like this may be learnt or it’s only a high quality, or what is that this even.

I felt sort of unsettled, principally as a result of I don’t suppose I’ve this, however is it one thing one ought to aspire to? What’s your tackle “folks with killer intuition”? Please assist me decode this!


Hello, Pondering. What an important query!

I don’t have killer intuition, which surprises me. I nearly really feel like I ought to. I’ve been round it sufficient.  I’m sort of hoping somebody who does will touch upon this. In the event that they do, you’ll really feel the authenticity.

I’m glad you requested for a “decode”. This a lot I can provide. Right here comes a brainstorm:

“Killer intuition”. Mars could be concerned. I affiliate intuition with Pluto.
Mars aspecting Pluto, Mars within the eighth, Mars in Scorpio.

Mars in Aries within the eighth or aspecting Pluto could be a primo choice if making an attempt to isolate such a factor.

Mars in Capricorn aspecting Pluto, in case you’re speaking about somebody doubtlessly, ruthless on the job. They’re attending to the highest, come hell or excessive water.

Not everybody with these features of their chart goes to have a killer intuition. I’d say they’d have the aptitude. They’d be extra pushed than most however usually there are different features that pressure or enable an individual to manage themselves.

This senior man you point out is basically stating they like to rent psychopaths or individuals who development that method. It’s not shocking. Trade on the whole has grow to be cutthroat throughout, from what I can see.  When you’re not prepared to play soiled, I don’t suppose you’ve got any hope in any respect of attending to the highest. I additionally really feel this mindset is being cultivated in society right now, efficiently.

A psychopath will not be going to have any drawback with any line.

“Know tips on how to ship, it doesn’t matter what”.  This implies, lie, cheat, steal and kill, actually.

I don’t suppose I’ve this, however is it one thing one ought to aspire to?”

I don’t suppose you’ve got it both otherwise you wouldn’t must ask. You’d already be honing your expertise, sharpening your fangs and such.

As for striving to develop this attribute, it’s a private alternative.  Would you kill to get to the highest? If not, your greatest course could also be to get snug with solely ascending to a sure stage.

Personally, I made this alternative way back.  “The legislation of the jungle” is actual.

What have you learnt about having a killer intuition?



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