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Which Charts Or Methods Ought to Be Used To Tackle Completely different Points?

waitressHello, Elsa.

I ponder in regards to the many astrological instruments or approaches which might be accessible: transits, midpoints, photo voltaic arc, progressed charts, natal + progressed, and so forth. What are your ideas on which instruments or approaches are finest for what specific points? If somebody asks in your steering do you simply routinely take a look at natal & transits, do you think about different influences & how do you determine?

Kansas, USA

Nice query!

I begin with a natal chart for any and all queries. For one factor, I must know who’s asking!  I’ve been at this a very long time so I can learn a chart in about fifteen seconds.  That is my course of once I get a session with a selected concern. It’s quick however orderly and works like a movement chart…

1.Who is that this?

2. Does what this particular person is asking, correlate with what I see within the chart, plus the transits?

This takes a couple of minute.  Roughly 80% of charts / issues are delineated proper then and there  Be mindful, I’m attempting to deal with a sure concern, not prepared each nuance. If I’ve the issue in hand – Skip to #5.

3. If I’m in any respect confused or uncertain; if the lights don’t come on, BRIGHTLY, I do know I’m going to have puzzle it out.  This might imply I want extra data; must ask the shoppers some clarifying questions. I may have auxiliary charts. I’ll have a weak case for some motive; this might see me examine a photo voltaic return or progressed for affirmation, or in any other case.

4. I hold wanting till I determine the factor out, until it’s inconceivable, with out additional data. Examples of which might be issues like “a relationship” of 1 month is completely different then one among ten years.  Are there children concerned?

5. Subsequent, I decide what I must say to the particular person?  To assist them, that is. That’s all the time my aim.  I often get this actually quick as effectively.  It’s the reply they want, or the concept or the plan, and so forth.

6. Will I be capable of say it?

Time and an individual’s resistance is an element. Additionally the complexity of what I must convey, which depending on the person.  That’s not a comment about intelligence.  Sagittarians don’t like being drug by means of the mud or stuffed in a darkish effectively.  Mercury sorts not often take pleasure in confusion and nervousness, and so forth.  I’m planning my method right here.

I can pull up a chart, look at it, click on print, attain over and seize the chart from the printer, stroll to my bed room, the place it’s quiet with no distractions. By the point I  stroll the fifty toes or no matter it’s, I’ve it sorted and I’m able to go.   For this reason I’ve no-wait consultations.  I’m on it earlier than you possibly can ring my telephone. I don’t know why I can do that aside from huge observe, and I’ve developed my ability.

Now I’m not saying there’s not different data in different charts. There’s different data!  However my shoppers typically need a scorching shot. They’re unhappy, scared or feeling uncontrolled and so they need it put proper. They need HELP. Assuming I can discern the reply, what I’m describing works finest as a result of it’s not diluted.  Er… it’s higher to be advised the right factor, a number of occasions, then it’s to drown somebody in trivialities that distracts from the issue you’re having.

That mentioned, if somebody mentions one among these different chart, I get in on that, each time.  The shopper is the boss, see?  Generally folks take a look at one among these charts and it scares them. Somebody advised them they had been going to die! Stuff like that must be handled.

I personally don’t use Photo voltaic Arcs (however don’t care if you happen to do).  I like Secondary Progressions and Return charts.

I’ll use composite charts for relationships, if it’s relevant, however this isn’t a standard consulting factor.  Persons are typically synastry.

I do think about midpoints, however solely after they’re activated by transits.

I do have shoppers who name wanting to take a look at auxiliary charts, akin to this Scorpio, the unbiased runner. I’m pleased to do that however it’s not tremendous frequent.

Principally, I’m a effectively rounded astrologer, working in service. The shopper tells me what they need and I exploit my astro information to present them what they need; precisely what they need.

I’m the waitress of astrology, you might say.  You order, I ship. Each events go away glad! I prefer it rather a lot.



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