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Why is a Planetary Co-Presence Necessary?

Why is a Planetary Co-Presence Necessary?


Have you ever ever heard of Planetary Co-Presence? Lots of people are like “Oh it’s the conjunctions, sextiles, squares that matter” however a co-presence is equally as necessary as the remainder.

Most individuals don’t know this, however in historical astrology, conjunctions had been thought of current by merely having two planets in the identical home (co-presence). Proceed studying to study extra about this forgotten astrological facet.


What Is A Co-Presence?

When two planets are in the identical home and signal, it’s like them being in the identical astrological temple, mingling their archetypal qualities collectively. Similar home, identical occasion. They don’t have to co-join by diploma to work together with each other. These are gigantic planetary our bodies with an aura that covers unfathomable distances. After all the conjunction is the height of this synergy, however should you’re ready for the precise time and date they’ll conjunct, you’ll miss out on 99% of the juice. They’re co-mingling their energies method earlier than the conjunction happens. Generally for years.

What does this imply virtually? Every time one of many planets strikes a home, let’s say from third to 4th home, the opposite one follows alongside, on the identical tempo.

There are two main co-presences within the subsequent few years for us people on the Earth aircraft.

  • Uranus and Jupiter are co-present till Might 2024 in Taurus
  • Saturn and Neptune are co-present till April 2028 in Pisces after which Aries


Let’s dive into each individually and see how one can profit from these celestial our bodies dancing with each other.

Uranus & Jupiter Co-Presence in Taurus

Uranus and Jupiter conjunctions and co-presences are a unbelievable time for humanity. Innovations get birthed, cultural creations hit their peaks, and artwork is made merely for artwork’s sake.

See the early 70s for instance, a variety of nice music and beliefs had been invented again then. This was throughout a Uranus & Jupiter co-presence.

Our personal trade, astrology, actually skyrocketed throughout this time as properly. Astro.com, the primary astrological firm to supply free delivery chart calculators by way of their web site within the late 90s, was fashioned in the course of the Jupiter & Uranus conjunction of 1983.

Similar because the M&M’s company. Additionally created throughout a Jupiter & Uranus co-presence. Their slogan was: “Melts in your mouth, not in your fingers” and was thought of a revolutionary chocolate for its period, on account of its stability beneath heat temperatures.

One other nice instance of innovation beneath this co-presence is the well-known “Suppose Completely different” advert marketing campaign of Apple, unveiled on August eighth 1997.

These weren’t merely new instruments being invented. It was a complete new method of trying on the world. And we’d simply see that occur once more.

My guess? We’re about to see the beginning of a complete new cultural wave right here on Earth. It’s actually going to be: “We’re going to suppose and be totally different”

New ethics. New constructions. New techniques. A price primarily based financial system as a substitute of the power-sucking system we’re at the moment operating on. It’s inevitable. It’s the new method. And Mama Earth is main the change. Adapt or perish. The planet is shifting ahead with or with out your previous methods.

Now, Uranus has already been transiting in Taurus a number of years previous to Jupiter, since 2018 to be exact, inspiring innovation and giving delivery to new beliefs. However with Jupiter becoming a member of the Taurus occasion lately, there’s a powerful doubling down of this power. Have you ever heard the expression: “It’s go time” ?

Effectively, the following 2 years are this. It’s go time, my good friend.

We’re shifting from revolutionary concepts, to revolutionary companies and precise merchandise.

Manifestation is the important thing right here. Studying to Love cash and seeing it as a vital byproduct of worth creation. It’s nearly vital that you just obtain fee for the items you supply on the planet. It’s what creates a balanced power trade. Don’t really feel responsible about wishing prosperity for your self (be aware the phrase, prosperity. Not wealth or riches, there’s a distinction).

Jupiter comes into Taurus to unlock your abundance. Jupiter is limitless. Why would you accept lower than you deserve?

That preferrred you maintain within you, that futuristic imaginative and prescient of the longer term that’s been attempting to make its method out on the planet however your uncertain thoughts retains shoving it again within the darkness?

That is no accident. You might be no accident. And neither are your goals. That is the reward the Universe granted you with. Your aspirations are your highest obligation. As a result of they’re yours and yours alone. Uniquely positioned inside you. Don’t allow them to go within the dumpster. Proceed with resilience, taking it day-to-day, however proceed. The unknown is ready to be manifested.

Dream massive goals, small goals don’t have any magic.


Saturn & Neptune Co-Presence in Pisces

Of us, we’re formally coming into right into a Saturn-Neptune period. And it’s right here to remain for 5 years. Poseidon is right here to fulfill Kronos. And let’s simply say, they weren’t at all times finest associates. However who is aware of. It’s within the reconciliation of opposites that true Love is born. So prepare for some upheaval. But in addition put together your self for some miracles. Count on the miracles. As a result of they’re coming.

The final time we had this, John Lennon wrote the track “Think about” (1971).

Martin Luther King gave the “I Have A Dream” speech (1963).

And Darwin was born (1809).

These nice creations nonetheless, solely got here forth after dwelling by means of an prolonged interval of darkness. Through the late 60s, early 70s, we had the Vietnam Battle happening. Previous to MLK’s speech, we skilled super racism and segregation within the US. And in 1809? Effectively, we had tens of millions of useless all through the horrific Napoleonic Wars.

So what does this Saturn-Period actually imply? It’s a conflict. The conflict of darkish vs gentle. The conflict of extremities. Faith versus science. Beliefs versus info. Religion primarily based view versus actuality primarily based view. Crimson states versus blue states. Left versus proper. It is a main Earth theme for the following 5 years, with both sides of the coin perceiving the opposite because the disillusioned, self-deceptive, extremist.

Within the phrases of the masterful astrologer Richard Tarnas from p. 470 of his guide “Cosmos and Psyche”:

“A attribute motif of the Saturn-Neptune eras is a heightened pressure and dialectic between beliefs, hopes and beliefs on the one hand, and the exhausting realities of life on the opposite.”

We will likely be witnessing excessive and fanatical behaviors from each spiritual and new age teams alike, whereas additionally seeing the extraordinary criticism and assaults thrown at them from the opposite aspect, the scientific collective.

Our activity? Neither left or proper. However the path of Love. We had been within the Age of Darkness for therefore many centuries. Recently we’ve been within the Age of Gentle. However it’s neither darkish nor gentle that’s absolute. Even darkness is simply toddler gentle. Gentle which hasn’t correctly taken form or type and continues to be fluid sufficient to take action.

The Age of Love is right here. And the Age of Love has no desire. It doesn’t care the colours you might have or which power of the rainbow spectrum you primarily work with. It doesn’t faux to be God, preaching what is true and what’s mistaken. Its ego has calmed down and it’s targeted on itself and Fact.

The Age of Love is the Center Means. And in actuality… It’s the one method.

However that’s a narrative for an additional time.

Our human collective must be additional pulled down right into a darkish night time of the soul, in order that we are able to lastly expertise a profound sense of sorrow for our planet. As a result of that’s what’s wanted. Check out our lovely Earth. The ache and struggling going round is indescribable. How will we ever transfer out of it if we don’t transfer by means of it? Transcendence is what’s wanted. Not ascendance (aka escapism).

“The one method out, is thru.” – Marcus Aurelius

The previous acquainted Buddhist idea of coming to phrases with the realities of struggling and grief. That is the power this transit is in search of from us to combine. Joyfully. It’s all play. We’re not even actually right here. Merely study the methodology of holding and transmuting struggling. The way in which a online game character has his methodology on the best way to pull off his killer combo to defeat the dangerous boss.

Now, this transit isn’t meant to carry us down, the other. It’s additional serving to us stroll our true path. Humbling us and reawakening our true spirituality and the necessity for deeper constructions in our psyche. Deeper constructions which may truly maintain house for the realities of impermanence, which nonetheless outline this materials world.

Since you see, It’s simple to say “this too shall go” with regards to the mundane each day challenges of life. Whether or not that’s work associated, relationship associated or so. However when collective tragedies happen… it’s totally different. One thing adjustments within the human group psyche ceaselessly. Priorities shift. A deeper actuality of the character of issues is known as forth, in order that the identical previous errors will not be repeated once more and trigger the identical quantity of worldwide struggling

This expertise of struggling is supposed to tear down boundaries between nations and neighbors and to name forth the human in all of us. It’s a kind of: “You’re screwed transits”, however perhaps you get to study to hope successfully due to it.

These are the instances that may actually deliver us nearer collectively as One-Thoughts, One-Coronary heart, One-Humanity. They’re to ignite a sensible spirituality inside us. They’re to ignite our humanitarianism. A forging of deeper compassion, kindness and religion.

And maybe that is the magic in all of this. Us realizing how easy dwelling a religious life can truly be, how primary. It doesn’t have to be rooted in our mental certainties or in our heroic overcoming of challenges and even in our sense of getting mastered sure religious classes. It may be merely these moments when life brings us to our knees and generally impulsively, issues begin turning into very simple after that… and profoundly lovely.

One can make the most of these lengthy transits by working to develop and increase his or her personal consciousness. The extra work we do, the extra peaceable the adjustments will likely be. Keep in mind, this can be a transition. The previous should die to create space for the brand new.

And the brand new, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, will be astonishingly lovely.

Compassion and kindness are at all times born out of witnessing a way of frustration on the planet. So don’t be discouraged. The alternative. Get inspired. Get excited. That is the endgame. The world will want your gentle like by no means earlier than. Keep targeted. Keep loving. To Your self initially, and to Others second. And should you really feel like lending your coronary heart or ears to somebody, by all means, achieve this, gentle another person’s candle up.

That is what we’re right here for.



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