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Will Folks Loosen Up In The Foreseeable Future?

Will Folks Loosen Up In The Foreseeable Future?


kudzu carLamari writes on Sporting A Masks With Nothing On Your Face:

“Astrologically talking, do you see this dishonest communication, and all of the tiptoeing round have a constructive shift within the foreseeable future?”

This can be a nice query that’s laborious to reply as a result of I’ve Libra! I might make a case in both course however I perceive the time comes when a waffling individual has to decide. I’m sorry to say this however I’m going with the unfavourable. I hope I’m incorrect!

It might simply be simply because I’ve Capricorn.  I’ll share my considering and perhaps you’ll be able to share yours.

I began writing about Pluto in Aquarius all the way in which again in 2015. I used to be not a fan.

Pluto Enters Aquarius In 2023 – Darkish Facet Of Innovation & The Web

I’ve famous that the majority astrologers don’t agree with me, which is par for the course, I suppose. I’ve not modified my thoughts on this as you’ll be able to inform by the posts I’ve written on this matter, since.  See tag

I perceive roughly 20% of persons are leaders, leaving 80% to observe whoever; usually the aspect that’s profitable or appears to be profitable.  That is in all probability a pure break up. It might even be best.

The issue is how simply persons are influenced and likewise how straightforward and low cost it’s to be able to affect them, utilizing know-how.  Regardless of the powers that be need you to assume or really feel, they will message you relentlessly on any platform or kind of media. Sooner or later, you’re infiltrated.

It’s very straightforward to make it appear like “everybody” thinks X or Y, aside from MORONS (aka your neighbors).  Folks go along with the group. They only don’t wish to stand alone.

I don’t wish to stand alone, both. However I’ll if I’ve to, as a result of I’ve some laborious strains I received’t cross.  But it surely’s already almost not possible to filter out faux no matter. They get ya and right here’s how:

kudzu house

I like individuals… human beings, so I search for them on web.  Let’s say I discover one and so they have a substack.  I subscribe and three different individuals writing on an identical matter, pop up.  Sub to them proper?  When you do, you’ll now be studying three AI written newsletters; propaganda of no matter stripe.

If it isn’t clear, this isn’t only one aspect or one matter. It’s each matter.  You blink and your thoughts is… nicely it’s like Kudzu!  The nefarious affect creeps up and covers your mind, blocking out the sunshine.

Many know their mind has dimmed, on some stage  If that is you, how doubtless are going to be to talk up?  You would possibly appear like a idiot! See it’s multiple factor that has individuals clam up. We drowning in sickness of every kind… it’s not simply ONE sickness!

kudzu flowerWhen you’ve not been round kudzu, I used to be simply killing some earlier at the moment. It’s not only one root!  Kudzu roots itself each six inches or so, making a nodule that sends shoots out in a number of instructions.  You understand the children say, “I need that ass?” Kudzu says, “I need that barn!”

It additionally produces stunning flowers, identical to the attractive influencers who smile as they trick you and drag you down. You get up together with your mind wrapped round an axel and your pocketbook empty put up all of the crap you acquire final week, none of which you wanted. Ha ha!

So that is the local weather and I don’t assume individuals will start to talk up as a result of I don’t assume they may have the chance. By now, you need to grasp that each side of any argument are managed.  That’s what “mainstream” is. Whether it is mainstream, it’s managed.

Impartial individuals (like me) might be thwarted a technique or different, probably in cold silence. I can write… something.  However few will learn it as a result of it will likely be unfindable.  That is already the case.

As of at the moment, I nonetheless make some form of residing, because of the individuals who discovered me earlier than the curtain fell.  However finally, attrition will do me in, I’ve no motive to speak right into a void. I additionally assume wrong-speak might be punished quicker and more durable. I’m sorry. It seems to be like “selection” on the market, however that’s an phantasm.

Again to the query:

“Astrologically talking, do you see this dishonest communication, and all of the tiptoeing round have a constructive shift within the foreseeable future?”

Astrologically, I anticipate Pluto in Aquarius to show the depth of the shadow aspect of know-how.  It won’t repair or heal it as I’ve defined for years. That is from 2012.

Delusions About Pluto In Capricorn

As for the tiptoeing round,  I feel most individuals have progressed past tiptoeing, they’re solely silent right now. Feedback from individuals aren’t wanted, nor desired! Something may be written in seconds. The feedback may be populated simply as rapidly. Folks with kudzu mind (everybody to a point), can’t see it, by no means thoughts hope to untangle it.

I feel individuals who have a good thought of what’s occurring round them and additionally worth discourse, will discover one another and chat privately on the perimeter.

Residing On The Fringe Of Society

I’m going to be considered one of them.

When you learn this weblog, fourteen years in the past, when Saturn was in Virgo, I begged and pleaded with individuals to “be taught to discern” and to “guard their thoughts”.  I don’t assume a single individual listened to me; not one which I do know of.

In no matter case, now we’re on the opposition and we will see the outcome. Effectively I can. I don’t know the place others stand, actually.  Until they inform me.

Final level: with reference to “honesty”, neglect about it. That is the Disingenuous Technology from what I can see and I imply, all of us.  We obtained this fashion by wanting as much as people who find themselves disingenuous.  It’s a significant mistake.

Rent me, store and tip. That’s how you retain your content material coming. I don’t have a secret supply of assist, lol

Your ideas?



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